WIAW: Thanksgiving Leftovers

Wednesday!! It’s always lovely to see ya. Last night, my friends from company and I were moping over how it was ONLY Tuesday. I think that’s how weeks tend to go by right after a break— nice and slowwwwww. At least there’s Christmas to look forward to!

For this edition of WIAW, I’ll be showing you what I ate the day after our Thanksgiving feast. Unlike other people who were full for the rest of the weekend after Turkey Day, I still had my appetite on Friday morning! Last year, I might have tried to ignore my hunger, thinking that I’d already eaten way too much the night before. I would hold back for the rest of the weekend and try to amp up the workouts in order to compensate. After reflecting on how my Thanksgiving went this year, I realized that it went a lot like Clare’s— much more enjoyable.

I also ended up cooking just as much on Friday as I did on Thursday since I wanted to jazz up some leftovers. I think I spent a good three hours making new dishes, which amounted to only two. I’m a painfully slow chef (“chef”), but I love cooking whenever I have the chance! Alright, I’m done rambling. Here’s what I ate on Friday:


Thanks for hosting, Jenn!



Pumpkin seed raisin bread with cherry butter toffee peanut butter, apple, Korean pear, strawberries + glass o’ milk


I kinda just munched here and there throughout the afternoon…


More Korean pear + apple slices


A slice of Thanksgiving Leftovers Frittata


A piece of leftover cornbread

I also had a bite of my mom’s turkey congee— YUM. I probably had more snacks that I didn’t photograph.



The rest of the quinoa stuffing and some more frittata




The last of the berry crumb pie a la mode

Thanksgiving leftovers are seriously just as good (if not, better) than the actual turkey dinner. *Sigh* I’m gonna miss that pie.

Happy hump day 🙂

So tell me: What did you eat the day after Thanksgiving? Were you still full or did you have an appetite?


WIAW: On Repeat

Tori Kelly is not the only thing on repeat for me right now.

I have a lot of foods that I don’t mind eating on consecutive days, or even consecutive meals, which you might notice from all my Instagram (<—follow me!) photos. My photo albums on my computer are basically galleries of oatmeal, salmon salads, avocado toast, and yogurt bowls. The downside to always looking through these delicious food pictures is that they make me hungry! Tough life, right?

This week I noticed more repeated food items than usual, partially because there were so many leftovers, but mostly because I just like those foods a lot. However, I usually try to put a different spin on each meal so that my palate doesn’t get bored. Breakfast always has repeats though because it’s my favorite meal of the day, and I like to stick with foods that I know I love. One day I should post a list of all the different breakfasts I eat!

Also, despite the fact that I eat a lot of the same foods every day, I still love taking new pictures of them. It’s definitely blogger thing, isn’t it? Although, the first two breakfast photos below are recycled….But I promise the other ones are from this past week!

Of course, I’m showing you all my food as a part of Jenn’s fabulous What I Ate Wednesday party! (PS: Her little baby girl is the ca-yutest ball of smiles ever!)




{Repeat} More of Kath’s baked oatmeal with nut butter. The recipe makes four servings and I’m the only one that eats it in my house, so I’ve been having it a few mornings. Not complaining! (Recycled photo)


{Repeat} Overnight oats. Of course my favorite breakfast has to be on repeat! (Recycled photo, but they all look the same)


{Repeat} Peanut butter balls and Rice Krispies + banana with PB. Not anything you haven’t seen.


{Repeat} Most photographed breakfast on my Instagram: Whipped banana oats with a dollop of nut butter.


{Repeat} Pumpkin-banana bread that I made on Halloween. Topped with more of the good stuff.


This week my mom made delicious turkey, cheese, and spinach sandwiches, so that’s what I’ve been eating at school. I should try taking pictures of my school lunches more often for a lil’ bit of a visual.

I did have a fabulous lunch at home on Saturday after dance:


Avocado toast and lentil soup

And this is what a typical company Sunday brunch looks like before rehearsal:


Half a bagel with scallion cream cheese, Boo Berry cereal, and an apple

Brunch is one of our beloved bonding traditions that we have every Sunday! Every weekend that we have rehearsal, two or three girls are responsible for buying brunch for the whole company (15 of us + our company director), and we just rotate every week so that each person buys brunch at least twice (sometimes three times) in the year. There’s always bagels, cereal, fruit, and some other snacks that the girls decide to make/buy, so this meal is definitely has {repeats}. For some of my friends, this is their breakfast, but since I teach Sunday school in the morning and have breakfast before that, this is my lunch.


DSC_6685 photo 1

These super yummy freeze-dried edamame! They’re crispier and lighter than some other dried edamame I’ve tried. My mom got these from Costco, and I highly recommend them!


{Repeat} Yogurt + fruit bowls. All the time.


DSC_6681 DSC_6680

{Repeat} Lentil soup. This time with grilled cheese and tomato + salad with pickled beets and pumpkin.


{Repeat} Salad. This time with curry tofu and a hard boiled egg + toast + mango.


{Repeat x2} Salad with salmon, sautéed onions and Brussels sprouts + avocado toast.


{Repeat} Brussels sprouts. This time with gnocchi + Thai basil ground turkey.

And that’s about it for now! It has been a wonderful week of great food thanks to mom’s home cooking. College is going to be quite the transition… *Sigh*

Have a great day, everyone!

So tell me: What foods do you have on repeat all the time? Any new snacks that you’re loving?