Notes on College {Chapter 3}

Another weekend, another Monday! I’m adding the exclamation point as a means of forcing myself to sound cheerful!

Just kidding, it’s not really forced. This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I hunkered down and caught up on studying and blogging for most of my weekend. And since I only blogged twice last week, I want to catch up with y’all on life happenings around here!

Here’s life as of right now— in the style of notes:

On peanut butter:

  • What do you do when you’re almost done with a large Costco-sized peanut butter jar?
    • Answer: You fill it with oatmeal, scrape it clean, and buy an even bigger jar of peanut butter from Whole Foods.

picstitch copy 2

The rate at which I go through peanut butter— it’s a talent really.

  • When eating in the dining hall with friends, one of two questions will come up:
    • “Where’s your peanut butter?”
    • “Peanut butter and banana as usual?”


You rep that peanut butter waffle, bro.

On missing home:

  • Greek yogurt + dried figs = taste of home. My weird Alison taste of home.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Where are my eyes?

  • Seeing all my friends’ photos from homecoming back at my high school this weekend ➔ feelin’ emotional
    • It will feel so weird going back home. SO WEIRD.

On life:

  • Sleeping in without an alarm is wonderful on so many levels.
  • Boston decided to grace us with warm, beautiful weather last week.
    • This is kind of torturous because you never know when the frigid weather will suddenly hit.
  • I’ve been told that my spirit animal is a jackrabbit.
    • What do you think that means?
      • Apparently, their ears are big like those of donkeys.
      • But they’re also powerful and fast, and they eat plenty of vegetables.
      • Ya win some, ya lose some.
  • Pump-up song of the moment: “Fireball” by Pitbull
    • I may or may not pretend to do Zumba to that song in my room by myself.
  • CrossFit Games athlete/Asian invasion/Jesus lover JAMIE HAGIYA follows me on Instagram now.
    • *hyperventilate*
    • Is this real life?


That comment at the bottom though. ♥ 

And that wraps up this edition of notes on college! I know I’ve done this kind of post a couple times already, but I still want to know if you guys like these. Is it too random and/or confusing? Or do you guys enjoy the random notes style? Let me know!

Have a fantastic day, everyone!

So tell me:

What food do you go through in the blink of an eye?

Do you have a spirit animal?

(I didn’t know what a spirit animal was until 3 days ago.)

What is your current pump-up song?