I Hurt Myself Doing Burpees

True story.

I have a whole weekend/orientation recap post ready for tomorrow, but I thought this story needed it’s own post. It’s just another one under my “I think I’m cool but I’m really not” experiences.



I went on a walk with Michael earlier today, and of course, I had to do some burpees while we were at the park! First I used a bench to do some decline burpees, which was fun stuff. I also tried to teach Michael how to do pistol squats, for which he probably despised me.

Then we kept walking and I found a rock ledge that would be great for some “box jump” burpees. I’ll give myself a tiny bit of credit for at least doing a trial jump to make sure I could actually jump the height of the ledge. After doing that, I made it to 6 burpee box jumps. On the seventh one, I didn’t make it. My shin hit the ledge, which hurt of course, but I was too busy laughing at myself.

When I looked down at my shin, I saw a scrape…and a small hole. Like, a deep one. I may have used some colorful language.

Mike: “Oh man! That’s deep!”

Me: “…yeah….let’s go.”

The blood started comin’ so I took off both of my socks, tied them together, and then tied them around the wound. I felt like MacGyver!

Luckily, there was a festival going on at the park today, so a lot of ambulances were around to monitor the event. It was a quick hop/limp to the nearest one. A kind EMT got my shin all cleaned and wrapped, and my socks subsequently went in the trash.


Me: “This is exciting.” // “At least my prom dress is long!” // “I still love burpees.”

Needless to say, we just walked the rest of the time. I also decided to be obnoxiously cheerful by waving to every car that passed us. I got some judge-y stares, some ignorance, but still lots of reciprocated waves, and I saw some of our friends drive by!

It’s kinda funny because before I left the house, my mom unusually warned me: “Ok…just be careful. Don’t hurt yourself and don’t run too fast.” I was confused because she was being vague, and she never says those kinds of things when I go out for a simple run at the park, but I just said, “Alllllright…I will be!”

And of course I had to hurt myself the day she warns me. Motherly instinct is a scary thing sometimes. When I told her about my injury, she yelled, “I TOLD YOU! I knew something was going to happen!”




The mother in Tangled is the reason I can’t watch that movie. She gives me nightmares.

I guess God just really wants me to calm down with the burpees.

The end.

So tell me:

Have you hurt yourself exercising before? 



Love You, Ma

For all the times I’ve cried on your shoulder

For all the times I needed a hand to hold

For all the times you dealt with my attitude

For all the times you hugged and kissed me

For all the times you prayed for me

For all the times you gave me advice

For all the times you bought things for me

For all the times you wished you could take my place when I was suffering

For all the times you fed me  

For all the times you laughed at my {lame} jokes

For all the times you congratulated me and told me you’re proud of me

For all the times you drove me

For all the times you taught me

For all the times you came to my school and dance events 

For all the times I forgot to say thank you

For all the times you told me you love me… 

….Thank you. I love you, Ma.

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Happy Mother’s Day!


Increasing Thankfulness for Family

Parent: “Hey, Alison! How was your day?”  {Good! *Move on to more work*}

Parent: “Do you need me to help you with anything?” {No, I’m fine, thanks. *Kinda wish to be left alone*}

Maybe it’s just because I’m a teenager (the age-old excuse), but I find myself subtly brushing off my parents at times. Perhaps I’m engaged in homework or blogging, or perhaps I’m tired from a long day. Whatever the case, day after day, my mom and dad (and brother) offer nothing but assistance, warmth, care, and concern, even if I give nothing but a short greeting in return. It’s easy to take advantage of family since they are with you 24/7. It’s even easier to take advantage of having a loving family at all.



Right in my community, among my friends, among my relatives even, there are broken families. The close bond that exists among the members of dance company has allowed me to see the not-so-sparkly realities of the families of some of my closest friends. Reading my peers’ college essays and discovering their raw, personal stories has also been an eye-opener.

There is separation. Ignorance. Fear. Cruel words. Betrayal.

None of these things should ever be associated with family, but for some unfortunately, they are. God has been so gracious as to give me a family that is joyful, helpful, loving, and faithful. I realize that the things about my family that can annoy me on my irritable days–their extra cheeriness, their desire to converse with me, their extra hugs and kisses–are the exact things for which other people yearn. Some people can’t relate to phrases such as “like a mother’s touch” or “father-son bonding time,” and it breaks my heart. It’s upsetting, but without the reminder that a loving family is not a given, I would be caught up in the bubble of what I’ve always known.



I believe that there are little things that can make the most profound changes in family relationships. Some simple ways to help slow down your time with family:

  • Sitting down to eat dinner with them
  • Saying good night
  • Big hugs
  • Family walks
  • Talking about your day with them
  • Doing something kind and unexpected for them, even if they never end up noticing
  • Saying please and thank you
  • Smiling to one another and making eye contact



And let us end this with a prayer 🙂

Help me, Lord, to be more patient with my family. To embrace even the most insignificant moments with them. To serve them and let them know that I love them. Amen.

So tell me: Just share any thoughts you have!