Wicked on Broadway {MIMM #12}

I don’t think I will ever see the Wizard of Oz in the same light again. If you’ve watched or read Wicked too, you know what I mean!


This weekend, my family and I went to see our first Broadway show in a long time. We had heard nothing but good reviews about Wicked, so we decided to finally check it out after only our eight years of living in New York.

But first, we went out to dinner of course. We consider ourselves a foodie family, so any time we go in to the city is an excuse to find some cool new restaurants. This time, we tried a Thai restaurant called Wondee Siam that was about the width of a hotel hallway and length of bedroom. In other words, this place was tiny!! I think it only had 7 tables. But the food was big in flavor, and we thoroughly enjoyed our meals. We went family style and shared all our dishes!


Mom’s favorite: spicy papaya salad (a.k.a. som tum)


My order: zesty, spicy grilled shrimp salad


Ben’s order: some chicken dish that was so yummy, but I forget the name!


Dad’s order: duck curry


Mom’s order: whole fried red snapper (hello, iPhone shadow)

After our bellies were full, we walked over to the Gershwin Theater for the musical! It’s a lovely venue that has showcased productions such as Oklahoma!, Peter Pan, Singin’ in the Rain, and Fiddler on the Roof.  And this year, Wicked is celebrating its 10th anniversary on Broadway!




I was NOT creeping on that guy behind me.


The stage. So impressive!

We all agreed that the show was absolutely spectacular! The actors and actresses have such strong, beautiful voices, and I was super entertained by the story line. We also laughed a ton! If you haven’t heard what Wicked is about, it’s the story behind the witches from the Wizard of Oz. It gives insight into the perspectives of each of the witches “behind the scenes” of the classic movie that has always ended with the wicked witch of the west as the evil, dead lady. I loved it! And the music is so fun and catchy.

We ended our night on a sweet (and high) note, just like the musical! <—-CHEESY. A pit stop by Uptown Swirl for froyo and crepes was the perfect way to end the night.


Salted caramel + cinnamon roll froyo with graham cracker crumbs, mochi, and Reese’s pieces. YUM.


For everyone to share: a crepe with Nutella and Biscoff spread!

Oh and we bought a jar of Biscoff spread 😀


Also marvelous are…





Have a marvelous Monday! Thanks, Katie for hosting 🙂

So tell me: Have you ever seen a Broadway show? Which ones? Which ones would you like to see if you have not?

WIAW: Weekend Eats

Happy Wednesday! Which also means happy What I Ate Wednesday 🙂 This week, I’ll just let the food do most of the talking since I talked a lot about the events that happened this past weekend in my last post–> Girls’ Nights {MIMM #9}. Here are some of the yummy things I’ve been this past week in no particular order or fashion!

what i ate wednesday october breast cancer awareness halloween button

Thanks, Jenn for hosting!


IMG_2570 IMG_2568

Corn muffin/bread galore from our AP Calc breakfast party

DSC_6607 DSC_6608

A slice of Kath’s baked banana oatmeal with a dollop of peanut butter and an unpictured glass o’ milk on the side.



A fabulous company brunch compliments of Thea’s mom! She made us amazing, fluffy challah bread French toast, feta and spinach egg soufflé, coffee, and tea. Plus a bounty of fruit. That’s a way to start the day!


More sandwiches with an apple on the side. Except this week mom made us ground turkey and cheese subs. Mmm.



My mom bought mangoes…in the fall. But they are surprisingly very sweet and juicy! This is a yogurt bowl with some chopped mango and sliced bananas.


Return of the caprese!



Greek chicken salad from the Greek restaurant I went to with my friends on Friday night. This “small” size was GIGANTIC, but it was delicious.


Asian grilled chicken from the company sleepover dinner. The sauce was a Thai lemongrass basil sauce. Tasty!


I brought the leftover chicken home from both restaurants for this dinner another night! Avocado toast + a kale/spinach salad with the chicken on top.


A rather boring-looking, yet satisfying one. Salmon (with the skin!), rice, and carrots.


DSC_6659 DSC_6606

Macarons: Pistachio on left, Fig on right (eaten on different days). I also tried a caramel one. So scrumptious.

IMG_2629 IMG_2614

Sleepover treats: Hot mulled apple cider thanks to Thea’s mom and s’mores (minus the chocolate…don’t shoot me!) roasted in an outdoor bonfire!


$1.00 McDonald’s soft serve. It’s just my fave.

So tell me: What are some yummy desserts you’ve had recently? Do you sometimes eat summer produce in the fall/winter?

Girls’ Nights {MIMM #9}

These past few days have been filled with so many awesome moments with some of my best girl friends! It was such a fabulous privilege to spend time with friends from both school and dance, even amidst a pretty hectic time of year. Many fun things went down this weekend, so let’s get straight into the deeeets:


Check out Katie’s blog for more marvelous posts!

Marvelous is…

Hot water bottles. Does anyone else use these?? They are so amazing for when I’m freezing in my house…or in my car as seen in the picture. My mom says it’s like cradling a warm baby. I don’t know about that comparison, but it’s definitely super cozy hugging one of these! (Holding one right now.)


Marvelous is…

A breakfast party in AP Calc. There’s ten of us in the class and our teacher is awesome–she even made us corn bread! I actually just ate a jumbo corn muffin + corn bread. Obsessed.


I was literally sitting in the back of the class manning the waffle maker while answering questions about derivatives.

Marvelous is…

Going to a local bakery 20 minutes away with mom just to pick up spur-of-the-moment pastry cravings. She got herself her favorite “Speculaas Bar”–some kind of almond paste pastry that’s only a seasonal product. She let me pick out some macarons for myself and my brother and dad. We also spotted a cute green dome cake, and when we found out it was pistachio and strawberry, we had to get it! Like I said, spur of the moment.

 DSC_6605 DSC_6606

Fig macaron!

Marvelous is…

Going to a(n) gyro restaurant on Friday night with some of my friends from school. Apparently the cross country team has some joke or memory with the place. They always say, “YO GYROOO” or something, so I was excited to visit this place. We also kept going back and forth saying JAI-RO and YEAR-O. The latter is the correct way, right? I usually say year-o, but I decided to say it jai-ro the whole night, and I probably looked like such a novice. Guatever.


Kristi with her chicken gyro

Also, $1.00 soft serve from McD’s.



Marvelous is…

Reese’s. After picking them all out from the candy we’re giving out for Halloween, we decided to make a treat using a couple of them. On Thursday night, I made Ben banana soft serve onto which he sprinkled a couple Reese’s and raspberries. I had a couple bites, and it was GOOD STUFF.


Marvelous is…

A new PR for 100 burpees! I think this over a minute faster than my the last time I tried it three months ago! Tip: closing your eyes helps you grit through. Ha.


Marvelous is…

Company sleepover!! Our first sleepover of the year was so much fun! I seriously love hanging out with these girls. We went to dinner at an Asian fusion restaurant, made s’mores, did some company traditions, talked, and LAUGHED a lot.


Olivia and Hilary




Olivia aka “Swagmaster” or Beyonce

IMG_2598 IMG_2601

Lilly, Susie, Thea (the host of the fabulous sleepover!), Jane, Alisia, Madi, and Charli!

IMG_2610 IMG_2614

Love that charred marshmallow action


(Top): Susie, Allison, Maureen, Hilary, me, (Bottom): Lilly, Madi, Pam


So dysfunctional. Jane, Charli, Alisia, Rachel, and Swagmaster

Before heading to our Sunday rehearsal the next morning (we were zombies upon waking up), Thea’s super sweet mom made us a fantastic brunch of French toast, egg and cheese souffle, fruit, cider, coffee, and tea. DELICIOUS. Beats our usual bagels and cream cheese. Thank you so much, Thea and Co.! 🙂


Quite a marvelous weekend, I must say. Hope you are all doing well too! Have a great week 🙂

So tell me: What did you do this weekend? When was your last girls/guys night out? How do you say “gyro?”