When will I be who I’m supposed to be?


In a time requiring a lot of patience and wishing I could just be out there saving the world in whatever way God wants me to do so, I have been praying about feeling good enough/not good enough for… whatever it is that I am hoping for right now — a job, a vocation, some cool opportunity to end all the evils in the world, I dunno.

Obviously I’m not the only one waiting for opportunities, and I am in no way complaining about my situation. But whether stuck in circumstances out of my control or just feeling “not good enough” for _____, something that I find myself thinking is: “When that thing starts, I’ll be who I’m supposed to be.”

But my new priest friend, Fr. Denis, said in his first homily ever that our first vocation is to holiness. It does not matter where we are in our state of life; our primary vocation is to holiness, and that in and of itself is very good. Holiness (i.e., love for God, love for neighbor, and finding ways to do both no matter what the circumstances are) gives purpose to the mundane, the interim, and the seemingly pointless and hopeless situations of life.

No title (doctor, PT, nun, wife, mother, etc.) can fully define who I am created to be, nor does it define who you are created to be. Today is a day to become the man or woman you are created to be, just by the way you live your life as it is in this moment.


I’ve been eating plums as my fruit of the week, and I’m rather enjoying the humble stone fruit. I don’t like them as much as peaches, but the plums I got from Trader Joe’s are still juicy and sweet.


I did some fun BURPEES yesterday! It is so freeing to just move in whatever way I want to move each day, not following any strict training schedule. This is what has made fitness truly fun for me, allowing me to be consistent.

I did 10+ of each of the following types of burpees:

  • jumping lunge burpees
  • spiderman pushup burpees
  • neutral grip pull-up burpees
  • candlestick burpees
  • KB hopover burpees

For demos, check out my Instagram stories or the end of my “moves part 3” highlight if it has disappeared by the time you read this!


Check out this sweet and special gift that my brother and his girlfriend gave to me!

Peep the blog motto on there! I am so grateful. Thanks, Elaine and Ben! ♥︎

Also, my friends and are continuing virtual book club with The Devil’s Highway by Luis Alberto Urrea, which is a book about the devastation caused by U.S. border policy. Excited to learn more and delve into those challenging conversations.

Happy pre-Friday!

So tell me:

Have you been struggling at all with feelings of not being good enough?

Which fruits are you loving currently?

What is the most fun form of fitness for you right now?

Finding My Blogging Niche


As you might be able to tell, this is not the usual What I Ate Wednesday post. I’ve been sharing quite a few photos of my eats in each post from the last few days, so I don’t feel the need to force out a WIAW. I’ll still show you just a few of my delicious eats from yesterday though!


Breakfast: Overnight oats in a peanut butter jar. You know how I feel about this. ❤


Dinner: Avocado toast (what else is new?) + spinach/kale salad with two soft-boiled eggs, feta, and some trail mix (included dried cranberries, dried apples, cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds)

And then I ended my evening with dried figs and Greek yogurt. If you ever want to get me something for my birthday, a bag or two of Calimyrna dried figs would be fantastic. I’ve almost polished off a whole bag by myself in less than a month. Those bags are value size, guys.

Another new snack obsession:


Mediterranean herb veggie Pop Chips

It’s one of those snacks that make you say, “just one more handful,” over and over again. I highly recommend this crack these chips!


An awesome ballet and pointe class. Those are definitely the most challenging dance classes of the week for me!

Finding My Blogging Niche

Part of the reason I’m not doing a formal WIAW post today is because I want to talk about my blog. After reading Davida’s post about what blogging has taught her and Arman’s (+ Davida’s) post about blog originality, I kinda wanted to take a step back and see what my blog was all about anyway.

Daily Moves and Grooves: It’s small, but it’s slowly growing (like me!). It can be funny, deep, weird, and cheerful. Common topics are food, fitness, school, faith, and life in general. I join in linkups, do link love posts, and throw in some other posts on miscellaneous topics.

That sounds like a lot of other blogs out there doesn’t it?

I read a multitude of blogs written by people with such diverse backgrounds, personalities, and styles. There are the beautiful food + photography blogs that make me want to be a better chef and baker. Others focus on blogging and writing tips, life hacks, home + DIY projects, or fitness.

Then there’s the majority of the blogs I read— healthy living blogs. These are by far my favorite blogs to read since I can connect so well with them (actually, they’ve influenced me to love healthy living). I would say that I follow way too many, but there is just so much great material to read from these bloggers! I always tell people that I don’t read books; I read blogs.

I love that each blogger that I follow has his/her own style— they fall into a certain niche you could say. Some post multiple times a day, focusing on daily activities, eats, and exercise. Some post almost every day with a mix of daily eats/exercise and more focused topics. Others post a couple times a week with amazing recipes and life ramblings. They’re all so different, but I love them all because of that.

However, recently I’ve asked myself: Where does Daily Moves and Grooves fit in? Do I have a blogging niche? 

The problem is that I often feel like I try to fit my blog into ALL the niches. Sometimes I just go along with trends: linkups (MIMM, WIAW, Thinking Out Loud, Spill It Sundays), link love, etcetera. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still love joining linkups and posting Fascinating Friday Links, and I will continue to do so! I just don’t want those things to be the core of my blog. Sometimes I find myself forcing a Marvelous in My Monday or What I Ate Wednesday post just because that’s what is expected. When I really check in with myself though, I find that all the miscellaneous posts are what I love writing the most. If it made it on the blog on the one day I didn’t join a linkup, it must have been something I really wanted to talk about. But why can’t I post like this all the time?

I’ve debated with myself about whether I should blog more than once a day or once a day; whether I should do linkups every week or not; whether I should talk about my life or take a shot at more intellectual topics. But all the voices inside my crazy brain have come to the consensus that this blog is called Daily Moves and Grooves for a reason. I want to share my daily life experiences, thoughts, workouts, and eats with you all. I shouldn’t feel pressured to join a linkup or talk about a certain topic just because other people are. I shouldn’t try to fit in to any one “style,” because I have a style of my own. I’m finding that if I just let my blog write itself according to my life, there is a balance between casual posts and serious posts. Because that’s how life works.  

This doesn’t mean that I’ve been forcing the content of my posts though. I like to put my own spin on each MIMM, WIAW, Thinking Out Loud, and Spill It post, and I’ve made it a priority to be 100% genuine, no matter what. All the things I talk about are real and current. I just want to remind myself that I don’t necessarily have to format these things in a manner that is similar to others. 

So what’s my niche? If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ve seen a variety of posts and perhaps a slight change in my writing style, but I’ve generally focused on healthy living. My real niche though—it’s just Daily Moves and Grooves. That’s it. 🙂

I’m not sure if that was even cohesive, or if I even needed to say any of this, but I’m glad I got that off my chest. Thanks for listening as always. You guys ROCK.

Happy Wednesday!