Being Careful With So Much Free Time + Recent Eats

Remember Facebook/AIM/Twitter statuses like this?



Translation: “Someone hit me up, I’m bored as !@#$.”

For the record, I never posted statuses like this, mostly because “af” was a little too rebellious for me. I did post photos like this though…


ONLY five years ago!?

…which are 100x worse in my opinion. This is NETC, the Italian class “pet”. I’m in physical pain looking at this/thinking about the fact that I posted this on Facebook.

Anyway, I’ve been trying not to fall into that “bored af” mode. I’m keeping busy by meeting up with friends, catching up on blog stuff, chores, errands, exercise, and reading. My planner is really helping me stay accountable for daily tasks.



That being said, I’d be lying if I said I’m not looking for things to do sometimes. Living in this age, when I’m looking for things to do, I almost robotically turn to social media. It pains me to say that I don’t turn to a good book or calling a friend or doing something else productive, but it’s true. I open up Facebook or Instagram.

Katherine from The Peanut Butter Lover just posted an incredible reflection on how subconscious scrolling is the norm these days. I am most definitely in that camp, and as hard as I strive to be more present (said everyone, always), I can’t help but fall into the trap of the hypnotic newsfeed, especially when I’m not as busy like I am during school.



Besides the problem of not being present, I have to be careful with how much time I spend looking at fitness accounts on Instagram. I’ve recently found myself watching minutes, half-hours, whole hours browsing various fitness accounts.

Please let me be clear. I only enjoy following fitness accounts that are uplifting, genuinely inspiring, and balanced (for example, @kaisafit, @shaunaharrison, and @fitphotographermom). When I’m spending time on such accounts, I’m not comparing my body to theirs or thinking about how I can burn more calories. If I was, I would certainly express that (honesty is the best policy on Moves and Grooves after all). I’m more so thinking things like, “How can I get to where they are? What exercises do I have to do to achieve that? Should I do that today even though I’m sore? I want to be that strong too.”



Even though my mind is in a much healthier place when I’m looking at social media these days, I still need to be wary of the comparison trap. I have come a long way throughout recovery, and the major lesson I’ve learned is that I don’t need to be her. I know this, but I need to remind myself of it often.

I do believe that I can find fitness inspiration without disordered thinking, but I just have to be careful not to become so immersed in it. I have an obsessive personality, so I need to use my extra free time prudently while I’m on break.

Now that we’ve had a nice heart to heart (or, my heart to yours…), let’s look at some of the good eats from this week!


A classic: toast, pb, banana, cinnamon + glass o’ milk


spaghetti squash, tomato basil sauce, and grilled Italian chicken (carbs were had before and after :))


new favorite: Kylie’s simple paleo pancake with peanut butter, Greek yogurt, cinnamon + glass o’ milk

I met up with my dear friend Fiona (from college) on Monday. We went to the outlet mall, ate some Shake Shack, and had our own heart to heart conversations. She’s studying abroad this coming semester, so I’m gonna miss her like crazy!

IMG_9735 IMG_9733 IMG_9732

“Concrete” at Shake Shack. I got vanilla frozen custard with strawberry puree and “crispy crunchies”.


chicken, avocado, mixed greens, colby jack cheese, and sriracha sandwich to go


good ol’ overnight oats topped with granola


avocado, egg, cheese, sriracha sandwich + salad with homemade honey mustard dressing


clementines are off the CHAIN right now


strawberries ‘n’ cream protein smoothie


this was so good: quinoa, honey balsamic chicken, and roasted broccoli


dried figs with Greek yogurt!!! bringing back the good stuff

Additionally, I’ve been eating leftover cookies that overfloweth in our refrigerator and caramel popcorn that my aunt gave us. It’s a hard life, eh?


my aunt’s delicious oatmeal fruit cookie mini muffins

Hope you all have a great day! I mean it.

So tell me: 

What do you find yourself doing if you have too much free time?

Did you post embarrassing things on social media in your younger days?

Are you still eating leftover holiday treats? “New Year, new you” is not a thing here.

Have you tried any delicious recipes recently? I’m thinking that honey balsamic chicken and roasted broccoli will be regular recipes for us!

My First Time {At Chipotle}

Good morning!

This is the last week before spring break, and I can hardly stand it. Last week I said I had two field trips and a college visit on Friday, but that has decreased to one field trip and a college visit. I decided to pull out of one of the trips so I wouldn’t be too stressed over making up work.

Not gonna lie, I had a mini breakdown on Saturday morning because I was overwhelmed by all the things I had to do this weekend and the fact that I haven’t been getting that much sleep. Not insomnia or anything. Just overall, I was fatigued and not a fan of getting up early on Saturday and Sunday after long days and late nights. I mean, everything that happened this weekend was super fun, but at the same time, I just wanted to slow down and rest. I didn’t need to cry, but I just vented to madre, and I felt much better afterwards.

It’s weird— I wouldn’t cry if I didn’t have anyone to talk to, but once I get the words flowing, the tears follow shortly after.



It is springtime.

Other than that episode of typical Alison, my busy weekend was still nothing short of marvelous!


Thanks for hosting, Katie!


I received this Polar Loop activity tracker in the mail on Thursday because I won it from Gina‘s giveaway a while ago (luckiest win I’ve ever scored)!

DSC_7822 DSC_7823


I don’t need it for any reason in particular, but I’ve been wearing it for the past few days to see what it has to say about my activity throughout the day. Since I don’t have the heart rate monitor with it, I know it doesn’t show the most accurate readings, especially when it comes to calories (seriously, I don’t pay attention to those counts at all). I don’t completely know how to work the thing yet in terms of setting daily goals and such; I apparently need to walk, jog and jump, like, an extra hour every day, even if I’ve been dancing and walking ALL DAY. Yeah, no. I’ll probably end up giving it to mom for her walking/running ventures.

It makes for a pretty sleek watch though!


I headed to the gym after school to do a bodyweight upper body workout that looked like this:

5 min. row warmup + supersets of the following:

  • 15 TRX rows + 10 TRX pike pushups
  • 20 tricep dips + different pushup variations
  • 10 TRX bicep curls + 10 BOSU pushups
  • 40 sec. pulling down on the rope machine + 40 sec. pulling up on rope machine

I may or may not have done some core exercises. I forget!

After a quick, but necessary, afternoon nap, my friends from company, Livv and Jane, went to our other friends’ (from company) senior high school musical production of Legally Blonde! We actually bought the last three tickets available, so we were sitting in the very back corner of the theater, laughing our heads off and making comments at everything like little rascals. 😉 It was such a great show though!


Thanks for this beautiful selfie, Livv. Freaks in the back of the theater.


Up and at ’em at 8:20 AM (okay, that’s not that early, but this girl was still exhausted) for an altar server meeting at 8:45 AM.

After getting back, I made a comforting bowl of banana oats with Greek yogurt and sunflower seed butter. The usual.

DSC_7830 DSC_7831

I maneuver my spoon to save the nut butter for last 😉

Then it was off to assisting dance class at 11 AM, followed by my very last Saturday modern class of my high school career. 😦 It was a great, challenging class. After that, most of company (some people had prior engagements) walked over to the train station to go the city. We had a performance at Peridance that evening!

Once we got to Grand Central, we subbed it over to Union Square, where I had this stuff for the first time:


Is Chipotle popular or something?

I finally “lost my Chipotle virginity” (<—my dad is so creeped out that I said that), and it was fantastic. The guac mountain was as good as people say it is. I must have gotten a little excited and asked for way too much food, because this bowl easily turned into THREE meals (lunch, dinner, and then lunch the next day) for myself. Now that’s a deal!

We made a Starbucks stop and then hung out at the park for a bit before going to the Peridance Center for warmup, tech rehearsal, and the performance, which started at 8:30 PM. Luckily, we were third in the program, so once we finished performing, we booked it out of there. Girls were beat from the long day.


No, this isn’t part of our dance. We’re just weird.

Before catching the train back home though, we were craving something…


Shake Shack vanilla frozen custard. Creaminess factor was unreal.


That alarm could not have sounded worse at 7:40 AM. Dad and I had a religious education faculty meeting at 8:30, so that happened, followed by teaching per usual. I do love teaching, so there is no complaining there! I attended 11:30 AM Mass afterwards.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day yesterday, so I took a short study break to do some sun salutations and random burpees outside. The Polar Loop was also urging me to move around, so I thought, heyyy why not? 

A two hour nap also took place, which was just what my body needed.

I baked.

I did homework.

I read blogs.

I typed this.

I ate dinner.


Spinach, soba noodles, curry chicken, sriracha

And then I realized: Life is wonderful. And I’m such a drama queen for crying about it.

I’ll work on it 😉

Happy Monday, friends!

So tell me:

Do you like Chipotle?

What was the best thing you ate this weekend?

Do you just cry sometimes? Please make me feel like less of a baby.

What did you do this weekend?


Last Hurrah

Alrighttttt. So remember in my last post how I felt kinda crappy during my workout after too many nights of desserts? Heh heh…well, we went here this afternoon.


And I got frozen custard. But we’ll get to that in a sec.

First let’s talk about last night! Dinner was again made by my lovely cousins. They made chicken and beef kabobs! My cousin Megan was the grill master, and she cooked the meat perfectly.


I had a chicken kabob, and it was ohh so tender. She says it was her first time grilling kabobs. I dunno if I believe her. They were too amazing. 😉 We also cleaned up some of the leftovers from lunch.


My cousin and aunt commented on my “interesting” choice of salad dressing. I mean, if it’s gonna be on my plate, might as well just eat the salad with it. Salad dressing is too much work.

No dessert last night! (Different story today.) Megan and I plopped on the couch to watch a movie. We decided we were in the mood for a cheesy, girly teen movie, so the choice ended up being The Last Song with Miley Cyrus (before she became “twerk queen” as my other cousin calls her) and her now fiancé Liam Hemsworth. How shweeeeet.



It was sappy, sweet, sad–the norm.

We also showed each other some of our various yoga poses and break dance moves in the living room. It was a good time. Then we said our goodbyes 😦 Thanks so much, guys, for hosting us these past couple days!

This morning we left our hotel at around 6 AM and surprisingly passed swiftly across the border. We didn’t bring a plethora of sandwiches to eat on the road this time, so we made a pit stop at Binghamton for lunch…and a college tour at Binghamton University!

First we ate at a Korean and Japanese restaurant called Ebishura, and it had conveyor belt sushi!


I’ve never really been a fan of having my sushi touring the restaurant, but this place had good reviews on Yelp. Yeah, we listen to those people.


You get charged by the number and type of plates you take off the conveyor belt.

We shared a bunch of sushi plates (all came with 4 rolls each) from the conveyor belt and ordered a few extras from the menu. Ben also ordered the pork katsu bento box. It was a pretty good lunch overall. Definitely no the best sushi I’ve had, but for a college town in upstate NY, not too shabby!


Next up was the Binghamton University info session and its nice, long campus tour. Our tour guide was really cool and hilarious, which was a plus. I’m still not sure if it was him or the actual college that sold me, but I really like it, so it’ll probably be on my list! It was also great to get in a long (sweaty) walk after sitting in the car for 6 hours. Sick. of. sitting.

Since we were nice and heated after the tour, we agreed that a cold treat sounded good…which brings us back to Rocco’s Italian ice and frozen custard. Hey, I’m considering it our last hurrah for the summer since this was the last day of our last official vacation. Sounds like a good excuse at least 😉


Black raspberry frozen custard. CREAMY GOODNESS.

Back into the car we went, and a few hours later, we stopped by a new-ish Vietnamese restaurant for dinner. It’s the only Vietnamese restaurant close to our house, so despite not-so-great reviews on Yelp, we wanted to try it out. It was pretty delicious to us! Again, we’ve been to lots of Vietnamese restaurants, so this wasn’t THE best, but good enough considering the proximity.Image


Pho for mom, dad, and Ben. Grilled lemongrass chicken for me.

Now we are at home, sweet, home! That’s a wrap, folks! This was probably a lot longer than you even cared to read (if you’re still reading…).

One last thing though! (please?) Since school is starting for so many people already, how ’bout a little prayer for the start of the year, eh? (<–under Canadian influence) Whether you are a student, teacher, parent, or none of those, the school year has a way of laying a whole lot of pressure on everyone in the community. So…to the Lord we turn!

Dear God,

Help us as we start this hectic, yet blessed time of year.

May we grow closer to you through our works, studies, and activities.

Strengthen us to make the right decisions. Enlighten us as we learn, not just intellectually, but spiritually.

May we be well-rested, but grant us patience and perseverance when we are tired and weary.

Help us to be supportive of one another yet humble enough to accept the assistance of others.

May we glorify YOU through our works and achievements, not ourselves.

Fill us with joy for learning, growing, and improving.

Help us to strengthen and nourish our relationships with family, friends, teachers, and anyone else we encounter.

Thank you for all the opportunities ahead of us.


So tell me: When does the school year start in your area? What was your last vacation? Have you ever tried frozen custard?