Making More Time and Space

Moves. Some stretching and yoga type stuff in the evening before sleeps time. I got off work a whole two hours early yesterday, but I was s l e e p y as heck (and also forgot to bring workout clothes in my bag), so some mobility and control felt good.

Maximize time and space. I have shared before on this blog that I have a scrolling issue on social media, especially late at night when I’m beat and my brain seems to be flatlining. John told me that with the (relatively) new iPhone software, I can set time limits on specific apps. At first I was like, “Ehhhhh I can control myself.” But no, no I cannot. With Lent coming soon, I want to maximize time and space for things that matter — prayer, relationships, health — and I want to do something tangible yet reasonable given my blogging hobby. So I have a 20 minute time limit on both Facebook and Instagram, combined. Seems like a long time at face value, but it is shocking how quickly that time is used up throughout the day. But it’s good for me.


throwback photo because ya girl has limited media storage space hehe

I’ve tried to make a habit of spending most of my time commuting looking up and not at my phone. Notes: A) You ever seen how many people are on their phones!? B) The things that fill my brain as a result are weird but sometimes lovely. Sometimes I think about dinner (obvi), sometimes I remember random people who I want to catch up with, sometimes I become a philosopher to myself, and sometimes I can wonder and imagine what people on the train are feeling and experiencing in this moment of their lives.

Night routine. I get it. I get why people post YouTube videos about nighttime routines. My night routine two nights ago fell to crap when I got home late, and then I ended up sleeping too late and being super tired yesterday. So I feel the need to tidy up my nighttime routine and, again, putting limits on my time “unwinding” OR doing truly restorative unwinding activities (e.g., praying, journaling, stretching, prepping food in silence #ASMR???). I’ll let you know if that routine comes together one of these days.

So tell me:

Do you use app time limits or time limits on any sort of mindless thing in your daily routine? How do you practice self-control otherwise?

How do you feel about your ability to do truly restorative activities when coming home from work?

Do you have a set nighttime routine?



R & R {MIMM #6}

There’s a bug goin’ around! My mom was sick last week, and now my brother and I are feeling a little bit under the weather. A lot of my dance friends have also been sick, and our contact through dancing probably isn’t helping the rest of us. Luckily, this weekend I’ve been blessed with a good deal of rest and relaxation compared to last weekend. A little R & R to recharge for the week is totally cool with me. 🙂 So here’s to another Marvelous Monday, thanks to the lovely Katie!


Marvelous is…

A great workout on Friday. After 10 minutes each on the elliptical and treadmill, I did a strength and cardio circuit workout (I’ll share it soon!) and finished with a 1000m row. I never use the rowing machine normally so I did NOT know how much I would feel it in my glutes! Of course, my shoulders were dying too.

Oh and remember when I thought I was super speedy on the treadmill? Well I am now fully convinced that that particular treadmill is slower than all the others while still showing the same speed on the monitor. Dangit. I’ve gone on other treadmills since then, and I’ve been running in the 7’s, but when I went on that treadmill again on Friday, I was running in the 8’s comfortably and I wasn’t necessarily feeling especially spunky that day. Ohhh well. I’m just surprised that I’ve started running more at all!

Marvelous is…

My first pumpkin oats of the season! And my first pumpkin anything of the season for that matter.


To be honest, I don’t really taste that much of a difference between pumpkin oats and my usual banana oats. Maybe it’s because I add banana in addition to the pumpkin. Or maybe I just need to add more pumpkin. Or maybe I’m just adding the pumpkin to be a typical blogger ;). Whichever the reason, ’twas an absolutely delicious and comforting way to start my Saturday!

Marvelous is…

Hanging out with some company girls on Saturday night! Some of the girls went apple picking and then Pam invited us over to her house to hang out and eat pizza. I didn’t get to go apple picking, but I still really want to go sometime soon! It’s on my imaginary fall bucket list.

 photo 4

Playin’ some Rock Band.

Marvelous is…

Kiwi! Packing in the vitamin C to fight this bug. Plus, isn’t it just so pretty?!

photo 1

Marvelous is…

The most aromatic and soothing homemade ginger, mint, honey, lime tea.

photo 5

I really wish I could bring the scent of this tea with me everywhere.

Those are the highlights of my weekend! As you can tell, it wasn’t super exciting, but I definitely appreciated the down time. Hope you have a great week!

So tell me: How was your weekend? What are some pumpkin things you’re eating? Do you like kiwi?