Fascinating Friday Links #25 + Hockey Drama

Friday already?! And that’s not out of excitement. I’m shocked that my pretty low-key winter break is coming to a close. I guess it’s about time I kick my butt back in gear after all those snow days though.

The weather finally warmed up yesterday, so I took full advantage of it by going for a brisk, hour-long walk around my neighborhood.

photo 2

Lots of kids were playing outside, neighbors were walking the dogs, snow was melting, springtime felt near. Then I came home to hear on the news that the temps will drop back below freezing in a week….K.

In other news, my mom turned into a different person during the women’s hockey game yesterday. Honestly, I was a little scared. I guess she has this passionate rivalry with her siblings who live in Canada since she’s the only one of her siblings who lives in the US. So for an hour of our lives, we were die-hard hockey fans. She was literally jumping up and down for Team USA when they made their first two goals, but when Canada scored two goals in the last three minutes, she went c.r.a.z.y. Like, upset crazy. You don’t even know.

photo 1

The pressure is too much to handle.

Of course, I had to cry out to the Twitter world for consolation. Thanks, Jo.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 8.41.24 PM

ANYWAY. Link love. As usual, here are some great recipes, workouts, and thoughts from around the web this week!

fascinating friday links

Health and Fitness

[That thing: a calorie] What IS a Calorie Exactly? via More Than Just Desserts

[Great tips!] 7 Tips to Get the Most Out of Group Fitness via Busy Bod

[Form first] How to Do the Perfect Deadlift via Greatist

[Awesome ideas to make healthy meals easy] Top 10 Foods for Sunday Food Prep via The Lean Green Bean

[Helpful] 10 Ways to Improve Quality of Sleep via Your Trainer Paige

[Never hibernate] Five Ways Winter Makes You Fitter via Wellness Today

[This could be true in Europe] Eating Pizza Lowers Your Cancer Risk via The Skinny on Health

[Sweat it out] Leg Torture Workout via Purely Twins + Winter Shape-Up Week 4 Workout via Fitnessista

Food for Thought

[Do you need ALL those Facebook friends?] On Unfriending via The Lunchbox Diaries

[She handled this situation so well] Own Your Positive Body Image & Own Your Workouts via Your Trainer Paige

[Reflection on “unplugging”] Making the Most of Time via My Neon Running Shoes

[Why should we have to hold so much back on our own blogs?] The Thing I Hate Most About My Blogging via Fitting It All In

[This girl knows how to handle it] Cyber Bullying via Miles On Oats

[What about those not-so-great workouts?] When Working Out Feels Like Work via Perfection Isn’t Happy

Food for Belly

[So perfect] Broiled Fontina Toasts with Roasted Garlic and Poached Eggs via How Sweet It Is

[What?!] Banana Bread Doughnuts with an Almond Butter Glaze via Flourishing Foodie

[Nugget-style!] BAKED Chicken Fried Tofu via Peas and Crayons

[“Flavor-town” — Guy Fieri] Hawaiian Pulled Pork Skillet Nachos with Pineapple Guacamole via Iowa Girl Eats

[Creamy and dreamy] Thick and Creamy Chocolate Smoothie via Running with Spoons

[Jaw-dropping] Honey Kissed Baklava Muffins via Edible Perspective

[*Angels singing*] Smoked Salmon and Avocado Egg Sandwich via Once Upon a Cutting Board

Miscellaneous Fun

[Score.] 29 Ways to Eat Peanut Butter For Every Meal via BuzzFeed

[Cool stuff!] The Evolution of a Food Photo via Pinch of Yum

[The kid with the hat (Lucas). Just watch him.] Kids React to Frozen — Let It Go (Multi-Language) via Fine Bros. Youtube

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

So tell me:

Did you watch the hockey showdown?

How’s the weather in your area?

Which links did you enjoy?

Tell me that Lucas kid isn’t the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen. 🙂

Fascinating Friday Links #23

Hey, would ya look at that? It’s Friday!

With only two and half days of school this week, I actually think my “week” starts now. My weekends are just as busy (if not, more) than my week days. At least next Friday is the start of our winter break! As if we haven’t had enough breaks this winter….Not complaining AT ALL.

I started watching the Olympics last night, and I’m already exited for what’s to come! The winter Olympics are definitely less popular than the summer ones, but I’m partial to the figure skating since I used to be a competitive figure skater. I also love watching skiing and speed skating because those can get intense!

Alright, well there are a ton of awesome links that I have to share with you all today! Enjoy the 23rd weekly Fascinating Friday Links!

fascinating friday links

Health and Fitness

[Great info] Paleo Diet: Pros and Cons via Kath Eats Real Food and Eating Made Easy

[Are you resting enough?] Four Signs That You Might Be Overdoing It via Zuzka Light

[Go eggs!] The Most Overlooked Superfood in Your Fridge Right Now via Nutrtionella

[For those with a sweet tooth, like me] 5 Sneaky Ways to Beat Sugar Cravings via Health News and Views

[Strength training is key] Mythbusting: Weight Loss Workouts via The Healthy Maven and The Skinny on Health

[Drink up!] How Much Water Should You Drink While Exercising? via Greatist

[Form first] Avoid These 8 Major Abs Workout Mistakes via Brad Gouthro

[Awesome workouts] Crazy Skater Workout via Purely Twins + Total Body Workout via Peanut Butter Fingers + Winter Shape Up Week 2 via The Fitnessista

Food for Thought

[Good point] When Instagram Food Photos Deceive via The Big Man’s World

[Stay strong, mommas] When The Dark Days of Motherhood Threaten to Overwhelm via Tiny Blue Lines

[“Food is just food”] Food Shaming and Comparison via The Real Life RD

[Word.] 25 Things You Need to Stop Wasting Time On via Marc and Angel

[What do you think?] How ‘The Biggest Loser’ Sends an Unhealthy Message via Better with Sprinkles + Biggest Loser Winner: Too Thin? via Blonde Ponytail

[Be YOUR best self] Authentic Assessment: Are You Grading Yourself Fairly? via Run Pretty

[I need to start now] Why Everyone Should Learn to Budget via Fitting It All In

[It’s okay to rest] Let Go of the Ego & Go Into Child’s Post via Your Trainer Paige

Food for Belly

[Dreamy] Chocolate Peanut Butter Creamy Chia Pudding via Edible Perspective

[WANT.] Gruyere, Fig Jam, and Arugula Breakfast Sandwiches via How Sweet It Is

[Delightful] Baked Blueberry French Toast via Family Fresh Cooking

[Childhood favorite!] Homemade Cheez-Its via The Lean Green Bean

[Oh yes.] Oatmeal Cookie Dough Smoothie via Running with Spoons

[So festive!] Whole Wheat Vanilla Baked Olympics Donuts via Chocolate and Carrots

[Wow.] Banana, Pecan, Coconut, and Chocolate Chip Blondies via Top with Cinnamon

Valentine’s Day Specials

14 Bite-Sized Valentine’s Day Desserts via The Lean Green Bean

Valentine Strawberry Heart Pancakes via Weelicious

15+ Recipes for Valentine’s Day via Iowa Girl Eats

Miscellaneous Fun

[Mind=blown] 18 Paintings You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photos via Viralnova

[Pure GOLD] The Men of “Full House” Reunited on Jimmy Fallon via Buzzfeed

[Great tips] 12 Things to Remember When Taking Blog Photos via One Dog Woof

[We all think these things at one point or another] Thoughts When My Alarm Goes Off for a Morning Workout via The Lunchbox Diaries

Phew!!  That was a lot of link love. There were just so many good ones this week! (I say that almost every week, don’t I?) All my reading is invested in blogs. What are books anymore?

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

So tell me:

Are you watching the Winter Olympics? Which are your favorite events?

Which links did you enjoy?

What are you up to this weekend?


Fascinating Friday Links #19

I don’t have much to say this morning except thank God it’s Friday. For real. This week actually went very well, but the first week back from break is always a little crazy.

Hopefully you have time to curl up, drink something warm (or cold and refreshing if you’re in the souther hemisphere!), and read some great stuff. Here are some Fascinating Friday links to help you out! Especially if you have a lot of free time, because there are lots I want to share with you this week!

fascinating friday links

Health and Fitness

[Love this little shift in mindset] It’s Easier to Add Than Subtract via Kath Eats Real Food

[These look so fun! Now all I need is a beach…] 3 Beach Workouts (You Can Do Anywhere!) via Your Trainer Paige

[So important to remember] Degrees of Lean— How Lean is Too Lean? via Your Trainer Paige

[Check out all these awesome workouts!]

January Sweaty Supersets via Strength and Sunshine

Gymboss Circuit Workout via Best Body Fitness

600 Rep Workout via Nutrition Nut on the Run

1000 Rep Workout via Fit Foodie Finds

Tabata Strength Circuit via The Fitnessista

[Great tips] 5 Habits of Healthy Travelers via Carrots n Cake

[Not so much for the calories, but for the wholesomeness!] Simple 100-Calorie Food Swaps via Cooking Light

[Sometimes you need more fuel than you think] Is Intuitive Eating Always a Good Thing? via Real Life RD

Food for Thought

[It’s the journey, not the destination] A Continuous Journey via Strength and Sunshine

[I have a feeling I’ll need to re-read these later in life] 8 Things to Remember When Everything Goes Wrong via Marc and Angel Hack Life

[Go for it] How to Make the Most of the New Year via Goins Writer

[For parents] 8 Parenting Tips I’ve Picked Up in Therapy via My Neon Running Shoes

Food for Belly

[Hooray for veggies in brownies!] Healthy Whole Wheat Avocado Brownies + Whole Wheat Pumpkin Brownies via Undressed Skeleton

[This looks glorious] Creamy Vegan Broccoli Potato Soup via Edible Perspective

[Holy. moly.] Homemade Cinnamon Roll Pull Apart Bread via Pinch of Yum

[Like spanikopita in a chicken] Spinach and Feta Stuffed Chicken via Skinnytaste

[Genius] Crispy Brussels Sprouts Tacos with Manchego and Caramelized Shallot Salsa via How Sweet It Is

[Oooo!] Raw Salted Caramel Banana Cream Pie Jars via Oh, Ladycakes

Miscellaneous Fun

[For over-packers like me] Tips for Packing Everything in a Carry-On Suitcase via Peanut Butter Fingers

[Three cheers for detoxing AND feeling satisfied!] 49 Detox Recipes (That Actually Contain Food) via Greatist

[So hilarious. Move more, people.] The 23 Laziest Things That Ever Happened via BuzzFeed





Fascinating Friday Links #18

It’s pajama day! At home though, because it’s a snow day. Apparently the school district notified everyone yesterday afternoon that school would be closed today, but I didn’t find out until 8 PM when my mom suggested we make waffles this morning.

“We could make those waffles tomorrow morning!”

“Yeah, if I don’t have school tomorrow.”

“You don’t.”

“No, I don’t know yet.”

“No, you don’t have school. I told you earlier that the school texted me, called my cell, AND called my phone.”

“Oh…:D YAY!”

I wanted to slow down in 2014, but not that much.

Needless to say, I’m a happy camper. It’s like we’re still on break! I’ll be catching up on some schoolwork today anyway though, so it’s not completely a bum day.

I also want to thank you all for your kind comments on my Quads on Fire Workout video post yesterday. I promise the next video I make will not be nearly as sucky (I’ll actually film my whole body when demonstrating the moves), but you guys made me feel a little better about myself with your comments. If I do more videos, I’d probably do more vlog-type videos if you’re up for that. If not, that’s cool too. You probably read this blog for the purpose of reading it, not watching it 🙂

Side note: I was walking penguin-style yesterday because of that workout. Foam rolling was a jerk. And then Ben and I watched March of the Penguins on TV. 

Alright I’m done talking. Here are your Fascinating Friday Links!

fascinating friday links

Health and Fitness

[Word.] Rant on Pinterest’s Health & Fitness Category via The Lunchbox Diaries

[Awesome workouts!] Row, Row, Row Workout via Peanut Butter Fingers + Zuzka Light’s ZWOW 100 Workout via Youtube + Crossfit WODs via Carrots n Cake

[Love these tips] Cheers to 2014 via The Lean Green Bean

[What do you think is hot this year?] Fitness Trends for 2014 via The Fitnessista

[Holla]  Why Dudes Should Do Yoga via Greatist

Food for Thought

[Because being a human can be tough] 24 Rules for Being a Human Being in 2014 via Thought Catalog + 12 Rules for Being Beautifully Humans via Marc and Angel

[Anyone who struggles with body image (who doesn’t?) needs to see this] What REALLY Matters? via BreeLovesBeauty Youtube

[God cares more than you can imagine] Grain of Truth via Jessie Loves to Run

Food for Belly

[Spicayyy] Honey Sriracha Chicken Thighs via Budget Bytes

[Fancy and tasty lookin’] Smoked Salmon Platter via Kitchy Kitchen

[Love the textures] Vanilla Bean Chia Pudding with Fresh Mint, Mango, Pistachios + Dark Chocolate via How Sweet It Is

[So beautiful and nutritious] The Winter Abundance Bowl via My New Roots

[Best combo] Chewy Peanut Butter Banana Granola Bars via Fit Foodie Finds

Miscellaneous Fun

[This kid has an awesome mom and dad] Family Recreates Movie Scenes with Boxes via Viralnova

[Hit the 2013 nail on the head. Hilariously] JibJab 2013 Year in Review via JibJab

[For bloggers] 10 Things to Let Go Of On Your Blog in 2014 via The SITS Girls

[Interesting] Too Soon, Just Right, or Too Late: The Science of Finding Humor in Tragedy via Greatist

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday! Keep safe and warm if you’re in the midst of a snowstorm (or any other event Mother Nature is brewing up today).

So tell me:

In general, do you enjoy vlogs?

Which links did you enjoy?

What are you doing today?