Fascinating Friday Links #35 + Hunger Monster


(HIGH-ya, not hi-YAH! Although, I am a ninja, so I guess the latter would be appropriate too.)

I really wanted to have Amanda’s oatmeal cookie dough smoothie this morning, but since our AP Calc class is having a celebratory breakfast party today (seriously, that class is just about food from here on out), I decided to have the smoothie for dinner last night. Satisfied the craving. 🙂


Using Amanda’s no-fail recipe with added spinach, ⅓ c. oats instead of ¼ c., and peanut butter instead of almond butter. With Greek yogurt on the side for dipping, of course.

*Adding this at 5:30 in the morning: Apparently, as filling as this smoothie was, I guess it was not calorically sufficient for me, considering I just woke up STARVING at 5 AM. That hasn’t happened in a long time! (Don’t fret—I’m not revisiting any old habits. I just wanted the smoothie last night, and I’m paying the price for such a light dinner.)


The typical snack. Plus another spoonful of peanut butter after I finished this. The hunger monster attacked me.

{Alright, back to sleep…hopefully}*

Oh and here are this week’s moves!

Monday: 5 min. stair master + 3 rounds of: 10 pistol squats each leg, 15 bulgarian split squats each leg, 1 min. wall sit, 25 hamstring ball roll-ins + 8 minute ab tabata

Tuesday: Ballet

Wednesday: 5 min. row + arm workout (that involved TRX tricep extensions➔ soreness!) + 8 minute ab tabata

Thursday: Modern {dance}

Friday: Dance company auditions for next year. Current company members do not have to re-audition, but we still have to go to lead my example! So sad that this is the last one for seniors though… *Tear*

My mom cancelled my gym membership this week, so I have one more month left to attend. It works out well because dance will be ending by the beginning of next month too, so after that, I can truly just focus on REST!

Anyway, onto the link love. Enjoy this week’s Fascinating Friday Links!

fascinating friday links

Health and Fitness

[Stress could be the culprit] Is Stress Sabotaging Your Health and Fitness Goals? via Your Trainer Paige

[Because there is nutrition advice EVERYWHERE] Why Registered Dieticians Are The Best Source of Nutrition Advice via Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen

[I need these] 3 Running Mantras That Work Every Time via Greatist

[But if you don’t want to run…] 5 Metabolic Interval Conditioning Workouts (Without Even Stepping On the Treadmill!) via Your Trainer Paige

[Awesome tips] How to Stick With Your Workouts: Tips From Consistent Exercisers via Carrots n Cake

[Plants don’t get enough credit for their protein content] What’s The Deal With Protein? via The Real Life RD

[Move and groove] HIIT the Hill Workout via Fitnessista + TRX Circuit Workout via Peanut Butter Fingers + 12 Minute Interval Workout with an Equalizer via Purely Twins

Food for Thought

[Ask yourself] 20 Questions That Will Free Your Mind From Negativity via Marc and Angel Hack Life

[Important to remember these things] Building Self-Confidence via My Food N Fitness Diaries

[Interesting] White Privilege via Snack Therapy

[Honest] Truth About Pregnancy Exercise via Tiny Blue Lines

[I’ve been on both sides of this] Now We’re Questioning Encouragement? via Olive to Run

[I don’t have a furry friend, but these are awesome] 8 Lessons I’ve Learned From My Dog via Better with Sprinkles

Mother’s Day

15 Healthy Mother’s Day Recipes via Chocolate Covered Katie

10 Easy Brunch Recipes for Mother’s Day via Greatist

Gift Guide via Peanut Butter Fingers

Food for Belly

[Mhmm] Super Easy Coconut French Toast Bake via Pinch of Yum

[So many flavors!] Roasted Spring Vegetable Cobb Salad with Honey Herb Vinaigrette via Iowa Girl Eats

[I’ll take both pans…] Peanut Butter Butterscotch Skillet Cookies via Bake Your Day

[Clouds of sweet delight] Fluffy Lemon Cupcakes with Whipped Coconut Cream via How Sweet It Is

[Summah] Blueberry Lemonade via Damn Delicious

Miscellaneous Fun

[Is this real life?] Kids Absolute Crush Salsa Routine via Huffington Post

[THIS is real life] 10 Signs You’re An Exceptional Procrastinator via Thought Catalog

Happy Friday, everyone!

So tell me:

Do you ever just want a smoothie for dinner?

What is the strangest thing you’ve had for dinner recently?

Current exercise?

Favorite links?


Fascinating Friday Links #17

A week of Christmas break is already over?!

My dad told me something that made me cringe even more: “A week from today you’ll be back in school and it’ll be back to work for me.” Thanks, pop…;) One thing I’m happy to have accomplished yesterday (after six days of not even looking at any kind of work) was finishing my AP Calculus homework. There are more things to do, but that was the one that loomed over my head the most.

I also did some yoga yesterday after my friend from company, Allison, told us all that she did a super sweaty 90-minute bikram yoga class. I decided to follow this video from Yoga Journal on Youtube to work on my arm balances. It really worked my arms and core! I’ve also been revisiting the #100challenge (100 squats, 100 pushups, 100 sit-ups each day) for the past few days just to stay moving with some functional exercises. I like incorporating sets of 20 reps into my day as a study break or just a midday energizer.

I apologize for not sharing some fascinating Friday links with you all last week. I was tied up with my school concert (and, admittedly, eating French toast at a diner afterwards) on Thursday night, and on Friday afternoon, we attempted to drive to Canada. It’s a bummer because I had an awesome lineup of links that were perfect for the Christmas holiday. Ohh well. I still have some interesting blog posts and articles to share with you this week!

fascinating friday links

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Health and Fitness

[What is your definition?] How Do You Define Healthy? via Olive to Run

[#32 is the best tip for me] 32 Solutions for When You Can’t Sleep via Greatist

[Truly endless possibilities!] How to Make a Healthier Salad via Greatist

[Fun workouts to do during the holidays] 24 minute kick butt cardio via PurelyTwins + Tree Trimming Tabata Workout via Nutrition Nut on the Run + Strength/Tabata Combo via Fitnessista

[Handshakes are kinda gross] Why Fistbumping Should Be The New Handshake via Greatist

(I apparently really loved what Greatist offered this week! I always love their posts though.)

Food for Thought

[Christmas really IS about waiting] What We Learn About Life From Christmas Eve via Goins Writer

[For people like me who overcomplicate things] 12 Easy Ways to Make Life Simple Again via Marc and Angel Hack Life

[That one second when trials don’t matter] If Only For a Second via UTrend

Food for Belly

[All of my favorites] Banana Baked French Toast with Peanut Butter Drizzle via Cookie and Kate

[Who doesn’t love a good panini?] My Best Panini Recipes of 2013 via Panini Happy

[Delicious way to use up leftovers] Overnight Ham and Cheese Bake via Recipe Girl

Miscellaneous Fun

[Family of the YEAR] #XMAS JAMMIES – Merry Christmas from the Holderness Family! via Youtube

[Gotta love Jennifer Lawrence] Jennifer Lawrence Volunteers as Tribute (to End Fat Shaming) via Greatist

[Too funny] 21 People Who Got Creative With Their Gift Wrapping via BuzzFeed

And that’s all for today! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend (last one of 2013!).

So tell me: Which were your favorite links? Do you like yoga? What are you doing this weekend?

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Fascinating Friday Links #12


I’m not going to ramble about anything today. I’m just going to offer you guys the usual Fascinating Friday Links! There are some really fantastic links this week, so check ’em out and enjoy! 🙂

fascinating friday

Health and Fitness

[Safety first!] 5 Kettlebell Mistakes (And How to Fix Them) via HuffPost Healthy Living

[Great tips] How Consumers Decide What to Eat: Strategies for Making Healthy Choices via The Lean Green Bean

[Quick and intense workouts can be effective!] Can You Really Cram a Full Workout Into 4 Minutes? via Health News & Views

[I love bodyweight workouts] 20 Minute AMRAP Workout via Purely Twins; 50s and 10s— A 30 Minute Workout via Best Body Fitness

Think About It

[Try some of these] 21 Things You Should Force Yourself to Do Every Day via Thought Catalog

[I can relate to SO many of these….] 14 Signs Your Perfectionism Has Gotten Out of Control via Huffington Post

[They’re called rough drafts for a reason] Write Less, Not More: How to Slice and Dice Your Content via Goins Writer

[There’s no need to be like every other blogger] 10 Reasons Why I Suck at Blogging via Run Pretty

[Couldn’t agree more] “Fitspiration”— Because If You’re Not Miserable, You’re Doing It Wrong via That’s What Domi Said


[Best part is that you can eat the dough] Fluffy Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies via Yeah…Imma Eat That

[So hearty!] Harvest Meatballs via Kath Eats Real Food

[Veggie meets mac and cheese in a beautiful fairytale] Skillet Brussels Sprouts and Bacon Mac and Cheese via How Sweet Eats

[More peanut butter celebrations!] 50 Healthier Peanut Butter Recipes via The Greatist

[Tons of healthy, innovative Thanksgiving recipes] A Healthier Thanksgiving Cookbook and Planning Guide via Anytime Fitness and Fit Foodie Finds

[*Gasp*] Almond Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches via Love and Olive Oil

Really Cool Stuff

[I learned lots of things from this!] 15 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in iOS 7 via Gizmopod

[Time and Hollywood can really change ya…] Celebrity Yearbook Photos via ChaCha

[SO. MUCH. TRUTH.] The 23 Absolute Worst Parts of Your Childhood via BuzzFeed

[Jennifer Lawrence rocks] That Girl From ‘The Hunger Games’ Is Asked a Poignant Question, And I Love Her Answer via Upworthy

[Can the U.S. do this?! Pronto!] Russian Subways Now Accept Squats for Payment via Mashable

Happy Friday!

So tell me: Which links fascinated you?



Fascinating Friday Links #8

Friday came a lot quicker with Monday off this week! Not a bad thing at all. Homecoming festivities at school also helped distract me and my classmates a bit as well. Actually, in a later post you’ll find out that some of us got a little too distracted at our senior breakfast tailgate…*eyes rolling*

But before that, I have some links to share with you, of course! Enjoy these awesome posts and articles that I found throughout the www this week.

fascinating friday

Health and Fitness

[May answer some of your questions as well] 10 Questions People Ask Personal Trainers via Fit Knit Chick

[Oreos are like CRACK–but for real?] College study finds Oreo cookies are as addictive as drugs via Fox News

[Be careful] 7 Most Dangerous Gym Practices via Oxygen Women’s Fitness

[Totally agree–you don’t have to follow EVERY “healthy” rule] Nutrition Compromises via Kath Eats Real Food; Life Lessons: On Beer and Kale via Hummusapien

[I love combining strength and plyometrics!] Burn, blast, and balance workout via Fitnessista

[Great core workouts] Cardio and Abs Circuit via Nut Butter Runner; 21 minute core and cardio workout via Purely Twins

To Think About…

[Because we all have those days] 5 Days to Deal with Fat Days via Running with Spoons

[We women can be difficult…] Why is it so hard to compliment women? via Cotter Crunch; Women Supporting Women via Peanut Butter Runner

[More on females–how body image has changed] The Evolution of the Ideal Female Body Image Over 10 Decades via Lifting Girl Revolution

[Tough balance] The Tug-of-War Battle Between Adventure and Commitment via Jeff Goins

Tips and Tricks

[For bloggers] 

How to Brand Your Blog with a Color Scheme and Font via Family Blog Tips

How to Get Traffic From Instagram via The SITS Girls


[Pinch me] Classic Blueberry Muffins with Pumpkin Peanut Butter Frosting via Yeah…Imma Eat That

[Raw dessert] Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches via Peachy Palate

[Yessss] Baked Apple Cider Donuts via Eat, Live, Run

[WHOA BABY] Caramelized Butternut, Roasted Garlic + Coconut Butter Grilled Cheese via How Sweet Eats

[How fun!] Healthy Halloween Goodies for Kids via A Healthy Slice of Life

Miscellaneous Fun

[HILARIOUS] The 25 Whitest Things That Have Ever Happened via BuzzFeed

[I should try gettin’ the fellas this way ;)] “lol how to” via Katie Ryan’s Vine

[On repeat] Kung Fu Piano via The Piano Guys

[So funny. Definitely do so many of these.] 36 Things You Never Realized Everyone Else Does Too via BuzzFeed

Happy Friday!

So tell me: Which links did you enjoy this week?

Fascinating Friday Links #6

Phew, this week has flown by! Did I say that last week? Or did I say the opposite, because I know that at one point I was saying this year was moving like a tortoise. Anyway, I feel like the last weekend just happened, and here we are at Friday again. No complaints though! Maybe it’s because we had some fun things going on at school this week like senior “Whiteout Wednesday.” Surprisingly, most of the grade participated and we made the classrooms look like either a blizzard (as my government teacher called the event) or heaven (according to my Italian teacher).

A lot of blog reading was done during my free time per usual, so now I get to share my weekly collection of favorite posts and articles! Also, let me know which posts interest you the most in the comments below, or share any cool links come across recently. I’d love to hear what you guys find fascinating too!

fascinating friday

Health and Fitness

[Invert yourself!] 13 Reasons To Do Handstands via PurelyTwins

[Some yummy snack ideas for night-noshing] 16 Snacks That Are OK To Eat At Night via Livestrong.com

[Health is not just about looks] How Do We Measure Health? via Living Mint Greeen

[Listening to your body>dieting] Not Another Diet!…Intuitive Eating via Sensual Appeal and The Panda Post

[The inside scoop with a CrossFit athlete] Interview with CrossFit Games Competitor Marcus Hendren via Carrots ‘n’ Cake

[Get low and burn yo’ quads] Squat burner {video} via Fitnessista

[For those of you who, like me, don’t LOVE running] Why You Should Start Running via Sensual Appeal and Long Drive Journey


[Take it a step at a time, starting with this] First Step to Making A Difference: Get Out of Bed via Jeff Goins

[Balance content creation and content consumption] Tension (and Relationship) Between Creating and Consuming via Jeff Goins and KC Procter

[You can’t judge by looks] Looking Beyond Appearance via A Big Man’s World

[Important] 10 Ways to Be a Great Wedding Guest via Perfection Isn’t Happy

[Fellow to-do list makers] Origin of the To-Do List and How to Design One That Works via The Buffer Blog

I ❤ Food

[I have a feeling this will live up to its name] The Best Pasta Salad You Will Ever Have In Your Entire Life via Fitnessista

[Pie in the morning? On my yogurt cup? Yes PLEASE.] Roasted Plum and Greek Yogurt Breakfast Pies via Yeah…Imma Eat That

[Screams autumn goodness] Apple Cider Pancakes with Caramel Apple Syrup via Taste and Tell; Apple Pie Waffles with a Cider Syrup via Fabtastic Eats

[Quick, easy, healthy, PUMPKIN] Pumpkin Pie Balls via The Lean Green Bean

[I mean…] Sriracha Mac and Cheese via Shutterbean

[Must make this for a holiday breakfast] Overnight Baked Apple Oatmeal with Crunchy Brown Sugar Streusel via A Farmgirl’s Dabbles

[You know how much I like apples and peanut butter!] Whole Grain Apple Scones with Peanut Butter Icing via Cait’s Plate

Odds and Ends

[Seeing kids’ first tastes of different foods…in slow-motion] First Taste via TEDxSyndney Youtube

[HAHA] 12 of the Cheesiest Cat Names Ever Imagined via BuzzFeed

Happy Friday, everyone!

So tell me: Any links you’d like to share from this week? Which links from this post did you enjoy?