It is WILD to me that it’s already October. On the one hand, I’ve already made pumpkin mac and cheese this season (which all my friends apparently think is appalling and gross). On the other hand, I don’t really know how to dress for 50°F weather.

I went into this month thinking, “This is going the be a rough month.” Midterms, bittersweet nostalgia, shorter days — meh. But Fr. Barnes, our chaplain at the BU Catholic Center, spoke earlier this week about how wonderful of a month October is, because we celebrate so many “powerhouse” saints — saints who knew how to experience hurt deeply, yet love even more deeply.

Something I find myself doing more often these days is putting my hand over my heart. I place my hand over my heart when someone says something touching; when I feel hurt; when I see or hear something beautiful; when I hear something that I know to be so true, even if if I don’t want it to be true in the moment; when I receive the Eucharist.

It’s kind of a habit now, but I think it started because my emotions have become more visceral this year. But as C H E E S Y as it sounds, I also think I feel closer to God when I place my hand on my heart, because I’ve been meditating on giving my heart completely to Him, whether it is filled with joy, anger, fear, nothing at all, or whether it’s broken. And because, before I can even offer Him my heart, He is the first to knock and seek to dwell within my heart.

LOL this was meant to be a post that took me 5 minutes to write, but thoughts just burst out of my head, so here we are with this more emotional post than I was expecting.

In case you were wondering, I still take selfies like a tourist in Disney World.

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I’m goin’ hiking in Maine this weekend and I. am. STOKED. You probably won’t hear about it for another month though, given my recent blogging track record.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

So tell me:

What are you ~feeLiNg~ this October?

What are your plans for the weekend?


Current Simple Joys


How are you all doing so far this week? I don’t know about you guys, but yesterday was just so…Monday. Like, a very Monday kind of Monday, ya feel? I got ready with my eyes half closed and nearly (just nearly, don’t worry, mom and dad) nodded off at least 20 times during statistics, BUT it was still a great day overall thanks to many simple joys that outweighed those Monday blues.

It’s been a long time since I shared my current simple joys (January was the last time!), so I thought today would be the perfect day to share those with you all. There’s always something to be thankful for in this whirlwind we call life.



Current simple joys…

  • Power naps (came to the rescue for me yesterday, holla)
  • Cooking real food in a real kitchen and picking up groceries from Trader Joe’s (for the people I work for, not for myself…but still so fun!)

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Lasagna!!! (It was my first time making it ever and I pray that I didn’t mess it up for them.)

  • Finally “getting” a statistics problem that initially made me want to blow up my computer/textbook #probabilityrage
  • Free KIND bars for showing my squat form at the Physical Therapy fitness fair

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  • Sunny, warm days in late October
  • Outdoor workouts on said days

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  • FaceTiming with family and friends
  • Really awesome hugs
  • Singing with some of my coolest friends at church on Sunday
  • A surprise care package from my little cousins, aunt, and uncle! Cookieeeeeees ♥ (whole wheat too, because my aunt knows what’s up)

  • When the dining hall has an arsenal of bananas (my heart breaks ever so slightly when there are none available at breakfast)
  • People who hold the door (bonus points if they smile)
  • Raisin bran for dessert (stop cringing/laughing at me)

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  • When there is no one on the escalator so you can walk up, because walking up an escalator is empowering with all that extra upward momentum
  • This message from my bro when I was studying away on Sunday night:

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 11.30.13 PMtiny-potato

I should do these kinds of posts more often, because now I am just so happy despite the fact that my eyes are fluttering shut as I type this on Monday night.

Have a wonderful day, friends! 🙂

So tell me:

Some of your current simple joys!

Do you eat cereal for dessert sometimes?

How was your Monday?

WIAW: Healthy Snacks

Hello there!

How is everyone this Wednesday? This is actually sort of like a Thursday for me because we have Friday off for Superintendent Conference Day! Ya gotta love those days. And then we have Monday off for Columbus Day, so I am psyched for the four-day weekend. To add to the fun, next week is homecoming week, which means Retro Day, Wacky Wednesday (Maybe I should dress up as a food item as an ode to WIAW? Ehhh, maybe not), spirit day, and some other day that I can’t quite remember. I’ll be sure to share pictures from the shenanigans (as our WIAW host, Jenn, always loves to say).

what i ate wednesday october breast cancer awareness halloween button

I appreciate your comments on my more reflective post on Monday about being more thankful for family. As much as I love getting deep and solemn, I’m ready for this post to be more light-hearted! So without further ado, here are some of my eats from this week, with the theme of healthy snacks for October!



Peanut butter, pumpkin, banana English muffin sandwich with a glass o’ milk (as always!)


PB banana smoothie that was really runny. I totally should have used it as cereal sauce!!! Next time.


Kind of a weird-looking one. Rice Krispies and Puffins with milk + banana with pb


Pumpkin waffles with a dollop of Greek yogurt and pepita sunseed butter!


Greek yogurt with leftover waffle, banana slices, and pepita sunseed butter


I keep forgetting to take pictures of my lunch at school, but they have mostly been delicious chicken sandwiches/wraps that my mom has so kindly prepared for my dad, Ben, and me. She ROCKS.




Yogurt with banana and nut butter–best snack EVER




Grapes grapes grapes

photo 3

These awesome wannabe “KIND” bars from Costco. I love them! And the ingredients are comparable to KIND bars.



Quinoa Brown Rice blend from Seeds of Change that Mom combined with sun dried tomatoes, egg, and lettuce. Delish.


Another mom meal. Pasta with sun dried tomatoes and cheese, rotisserie chicken, broccoli + hummus

Bonus Dessert


Self-explanatory yumminess

Happy Wednesday! Have a great rest of the week 🙂

So tell me: What are some healthy snacks you’re eating this month? 

Fall Makes Me Nostalgic

I usually don’t have much time to type up a post before leaving for school in the morning, but I’m feeling extra ambitious today!

As the leaves start to shift from green to vibrant hues of red, orange, and yellow, I can’t help but feel almost…nostalgic during this time of year. Now, it’s still like 80 degrees here in New York, but the quiet, cool mornings remind me of all the wonderful things that the autumn season can offer. I don’t know why, but it seems like there is something in the fall air that just triggers so many memories. There are things that I used to do in October and November that I think about, and there are things that I still do every year:

  • Drinking that powdered hot apple cider that I now think is kind of gross. But a while back, I thought that stuff was so delicious, especially with the addition of a cinnamon stick. Fancy!
  • Squeezing into the front seat of the school bus with two of my best friends (before drivers licenses happened).
  • Reading about my Confirmation saint, St. Therese of Lisieux, whose feast day is October 1st.
  • Homecoming week (coming up soon!!! So excited), putting together wacky costumes for the theme days, going to the pep rally, pasta dinner, and sports games.
  • Pondering Halloween costumes
  • Trick-or-treating of course!
  • Wanting to sleep in forever (<–still so true).
  • Putting together fashionable, comfy outfits (Yay boots and sweaters!)
  • Dance company rehearsals and annual sleepover.
  • Eating apples like it’s my job.

Maybe this nostalgia is why I love fall so much. I also get so giddy for the holiday season! But I am one of those people that really waits for THE day of a holiday to truly celebrate. I just love the anticipation!



Gina’s cookie dough cereal with frozen banana slices and freeze-dried strawberries (that I picked out from our Special K cereal ;))

So tell me: What kinds of things do you do in the fall/remember doing during the fall? Are you nostalgic too?