The thing that is worth it.


Last week brought several challenges at work that have caused me to grow and {hopefully} become a better clinician and communicator to my patients. I am grateful for compassionate and wise mentors who are my colleagues as well, who continue to support me in this journey as a brand-spankin’-new physical therapist.

Last Sunday, when I committed to staying off Instagram for the next few months, I also committed to silent prayer for 20 minutes per day and 10-15 minutes of prayerful reflection at the end of the day. I also committed to being more mindful about avoiding emotional eating at the end of long, draining work days. And importantly, I committed to staying accountable to my great friend, Sarah, with a checklist of whether I actually stayed faithful to those commitments each day. All she has to do is read my text (and give me a little bit of tough love if I was not faithful).

When I committed to these things, as small as they are, I wanted to make so many excuses as to why I should not or could not do them. But what I knew in the depths of my heart was that there would be every amount of doubt, fear, and pride in me that fights against me sticking to these commitments, because actually following through with them would be worth it. Whatever that means… it would be worth it.

Even after just one week, staying faithful to all those commitments has been worth it, because I now get so much more time intentionally spent with the One who Loves me and the One who I love. And doing that makes all the difference in how I handle work; in how I live singly; in how I can give to others; and in the degree of freedom, joy, and peace within me (which grows exponentially as I spend more time with Him).

A word of encouragement: If there is something in the back of your mind and the depth of your soul that you have been thinking about doing to improve your faith life, your relationship with God, your inner peace β€” whatever you want to call it β€” do it and commit to it today, because it will be worth it. And don’t be afraid to put up a little fight for it against all the things/feelings/perceptions that hold you back.


I made Bisquick pancakes yesterday after Mass β€” the “ultimate” version on the back of the box, along with banana slices in there β€” topped with plain Greek yogurt, pb, and maple syrup and served with a glass o’ milk. I was a HAPPY gal.

I also have been working through a very large batch of frozen tilapia, which I have been seasoning with Costco seasoning salt, fried in olive oil with sauteed onions, some other vegetable (either kale or spaghetti squash) and topped with feta cheese, and it is dynamite. Often followed by some sort of carby thing because I’m not trying to be keto.


I am currently typing with both of my hands wrapped intricately with athletic tape thanks to some gnarly rips from Kettlebell Sunday Swings yesterday. We did a snatch ladder going up 5-6-7-8-9-10 each arm and then back down the ladder. OWWW.

Other fun moves included a hike up Bear Mountain on Saturday with a new Sunday Swings friend, Charlie (@teamwagon)! It was an absolutely GORGEOUS weekend here in NY, so we took advantage of the weather while the fall foliage is still magnificent.

Great convo, moves, and grooves!

God is good.


I played the game “Among Us” virtually with some friends last night, and I must admit that it was a hysterically fun time. I must also admit that a 10-year-old patient of mine told me that he was playing it with his friends a couple weekend ago, and this was my reaction: “*gasp* I’m going to play that with my friends TOO!” Felt like a weird point of connection with someone younger than half my age.

Hope you all have a blessed week πŸ™‚

So tell me:

What is something to which you have committed for yourself that was worth it?

Have you ever taken a social media break of any kind/length? How did it go for you?

What was the most fun thing you did this weekend?

Have you played the game Among Us?


An Easy and Weird Way to Make a “Chopped” Salad

Moves. This workout was quick and dirty, and it was one of my favorites in a while!

10 minutes EMOM (every minute on the minute)

~Rest for a few minutes~

10 minutes EMOM

It doesn’t look like much on paper, but if you go heavy enough on the kettlebell and high enough with the box jumps, it gets spicy.

If you’re not sure what EMOM entails… Set a timer for 10 minutes (+ a few seconds of countdown to get ready). At 10:00, start the “even” exercise, completing it as fast as possible with good form. Once you’ve completed the assigned reps, you get to rest for the remainder of the minute. At 9:00, start the “odd” exercise and do the same thing. Etc…

These are all pretty high intensity moves, so that remaining time in the minute should be much needed! If not, first check form, then increase weight/height of box, then increase reps if still too easy.

“Chopped” salad. One of the many weird things I do is make chopped salads by hacking at all the ingredients together in a large container (e.g., last night I used my rice cooker pot because it’s the largest vessel I have right now) with kitchen scissors.

If you’ve ever been to a bougie chopped salad bar, they’ll often pour out all the ingredients onto a giant cutting board and use a curved axe-saw type of thing to chop-chop the salad so that you have perfectly proportioned bites vs. large, stemmy leaves that are unflattering to eat.

Well I don’t have those tools, but I still want the chopped salad experience sometimes. I do have a large container, and I do have kitchen scissors. So last night’s super easy salad at 9pm was spinach, avocado, deli ham, homemade maple mustard vinaigrette βž” dump into clean rice cooker pot βž” hack at all of it with kitchen shears while occasionally tossing.

I’ll post a video example on my instagram story today if you’re interested. And yes, I ate my salad straight out of the rice cooker pot.

p.s. I definitely ate more food after my salad, so don’t go thinking I eat 300 calories for dinner.

a blurry throwback photo of a “chopped” salad a la scissor hacking

Avocado smoothie. Speaking of avocados, I went out to lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant with my friends on Sunday, and John ordered an avocado smoothie for us to share. It is literally just ice, avocado, and some condensed milk. I loved it. It was like a light, refreshing guacamole milkshake that had a subtle but sure taste of the beloved creamy fruit. I recommend it the next time you’re out eating pho!

So tell me:

Do you like to make “chopped” salads at home? If so, how? Have you/would you ever try the kitchen scissors+bowl method?

Have you ever done an EMOM workout? Do you like them?

Have you ever tried an avocado smoothie? Do you like to put avocados IN your smoothies?

Weekly Moves and Grooves VIII

It’s nearly unfathomable to me that we’re over halfway through October, y’all (my Georgia roommate is influencing me).

I also can’t believe I only blogged twice last week! That makes me sad. But college happens, life happens, and sleep sorta happens. I promise this week is beefing up in regards to my posts! I’ve typed them up and scheduled them, so I can’t fail. Unless something hiccups in the scheduling, which might happen knowing me and my tendency to mess up those kinds of things.

Anyway, as usual, the first post of the week is my workouts from last week!

weekly moves and grooves


5 min. stair master warmup + leg workout

3 supersets of each:

  • 10-12 pistol squats each leg + 20 Bulgarian split squats each leg
  • 13-15 squats (90#) + 20 squat jumps
  • 10-12 hamstring curls (70/80#) + 20 jump lunges

A relatively quick one, but my legs definitely still felt it. Efficiency!


Apple pickingΒ + 100s challenge

Ya know, walking and climbing trees and carrying bags of apples πŸ˜‰ When I got back to studying in my dorm, I did 5 sets of 20 air squats, 20 pushups, and 20 sit-ups as study breaks.


5 min. row warmup + 7×10 workout from Purely Twins + dumbbell swing-burpee ladder

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Wrote it out on my dorm whiteboard

There are actually no kettlebells at the BU FitRec (I should totally put that in the suggestion box), so I just used a 35# dumbbell for everything. The dumbbell swing-burpee ladder was KILLER after doing the 7×10 workout. I was flopping through some of those burpees. I did the 7×10 workout in 15:22 and the DB-burpee ladder in 18:36.

Look at me acting like I know something about CrossFit.




Random pushups + 8 minute ab tabata + yoga

I was busier than I anticipated on Thursday, so I just did some pushups and core before my usual yoga class. We’re working on headstands now!


Burpees in the dorm + 5 min. row warmup + two 10 min. AMRAP workouts + upper body strength

First 10 min. AMRAP (as many rounds as possible):

I completed 3 rounds + 59 reps.

Second 10 min. AMRAP:

I completed 4 rounds + 10 reps..I think.

And then I finished off with 3 sets of arnold presses + tricep dips!

Again, LOL at myself acting like I’m a CrossFitter. I try, I do.


Random dancing/handstanding/headstanding/jumping/twerking in the dorm

I was pretty sore from Friday’s workout, so I just partied in the dorm by myself since my roomie was gone.

Can I just mention this new fitness Instagram with which I’m OBSESSED? It’s @TwoBadBodies. They’re two former track athletes, and their workouts look super intense but still groovy and fun. And yes their bodies are pretty bada$$.

I’m going to steal soΒ many of their moves.

Hope you all have an awesome Sunday!

So tell me:

Do you like CrossFit-type workouts?

Do you have a favorite fitness social media account?Β