Taking a Piece of Last Year Into the Next

I rang in my new year watching the Times Square countdown on TV while eating celery with hummus, drinking (sparkling) watered down pomegranate juice, and making overnight oats.

And I gotta be honest, I was pretty darn content with all of it (except the watered down pom juice; that was disgusting).

Here we are in 2018! Oooh I just realized that this is an Olympic year in PyeongChang! (Had to google that.) I doubt I’ll be able to watch any of it this year though, since it’ll be happening right at the beginning/middle of the semester :/

Here’s another collage of the past few days’ happenings. I’ll call this collage: “Food and fun, feat. the back of my head.”

new year collage

Breakfasts have still been of the peanut butter banana variety, and I don’t foresee that changing in 2018. Top left is an overnight oat smoothie blended with spinach in the morning, and below that is a Greek yogurt bowl with banana, cinnamon, honey and peanut butter.

I think breakfast with pb and banana will always make me feel…at home. It’s something I enjoy, and it gives me a sense of familiarity. Like, “Shhhhh, everything will be okay. There’s pb and banana here.”


throwback pic from when I was in FL 3 years ago

The other day I was running around the neighborhood because it was gorgeous here in FL last week (now it’s all gloomy and blah). I had run 3 miles and was mentally prepared to go for another 1.5 mile loop, but just as I was passing by the house, Madre called me and asked, “Where are you? We’re eating lunch now. I made tuna tataki!” Running more vs. eating fresh tuna? The latter won, and boy was I happy about it. Thanks, ma!

I’ve been into @tanyapoppet‘s workouts these past few days. I’ve always loved her creativity and minimal use of equipment / time. I also feel like she performs at a level that is more advanced than my current level, but it’s still manageable and attainable. I did three rounds of this workout one night at, like, 11pm + this one yesterday. Good grief, I have not done these kinds of complex moves in a while, and my two-cookie-a-day lifestyle this past week did not make the workout easier.


(Top middle photo on collage): On New Years Eve, Mom and Pop took our family friends (and me) out to Crazy Buffet for some MSG-loaded fun. Despite it being mainly an Asian buffet, my favorite thing I got was probably the mac & cheese and the coconut tapioca pudding HAHA.

(Bottom left corner photo on collage): Yesterday I made crab cakes using this recipe, and they were fabulous. The only setback was that I had to make fake Old Bay Seasoning, since I forgot to pick some up from the store and didn’t feel like getting a whole container for one recipe. We had about half of the spices used in Old Bay available in our pantry, but I had to grind up whole bay leaves with my fingers as best as I could. It was a pitiful sight, I’m sure.

Lots of Mass and prayer have been going down, as always. A lot of my prayer has guided me towards what I talked about in my last post — living for God and saying yes to Him today.

I’m not a resolution person, because I dunno…December 31st was just as important and opportune for change / improvement as January 1st. Rather than making a new resolution for 2018, I think I want to take what I learned from 2017 with me into 2018, so that those lessons can foster growth in new ways.


hahaha Spartan Race with my friend Ben was definitely a highlight of 2017

What do I mean? Well, the best thing I learned in 2017 was to say yes to God every day in the littlest ways. I know the basic things that God wants me to do: Love Him. Love others. Do my best in school. Take care of myself so that I can take care of others. 

I learned that persistently and consistently saying yes to any little thing that goes towards one of those things has somehow, by the grace of God, made me a better person (I think).

For example: Making someone feel important and heard by turning my shoulders squarely and intently towards the person while he/she is talking to me, instead of looking semi-annoyed and staying half-turned toward my laptop (do you know what I’m talking about???)… Even saying yes to little things like that matters.

Being obedient to God in all the tiny things has made life richer, because even mundane details become meaningful and even beautiful.

Thus, I just want to continue practicing saying yes to Him all day, every day in 2018 (and forever).

I neverrrr knowwww iffff anything I sayyyy makes senseeeee. Hopefully it does.

Happy First Tuesday of 2018! An occasion for some champagne, yes?

So tell me:

How did you ring in 2018?

Are you a resolution person? If yes, what are your resolutions? If not, do you do anything else going into the new year?

What is a food that always makes you feel “at home”?


My One Word for 2014: Now

Guess what?! I woke up at 9:30 AM this morning! After sleeping in until noon for the past week, I decided to try to get my act together so that I won’t be kicking myself in the behind once school rolls around (which is Thursday….mehh). I know 9:30 AM is like lunchtime for some of you early risers, but that was bright and early for me today! 


I took my sweet time reading through some bloggers’ last posts of 2013 while I ate a yummy breakfast. I cracked open a new jar of TJs sunflower seed butter (isn’t that just a great feeling?) and smeared some of that on a piece of nut and seed toast from The Kneaded Bread. I had another mini slice with some cherry butter toffee peanut butter. Greek yogurt with half a banana on the side!

DSC_7326 DSC_7328

I could just swim in it.



My mom recently bought some pre-made Phillip’s crab cakes from Costco and she warmed them up in the oven as part of her lunch, so I tried half of one. They’re tasty, but nothing could ever compare to the amazingness of freshly made crab cakes.

DSC_7330 DSC_7331

I also just finished cooking up my favorite veggie:


I like ’em dark and steamy.

My mom and I love pan roasting brussels sprouts in coconut oil and then tossing them in sea salt and pepper at the end! Delicious.

My One Word

I recently read posts by Cori, Emily, and Lindsay about their one word for the New Year, which is basically a single word that encompasses your goals and aspirations for the coming year. I love that the idea is so simple, yet can be made so profound as you live your life. You can check the My One Word website for further details!

The one word of some other bloggers include:

  • Fearless  (Cori)
  • Nourish  (Emily)
  • Open (Lindsay)

These are all wonderful words that I also hope to live by in the coming year. But I have a word in mind that I believe applies perfectly to what I need in my life at this moment:

now 2014

Now is what I have chosen to be my word for 2014. I have realized in this past year especially that I am often focusing a great deal of my energy on worries from the past or events in the future. Not only do I over-think those things, but I even put pressure on myself to make those things as perfect as possible. God has taught me through blogging, insomnia, the slow down challenge, and my loved ones that I need to stop holding onto things that I cannot control and that perfection doesn’t exist.

I’m tired of becoming anxious. And although it’s not going to be easy to just let my anxiety go at times, I’m going to try to appreciate now. God will take me every step of the way.

So here’s to 2014! A year in which I hope to notice the little, simple joys in every day life, cherish every moment with my loved ones, smile more, and find the silver lining in every situation.

I hope you all have a great last day of 2013, and a healthy, happy New Year!

So tell me:

Do you have one word for the new year?

Don’t you love opening a new jar of nut/seed butter?

How do you prepare your brussels sprouts?