Weekly Moves and Grooves XXIII {100 Burpee Challenge PR}


School. That’s my only excuse. And maybe some nights when I did not want to do anything at all except watch YouTube videos, but that’s good for sanity, right?

More to come tomorrow! But today is Sunday, which means…

weekly moves and grooves


1 mile jog to the gym + leg workout

  • 1×8 (115#), 5×5 (125#) squats // 10 squat jumps between each set
  • 5×5 trap bar deadlifts (135#) // 10 box jumps between each set (20 inches)
  • 3×8 Bulgarian split squats each leg (30#) // 16 jump lunges between each set
  • 3×20 hamstring ball curls // 30 side jump lunges between each set

Walking was a little painful on Monday.


gymnastics warmup + Purely Twins’ 18 minute plank workout

That plank workout is one of my favorite quick, low-impact workouts ever. It makes my whole body shake every single time.




jog to the gym + 500m row + “WOD” + jog back from the gym

My impromptu “WOD” was 5 rounds of:

I always go to the gym with my friend PJ on Wednesday mornings, but I was so tired this week. I texted him saying I would go later in the afternoon, but then I changed my mind and just went in the morning since I was already up (I was majorly conflicted—it took me so long to decide what to do with myself). I also needed to study a little bit more for an anatomy exam I had at 11AM, so I was in and out of the gym in about 20 minutes. Whatever works!


100 burpees for time

It had been a long while since I had done 100 burpees for time, but I think it might have been one and a half years ago! I came across the 100 burpee challenge again on Krista’s blog, 12 Minute Athlete, so I thought it would be a good, fast workout to do in my dorm (since I slept in that morning). Plus, I ♥ burpees.

My PR in 2013 was 7:54, but this time I completed 100 burpees in 6:40! Just less than seven minutes, but I was feelin’ it for the rest of the morning.

burpee PR 3:19:2015

I broke up the burpees into sets of 30, 10, 10, 20, 15, and 15. Now if only I could run a mile in this time… Just the thought of that makes me cringe.


jog to the gym + dynamic warmup + three 10 min. AMRAP workouts

First 10 min. AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) inspired by this one from The Blonde Ponytail:

Second 10 min. AMRAP:

Third 10 min. AMRAP:

I finished either 4 round or just under 4 rounds for each of the mini workouts. This was a really fun way of keeping me interested during my time at the gym!

Unfortunately though, I had a slight pain in my upper (inferior cervical, to be exact, yay anatomy) spine area that started before spring break, and the overhead motions in these workouts seemed to tweak that pain even more. Thus, I’m going to take it easy on my shoulders and neck, and I hope to do some yoga this week!


Active rest

Some walking, air squats, pushups, sit-ups, burpees…


I’ll talk to you all tomorrow! Hope you have a lovely Sunday. (Palm Sunday is in ONE WEEK and Easter is in TWO WEEKS!)

So tell me:

Have you ever tried the 100 burpee challenge?

What is one way you like to make your workout extra fun? Besides circuit workouts, I love pyramid workouts, dance, and ultimate frisbee!

First Dance Performance of the Year {MIMM #13}

It’s on the horizon, (U.S.) folks. Yes, Thanksgiving is in sight! It’s my second favorite holiday after Christmas, and I seriously cannot contain my excitement. I’ve literally been having conversations with my Calculus teacher about what we’re making. She even gave me dessert recipes. Whatever. Besides the food, there’s the family time, coziness, and fun outdoorsy activities that I just want to bottle up and put in my back pocket. Gahhh!

But first, let’s take a look at all the marvelous things that have happened this weekend, hm? Thanks, Katie for hosting the ever-awesome link-up!


Marvelous is…

Company‘s first dance show of the year! This particular show is called the Choreography Showcase, where several professional artists get to showcase their recent dance works. It’s an intimate, black-box-type setting, which I absolutely love because it feels so classy and pro-fesh (<—a word that is NOT classy).  Company performed two pieces, one brand new jazz piece and one re-staged modern piece. Unfortunately, no photos or videos are allowed to be taken, so I can’t show you any of that, but here are some backstage shenanigans!






Pam and Susie


Lilly (“Little” Sis)!

It was a good time. I can’t get enough of the company girls.

Marvelous is…

The start of Elf 4 Health! Lindsay and Elle are hosting the second year of this awesome 4-week challenge. This is my first year doing this, but earlier this year I tried out the Healthy Self challenge also hosted by them. From that experience, I must say that I’m looking forward to Elf 4 Health! Those that signed up received their buddies this weekend, and my buddy is Emily from More Than Just Desserts! Buddies email one another and give each other some pep talks, motivation, and encouragement throughout the challenge. Check out the agenda! I’m pumped. If you follow me on Instagram, #Elf4Health will be hashtag o’ the rest of the year 😀


I may or may not participate in the challenges such as the circuit workout or fastest mile since I’ve decided to try slowing down my workouts. If I’m really itching to do it, I’ll probably do some sort of low impact circuit workout or run an easy mile.

Marvelous is…

Receiving Love Grown goodies in the mail from when I won Courtney’s giveaway! There are some super yummy things that I can’t wait to try. Those hot oats cups will definitely come in handy when we’re staying in a hotel in Canada for Christmas.


Marvelous is…

Our first flurry of the season! The flurry actually turned into a sudden, short-lived dump of snow. I wish it stuck to the ground. Ben and I would have gone sledding!



Eyyy, look, another selfie.

Marvelous is…

Quick workouts that make me feel. the. burn.



A month ago, I would have used this as my warmup, but I decided to just do this as an after-homework-pre-dinner-move-and-groove-workout. Felt good to get the blood pumpin’! I followed it up with Michelle and Lori’s killer 5 minute plank workout. Shoulders and core were dyyyying.

That’s all the fun stuff that has gone down this weekend. I hope you all have a wonderful week, whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving or not. Happy Monday!

So tell me: Are you doing the Elf4Health Challenge? Has it snowed where you live? Are you excited for Thanksgiving?!