Food Over Booze

My professor asked us to journal or blog for homework!!!

So now I won’t feel bad “productive procrastinating” when I blog. It is purely schoolwork 🙂


I started the morning with Lori and Michelle’s 18 minute plank workout. It is always killer.

Breakfast was my first overnight oats in Ireland! I hope I freaked people out with this.


lots of peanut butter, banana, and raspberry preserves

This + a KIND bar on the bus fueled me well for our class field trip to Glendalough. Of course, it was the rainiest day of the entire week.


I think I fell in love with Ireland on this trip. So much green and so many sheeeeeep!

img_3038 img_3064 img_3050 img_3054 img_3057 img_3070

We made it through a couple of landmarks and a short hike before our tour guide gave us the option to either continue for another 1.5 hours or chicken out. I’m proud of our resilient group, because we were all down to keep hiking. Our tour guide saying, “It’s a Harry Potter-esque trail,” may have instigated the enthusiasm.


I would have been miserable in the rain if the walk wasn’t so gorgeous. In fact, I have never used the word “gorgeous” so many times in a one hour period before.


“This trail is gorgeous.”


“These trees are gorgeous.”


“This house is gorgeous.”


“This waterfall is gorgeous.”


“We are gorgeous.” (lol)

The word has lost all meaning.

But…this was GORGEOUS, guys.


Totally worth the soaking discomfort and soggy chicken sandwich that I downed in the rain at the top of the mountain.


bus snack feat. soaked wallet

Breakfast for dinner was the quick and lazy menu option of the night.


I did manage to caramelize some onions and roast broccoli though.


I went out to a bar that night with the rest of my classmates, and I was fully planning on buying a Ginger Jameson…but I was 100% NOT in the mood for a drink, so I didn’t get it. *sad trombone*

Instead, Megan and I got our share of booze by having sips of everyone else’s drinks. I discovered that I like mojitos!

I’ll buy my own drink one day, I promise.


Money that I could have spent on booze was spent on food on Saturday. Food >>> booze. 

8 minute abs followed by a leisurely breakfast of hot banana oats cooked on the stovetop.


A few of my friends and I walked to city centre since it was a gorgeous beautiful day. It was my ideal kinda day— lots of walking, exploring a new city, and eating good food with good people.


handsome Irish men in a street fashion show


“Hapenny” Bridge (Halfpenny Bridge)


Temple Bar, which is an area and not an actual bar…

img_3141 img_3145

I found a bakery called Queen of Tarts on Yelp when I was researching good bakeries back in the States, so I was stoked to visit while we were in city centre.



I bought a huge blueberry scone and a slice of carrot cake, both to go. But look at this thing!!


The kind lady asked, “Would you like that with butter and jam?” My heart.

Then for real food (sort of).

img_3161 img_3162

The fries were subpar, but the fish with salt and vinegar and some tartar sauce was fabulous. We ate our lunch with this view.

img_3163 img_3166

Then it was time to walk through Dublin Castle…

img_3176 img_3179 img_3180

…and Trinity University. I plan on going back to Trinity to see the Book of Kells!


After almost getting lost on the way home, Megan and I finally made it back to the dorms. I played outside for a bit on the lush grass. I tried doing a workout, but my body was like, “Nay to that.” So I practiced handstands, pistol squats, and one-handed cartwheels (aerials one day maybe!).

I wanted green in my dinner:


Then Megan and I warmed up our blueberry scones and added Kerrygold butter…


…and raspberry preserves.


The Irish do scones so right.

Then Megan and I spent over two hours making travel plans. Someone please be our travel agent and plan everything for us. We’re both indecisive and inexperienced, so planning anything is a game of, “Which airline? What’s cheaper? Is that safe? How does an Airbnb work?”


Sleep in, work out for 20 minutes, eat yogurt, head to Mass.


Then we brunched! I looked up the church and brunch place, choosing The Lovely Food Co.

img_3226 img_3220

clipboard menus, much aesthetic

There was no question about what I wanted after skimming the menu. I went for the oak-smoked salmon and crab sandwich on their housemade soda bread.


The soda bread was pretty dry, but it went perfectly with the flavorful crab and salty smoked salmon. UGH, so good. And it was less than 8€!

Madre was in town, since she’s taking a grand two week tour around Ireland, just ’cause {I’m here}. Megan and I visited her hotel for the afternoon and spent several more hours travel planning. So far, we have planned two weekend trips and three cities for our mid-semester Europe tour. Not too shabby, but it probably took way longer than necessary.

We had our second round of sweets from Queen of Tarts to fuel our travel planning 😉


Someone teach us how to adult.

We decompressed with dinner at Sophie’s Bar and Restaurant. It was an early birthday celebration for Madre, but Madre also treated us. ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ Thank you, Ma!!

img_3238 img_3239 img_3231

we loved how they labeled the source of the butter


smoked haddock risotto with teardrop peppers (so sweet and good!) and smoked cream to share for appetizer


my corn-fed chicken (so tender and flavorful) with broccoli puree, broccolini, purple sprouts, and merlot vinaigrette


Madre’s 8 oz. filet (melt-in-your-mouth) with black pudding mash (← black pudding bits in mashed potatoes, we think. it was good!)


Megans’ fettuccine dish that she enjoyed!


Madre’s choice for dessert: coconut parfait (more like a semifreddo) with pistachio ice cream and lime dressing


they had swings by the elevators!

We also locked ourselves in the fire exit stairwell after dinner, but that’s a long story. It was so wonderful getting to see Madre all the way over here in Ireland. I’ll see her again when she gets back to Dublin after her two week tour!


First day of classes! I did a 30 minute HIIT workout in my room using resistance bands (that Madre brought me from home ♥︎) before eating breakfast and going to 2.5 hours of Contemporary Irish Society. We had a one hour lunch break, and then I had another 2.5 hours of Ethics in Healthcare. I think I’ll enjoy both classes and be especially challenged in the ethics class.

As much as I love eggs, buttered toast, and salad, I need to mix things up and go grocery shopping. One of the girls was making fajitas last night!


But look at how golden the yolks are here.


We also had our first fire drill as I was eating this dinner, but that’s okay. Safety and stuff, I guess.

Hope you all have a great week! Eat something with really good butter on it.

So tell me: 

Three gorgeous things you’ve seen recently.

Have you ever eaten scones with butter and jam? If you haven’t, you must. Kerrygold butter, preferably.

Are you good at making travel plans? Any tips for the rookies?

WIAW: I See a Theme…

Hey hey, party people!

I want to thank you all for your condolences on my loss of PICTURES yesterday. Surprisingly, I’m not freaking out about it that much. At least I know about the problem, and my most recent posts still have all their pictures!

Another reason to be happy: WIAW! I’ve noticed that my meals have had some recurring themes in the past week or so. Besides breakfast always including banana and nut butter, there has been a ton of Greek yogurt and toast thrown in there as well. As for dinner, avocado and lots of green veggies have been the name of the game. Gosh, I ♥ avocados. Not only do they add (yes, addI’m tryin’ to grow here!) extra calories to my meals, but they’re also creamy, delicious, and wonderful.


Thanks as always, Jenn, for hosting this culinary partayyy!

These are some of my meals from several different days in the past week (or two, to be honest)!

Breakfast Themes: Bananas, Nut/Seed Butter, Greek Yogurt, and Toast (when are those NOT themes though?)


Greek yogurt with crumbled sweet potato waffle, banana slices, and sunflower seed butter


The last of the Greek yogurt with banana slices + raisin pumpkin seed toast with cherry butter toffee peanut butter


Overnight oats in an almond butter jar!


Greek yogurt with banana slices, cinnamon, and nutmeg + fruit and nut toast with coconut oil and honey


Good ol’ banana oatmeal with white chocolate coconut peanut butter + cereal to top for crunch


Greek yogurt with banana, cinnamon and nutmeg + fruit and nut toast with peanut butter

Oh, how I adore breakfast.

Lunch Theme: Turkey, Cheese, and Mustard Sandwiches

photo 4

Every day at school. Simple and tasty!


Lunch from Saturday at dance: Salad with brussels and grilled chicken + blueberry oatmeal bar + baby carrots

Snacks Theme: More Greek Yogurt and Bananas


Homemade granola bar

DSC_7416 DSC_7392



Clementines (recycled picture)

carrots and hummus

Carrots and hummus (recycled picture)

Dinner Themes: Green Veggies, Avocado, and Grilled Proteins


Curry quinoa, spinach/kale/carrot mix, grilled chicken, avocado


Brown rice (somewhere under there, I promise), spinach, grilled chicken, avocado

DSC_7401 DSC_7402

Chicken hearts (yep! they were good) sautéed with bell peppers+ brussels + chicken, bell pepper, and spinach spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce


Two sunny side up eggs, brussels, avocado toast


Grilled salmon, brussels, curry quinoa


Grilled salmon salad + avocado toast

All dinners made possible by momma, who pre-cooked lots o’ things for convenience throughout the week! 🙂

Desserts Theme: Same Ol’, Same Ol’

DSC_7414  frozen yogurt 1

Healthy Choice frozen Greek yogurt cups


Figs with Greek yogurt (recycled picture)

Wowza. I just atomic bombed you all with photos. I hope they looked tasty nonetheless!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

So tell me:

Do you ever find recurring themes in your meals?

What have you been eating for breakfast recently?

Do you love avocados?