How to Be a Good Friend in College

I’m feelin’ this beautiful fall weather at the core of my soul and I LOVE IT.


I just broke out the boots this morning since they were calling my name from the back of my shoe collection bottom of my shoe pile.

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Let’s catch up by talking about how to be a good friend in college. The edition that doesn’t have to do with carrying your friends home after a frat party (although, that’s also what good friends do).

My friends here in college are honestly some of the best people I’ve ever met, and I am constantly inspired by how much they want to be better people through education, self-sacrifice for the good of others, wholesome experiences, and nourishment of their faith.

Thanks to these wonderful people, I’ve compiled a semi-serious list of…

{how to be a good friend in college…and at any stage in life}

Forget the age/year difference. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students can all hang out and their social lives will not be tainted. In fact, they will flourish.

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freshmen, sophomores, seniors, and grad women gathering for our freshman friend’s birthday

Have an early breakfast date with a friend. (Walk to the farther dining hall just to eat good omelettes. Bonus points if you both bring your own peanut butter and then take pictures of one another.)

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Be a good lab partner, because college labs can be deathly tedious.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. That’s when the deepest and best connections happen.

Sing and dance like a fool around your friends. If they tell you to stop, you can stop. But try it anyway, they might join you.

Set goals with one another. Whether that’s going to the gym five times a week with a buddy, acing a class, going to church every Sunday…or checking off food bucket list items together.

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#42: Spicy Food at Thai Dish — check!

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Tell your friend if he/she has something in his/her teeth. That feeling of looking into the mirror after talking with lots of friends and seeing stuff stuck in your teeth. You know.

Reserve judgement. We all do silly, stupid, sinful things.

Embrace spontaneity and don’t be afraid to ask your friends to join you. I’m always afraid to ask people to do things with me on a whim because I’m afraid of rejection, but I have learned that I love when people reach out to me to do spontaneous fun things.


like a movie night and epic hair braiding feat. Lauren’s gorgeous locks and Rachel’s mad skills

Don’t pressure your friends. Peer pressure is real in every way. It’s easy to be pressured and it’s easy to fall into the trap of pressuring others. It’s not the end of the world if either one happens to you. Just be aware.

Pray for your friends. Especially when you kinda don’t want to talk to them/you’re annoyed with them.

Ask for prayers from your friends. You need ’em too.

Branch out. Having a close friend group is so important and good to have. That being said, cliques are overrated, and there are people who really want to know you but are too scared to approach you. You might even be that scared person. Launch out and just talk to people. The people worth having as friends will reciprocate.

Hope you all have a fabulous day!

I don’t know what your hair looks like today, but however it looks, ROCK IT.



So tell me:

What is one way you can be a good friend/one way your friends have been good to you?

Do you believe “age is but a number” after a certain point in life?

What did you do this weekend?

Where should Rachel and I go next for our food bucket list!?


Current Simple Joys


How are you all doing so far this week? I don’t know about you guys, but yesterday was just so…Monday. Like, a very Monday kind of Monday, ya feel? I got ready with my eyes half closed and nearly (just nearly, don’t worry, mom and dad) nodded off at least 20 times during statistics, BUT it was still a great day overall thanks to many simple joys that outweighed those Monday blues.

It’s been a long time since I shared my current simple joys (January was the last time!), so I thought today would be the perfect day to share those with you all. There’s always something to be thankful for in this whirlwind we call life.



Current simple joys…

  • Power naps (came to the rescue for me yesterday, holla)
  • Cooking real food in a real kitchen and picking up groceries from Trader Joe’s (for the people I work for, not for myself…but still so fun!)

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Lasagna!!! (It was my first time making it ever and I pray that I didn’t mess it up for them.)

  • Finally “getting” a statistics problem that initially made me want to blow up my computer/textbook #probabilityrage
  • Free KIND bars for showing my squat form at the Physical Therapy fitness fair

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  • Sunny, warm days in late October
  • Outdoor workouts on said days

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  • FaceTiming with family and friends
  • Really awesome hugs
  • Singing with some of my coolest friends at church on Sunday
  • A surprise care package from my little cousins, aunt, and uncle! Cookieeeeeees ♥ (whole wheat too, because my aunt knows what’s up)

  • When the dining hall has an arsenal of bananas (my heart breaks ever so slightly when there are none available at breakfast)
  • People who hold the door (bonus points if they smile)
  • Raisin bran for dessert (stop cringing/laughing at me)

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  • When there is no one on the escalator so you can walk up, because walking up an escalator is empowering with all that extra upward momentum
  • This message from my bro when I was studying away on Sunday night:

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 11.30.13 PMtiny-potato

I should do these kinds of posts more often, because now I am just so happy despite the fact that my eyes are fluttering shut as I type this on Monday night.

Have a wonderful day, friends! 🙂

So tell me:

Some of your current simple joys!

Do you eat cereal for dessert sometimes?

How was your Monday?

When I Say Burpee, You Say…

Good morning!

I’m posting this a little later than usual because I was running around like a chicken all afternoon and evening yesterday. After getting back from a music trip with the chorus, I went out to support my school’s track team at their sectional meet. From there I headed to a scholarship dinner, where— guess who!— Bill Cosby was the keynote speaker!


More details on the dinner some other time. But that guy is one heck of a comedian. Man, I miss The Cosby Show.

Anyway, today is Thursday, which is usually when I love to think out loud with Amanda, but I’m gonna mix things up today with a Spill It Sunday survey thanks to Arman and this week’s question-asker, Jen @ Chase the Red Grape.


PS— I know it’s not Sunday (I’m not THAT out of my mind…yet), but Arman didn’t oppress us with strict rules for when we post our Spill It Sunday answers. He just oppresses me by posting endless pictures of fantastic gelato that I CAN’T HAVE.

1) I am coming to visit! Where would you take me and what would we do?

If you’ve gotten to know my mom through my blog, you would know that she is the QUEEN of hosting visitors, so I’ve learned from the best.

I would take you to NYC (unless you would rather go hiking…?), where we would go wherever the heck you want (Statue of Liberty, Top of the Rock, Central Park, SoHo, Chinatown, Grand Central, etc.), but then I would be in charge of places to eat. Not that my family has any experience with that or anything. The Halal Food Cart, Rice to Riches, Pure Thai Cookhouse, Eataly. We’ve got you covered.

2) What is the one thing you never leave the supermarket without buying?

Bananas. You can never have too many. NEVER.

3)When I say burpees, you say…

Let’s do some right now!!! I ♥ burpees.

4) What is the first website you check in the day?

On most days, it’s Gmail. If I’m feeling like I might be popular, I check Facebook or WordPress.

5) Tell me about one act of kindness you have done recently?

Yesterday, I was walking to my car from school, and I came across two of my guy friends from chorus, walking home in their collared shirts, ties and dress pants (since we had just come back from a performance). I gave them a ride instead of letting them make the trek home on such a warm day. I could have been all fitness-y and told them they were getting good exercise, but they might have beat me up for being so obnoxious.

Kinda kidding.

6) You have a carton of eggs, what would you make with them?

If this carton has a dozen eggs: 6 eggs for a frittata, 2 eggs for muffins, 2 eggs sunny side up for yolk-y awesomeness, and 2 eggs for more muffins.
I need muffins as vehicles for nut butter.

7) Tell me about a sight you have seen that took your breath away?

The picture of the muffin above. Seriously.

But if I wanted to be more profound, I would have to say the views at the summit of a hike or the waterfalls in Puerto Rico are the best.

542512_450803341609495_2144067719_n 19146_104578232898676_7307257_n-2

circa 2010

8) You’re an elephant, what would you never forget?

Right now, it would be great if I didn’t forget the whole AP Bio curriculum. But in the long run, I don’t want to forget all the conversations I’ve had with my family and friends that have made me laugh until I’ve cried.

9) Reveal to me a ‘slang’ word or term that you use where you are from, and what it means!

I’m not that hip with slang (I just learned what “clutch” means a couple days ago), but I say “guatever” a lot. That’s not a southern NY thing, it’s just a me-and-my-friend-Charli thing. It means whatever, life goes on, we’re alright. Hashtag it. #guatever

10) Tell me a corny joke!

I think I’ve told this joke on here before, but I’ll say it again since it’s the ultimate corny joke:

What did the baby corn say to the mama corn?

Where’s Pop corn?!

Did you laugh? Pretend that you did if you didn’t.

Have a great day, everyone!

So tell me:

What do you always buy at the supermarket?

When I say burpees, you say____.

What sight have you seen that has taken your breath away?