Weekly Moves and Grooves XIII {It’s Okay to Have a Light Week of Workouts}

The fact that this is week 13 of sharing my workouts with you all from my time here at Boston University is mind-blowing. Also mind-blowing? Two days until I go home for Thanksgiving. *twerk twerk twerk* 

Just kidding, I can no longer twerk without my grandma booty.

So this week has, as usual, been busy and fun and full of surprises. However, this week I especially found myself having only enough time to do mostly dorm workouts, which meant a lot of them had to be kept short and sweet, using only bodyweight. In the past, I would have beaten myself up over this because I wasn’t burning as much calories as I “could” be if I had more time to go to the gym and use weights. Either that or I thought my workout wasn’t “hard enough.”

Ugh, this former mindset of mine frustrates me now because:

a) You can still get in a killer workout with just bodyweight. (Quality over quantity.)

b) Working out is no longer about how many calories I burned. It’s about health and just moving because that’s what I love to do (see blog name).

Thus, although my former thoughts of “exercise guilt” (which Taylor so wonderfully blogged about here) creeped up on me this week, I’ve thankfully been able to put things in perspective and to enjoy the extra rest. I actually realized that my body wants more sleep as soon as I slow down my workouts for a few days, which probably means the rest was just what I needed!

weekly moves and grooves


Random stuff in my dorm room 

I don’t even remember what I did. Definitely some burpees, an ab tabtata, one round of this workout, and possibly some handstand attempts in there.


5 min. stair master + leg workout

  • Pistol squat and burpee ladder (inspired by Jen’s squat burpee ladder):
    • 10 pistol squats each leg + 10 burpees // 9 pistols + 9 burpees //…1 pistol + 1 burpee

3 rounds of each:


100 burpee workout

I was totally feelin’ the burpee urge on Tuesday so I came up with a workout that included 10 burpee variations to keep things interesting. This is why I love burpees! It took a little over 14 minutes to complete, but I was wiped afterwards.

  • 10 burpees to T pushup
  • 10 burpees to tuck jump
  • 10 plank jack burpees
  • 10 broad jump burpees (I just turned around each time instead of going forward after each jump)
  • 10 alternating side burpees
  • 10 single leg burpees (5 each leg)
  • 10 180 degree burpees (180 degree turn on the jump up)
  • 10 dive bomber burpees
  • 10 jump lunge burpees (do three jump lunges into a single leg burpee, then repeat on the other side)
  • 10 crossfit style burpees

A few of the burpee variation demos can be found here!


Bodyweight circuit

3 rounds

  • 10 single leg burpees (5 each leg)
  • 20 supermans
  • 10 chair mountain climber complexes (5 decline mountain climbers on a chair + step off to one side + pushup + step back onto chair and repeat to the other side!)
  • 20 tricep dips
  • 10 prisoner get ups
  • 20 squat jumps

I took my time going through this because it was late in the evening and I was anticipating my roommate coming into the room at any minute, so I was on guard to roll up my mat so I wouldn’t be in her way (or so I wouldn’t be mid-chair-mountain-climber when she walked in).


bodyweight pyramid workout in the morning + 5 min. row warmup + 1000 rep workout + yoga

The bodyweight pyramid done in my dorm to get the blood flowing in the morning (my roommate had already left):

  • 100 jumping jacks
  • 90 high knees
  • 80 mountain climbers
  • 70 side plank hip lifts (35 each side)
  • 60 second plank
  • 50 alternating lunges
  • 40 single leg hip bridges (20 each leg)
  • 30 jump squats
  • 20 pushups
  • 10 burpees

I did Julie’s 1000 rep workout when I went to the gym later, and it was awesome. I hadn’t done it in such a long time, but it’s one of my favorites because you get to go through so many different exercises one after the other. The anti-boredom workout essentially!


Lee’s bodyweight strength and cardio circuit 



I love this workout!! The exercises are so fun, and I really like the tabata after each round.



Lots of walking to/from/at work!

I am thankful for the able and healthy body God gave me, but there’s no good in making a god out of it. There is more to life than a “crushed” workout. 🙂

Happy Sunday, folks!

So tell me:

Are you familiar with exercise guilt?

Do you like bodyweight workouts?