In ‘N Out

Sorry to say…not the burger chain.



No, I didn’t jet to the west coast to chow down on a Double Double. Although you’d probably be more interested in this post if I had…but please stay anyway! I’ve actually never had a burger from there when I have visited California, but I hear they are the bee’s knees (alright no one has said that exactly, but you get it).


Instead, I was in and out of the gym in less than 45 minutes, which is pretty speedy for me. I was trying to nap this afternoon since I didn’t have the best sleep last night, but I decided to be a little more productive since sleep is just not my pal these days. My mom needed the car by 5 PM to pick up my brother from work, so seeing that it was about 3:45, I needed to hustle!

As I was warming up on the elliptical, I was *this* close to throwin’ in the towel and going home because I felt so sleepy. But I just decided to go for something quick since I was already there. Thus, I completed one of my favorite fast and efficient workouts from Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean:


Yay for more burpees!

I subbed in thrusters for the squat to overhead press, weighted squat jumps for the negative jumps, and regular box jumps for the jumpovers. The complex movements and burpees made my heart rate escalate very quickly and it stayed pumping throughout all four rounds! Knowing I had a limited time at the gym helped me push myself to take minimal rest and move fast (with good form). ‘Twas a sweaty one and I didn’t feel sleepy by the end! But now I am, ha.

My whole family is actually pretty tired today because everyone was up for some reason or another in the middle of the night. Hope you are all well-rested though!



Yesterday I said I was going to meet up with a friend from dance, but I actually remembered later that our date was today! We had a lovely time catching up and talking about dance company events coming up this year. I’ll be talking more about company next week when dance bootcamp starts!

Have a nice evening!

So tell me: Have you ever had a burger from In ‘N Out? What do you like to do for quick workouts?

Sweat and De-Stress

Good afternoon!

I just finished a very tasty lunch, but I’ll save the pictures and description for WIAW tomorrow!


Before I dug into lunch, I was fortunate enough to get in a great workout at the gym. Ever since my sleepless night on Sunday, I’ve been having a little bit of anxiety and restlessness even during the day. I was thinking of trying to take a nap before lunch, but my heart was beating really fast, and it didn’t seem like I was going to be relaxing any time soon. So despite my mild sleepiness, I decided to take advantage of my racing heart and headed to the gym. I started with 20 minutes on the elliptical, during which my anxiety was still present, and it was sort of unpleasant to have an extra fast heart rate, but I tried not to think about it.

Then I hopped off and completed another one of Michelle’s intense workouts (You can get a better view of the exercises if you click on the picture):


She doesn’t call it a challenge for nothing! I love workouts that incorporate both strength and cardio because it gets my heart rate up quickly and keeps things interesting. For this workout, I followed the weight suggestions for the most part, but I added/increased weights for some exercises and omitted/decreased weights for others. For instance, weighted leg lifts?? Humorous. I’m sure somebody was laughing at my attempt to do that. Leg lifts are hard enough for me as is!

And uh, I’m convinced Michelle is insanely hard core because I don’t know how I’m supposed to finish this twice through in 30 minutes. I barely took rests and I completed one round in almost 30 minutes!  Or you can just call me slow. Same with this workout of hers that I did a week ago–3 rounds would be death.

Anyway, I’m feeling quite a bit better after sweatin’ it out!



This may not apply to everyone, every day, but it applied to my anxious self today!

I’m very thankful that God has given me the opportunity and ability to move and get some endorphins flowing. For anyone who struggles with insomnia or anxiety, or any moms and dads who are sleep deprived, I’ve been thinking about you these past few days. Not being able to sleep or relax is not fun at all. I’m praying for you! ❤

Have a nice rest of the day!

So tell me: Does exercise ever help you deal with stress or anxiety? What is your favorite type of exercise (strength, cardio, circuits, dance, etc.)?