Fascinating Friday Links #10 + Halloween Recap

How was everyone’s Halloween?! Mine was pretty relaxing. A little bit of baking, a little bit of candy-distributing (did anyone else feel like the turnout was low this year??), a little bit of napping, and a little bit of “partying” (read: going to a party and being a wallflower). That probably makes me sound like a loser, and maybe I am, but I seriously have more fun going to a diner with my friends or chilling out with my family at home. I’m like an old person and I’m totally okay with that. At the same time, I looked like a 5-year-old in my kangaroo costume, but it was warm and awesome, so it all worked out.




Despite the rather dull party (from my point of view), I still had a lovely evening. I baked a loaf of Jenn’s DELICIOUS “Fluffy Flax Veggie Bread.” Instead of zucchini though, I used some of the fresh pumpkin from the one we carved, and it worked out fabulously! I made this recipe a while back when I was trying to be all low-sugar-happy, so I cut the brown sugar and left out the banana, which left it bland and cardboard-y. MY ignorance. Not the recipe’s fault. This time around, I put in all the brown sugar and the banana, and it is so delightful. Some of my friends had slices and they enjoyed it too! I had mine with peanut butter, naturally.




Today is also supposed to be a semi-official senior skip day, but I’m not sure (as of Thursday night when I typed this) whether I’m going or not. Should I be that person and go? My parents definitely don’t condone the hooky life. Hmmmm.

Well enough about my awkward social life! It’s about time for Fascinating Friday Links–tenth edition to be exact. Woohoo! Happy Friday, everyone 🙂

fascinating friday

Health and Fitness

[I tried this workout and it rocks! Go burpees!] Crazy burpee workout via Purely Twins

[Great workouts for any and every part of the body] Move It Monday: Top Ten via Best Body Fitness

[Three cheers for kettlebells!] 22 Kick-Ass Kettlebell Exercises via Greatist

[Interesting] All Calories Are Not Created Equal via Your Trainer Paige

[Get lowwww] Deep Squats Are the Best Squats via Greatist

[So should we stay away from these?] 8 Foods Even the Experts Won’t Eat via Eat Local Grown

[Myths] The Worst Fitness Advice of All Time via Livestrong.com



[Super adorable!] Apple Pies for Two via Chocolate and Carrots

[Perfect for fall and the holidays] Healthy Gingerbread Pumpkin Bread via Yeah…Imma Eat That

[I could totally go for this right now] Pumpkin French Toast via Family Fresh Cooking

[The ultimate fall pretzel] Caramelized Cranberries and Brie Stuffed Pretzels Drizzled with Dulce de Leche via Fabtastic Eats

[Need to make this] Pomegranate, Kale, Wild Rice Salad with Walnuts and Feta via Pinch of Yum


Awesome Stuff

[Why do we compare to celebs?] 5 Reasons Why My Body Will Never Look Like Channing Tatum’s via A Big Man’s World

[All ladies must listen to this] You Are Beautiful via Faith It

[Halloween movies can be deep] Writing Secrets from Cheesy Halloween Movies via Goins Writer

[I want to go to all of these!] 50 Best Food Trucks in America via The Vivant

[So precious, it’s hard to bear] Soulful Baby Cries as Her Mother Sings via People

[Humans are amazing. Never underestimate the marching band!!] Film-Themed Ohio State Band Performance via Deadspin

So tell me: What did you last night for Halloween? Do you sometimes feel older (i.e. less enthused about certain age-associated activities) than you actually are? 

Weekend Happenings {MIMM #8}

I usually write my posts the night before I post them, but I’m posting this right before leaving for school due to homework, college applications, and no time this weekend to do all of it until last night after dance. This weekend was filled with some pretty marvelous activities though! Thanks, Katie for hosting another fabulous link-up (click on the picture to see more marvelous posts)!


Marvelous is…

Senior Blackout Breakfast tailgate last Thursday. It was a really fun and great time and we all got to class within 5 minutes after the bell. But some guys in our grade decided to be super late to class and march around the school chanting…. *sigh* Yeah, we got a firm lecture from our principal. Nevertheless, the breakfast was a blast! #C14ASSY (like, classy)


DSC_6291 DSC_6276 DSC_6280



Marvelous is…

Sending in 5 of 7 college applications!! The load is slowly being lifted…for now.

Marvelous is…

Babysitting for my neighbors’ kids. They are so adorable and they keep asking for another “play date.” Melting.

Marvelous is…

Fall food! Roasted pumpkin (thanks, ma!) and split pea soup that my mom told me to monitor, but I let it reduce to like a chutney….whoops. It still tasted delicious, especially with toast.

 DSC_6566 DSC_6567

Marvelous is…

Our varsity boys soccer team winning their homecoming game! The whole school was revved up on Friday night and it was really exciting!


With Itzel after the victory!

And then going to the diner afterwards with my best friends 🙂


My friend Jen got a nice-lookin’ Belgian waffle

Alright I gotta bolt outta here! Have a marvelous Monday, everyone!

So tell me: What did you do this weekend? Have you been loving fall food?