Sometimes I Can’t Stand Humans, But They’re Awesome

I forget that the end of daylight savings time means everything is darker sooner, which makes me a little sad.

But on some bright notes! It was a fun Halloween weekend (“Halloweekend”, whatever), the weather has been beautiful, I’ve {nearly} cried of joy several times this weekend, and God is super good.


clouds doing cool cloud things on Friday

I didn’t even do anything on Halloween, but I did dance my butt off at a Halloween party hosted by the Catholic Center on Friday! I danced pretty much non-stop all night. I had been craving a dance party since the wedding I attended this summer, and dance parties always remind me why I named this blog daily moves and grooves.

Plus, I dressed up as my favorite thing ever…

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peanut butter!

…along with my best friend, Jelly (aka Rachel). Rachel was the one who suggested this duo costume, and it seemed perfect for several reasons. I probably emit the smell of peanut butter on a daily basis already, so I was halfway there from the get-go.

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Several cookies fueled my dancing for the night, but I didn’t even have any candy this weekend! I wasn’t avoiding it by any means; I just never encountered any candy that I wanted. Cookies, cake, dining hall desserts sounded better. #snobby

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On Saturday morning some of my friends and I from the Boston University Students for Life club participated in the Out of the Darkness Suicide Awareness and Prevention Walk. Suicide awareness is something near and dear to many of us in one way or another, so it was a blessing to walk with so many other people (especially college students) in solidarity and support.


I look really tall in this picture, but that’s an optical illusion

Also, they had free Stonyfield “Oh My Yog!” yogurt at the walk. We all ate it and agreed that it was some next level yogurt. This was the gingered pear flavor. Ooo la la!

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trilayer? whole milk? CREAM TOP!?!?

Saturday night was wild and crazy with lots of studying with Rachel (or at least, a lot of attempting to study on my part). I can let myself get very distracted with social media, and I very much dislike myself every time it happens. But it was Halloween, so I made myself think I was justified.

{As I just come back from 20 minutes on my Instagram feed. HELP.}

Anyway, the other nooks and crannies of this weekend were filled with Mass, choir, eating, some exercise, and best of all, truly awesome people.
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Let me tell you something. I have three types of days when it comes to interacting with people:

  1. Normal day: Happy to see my friends, interact with strangers politely.
  2. Especially negative day: Yo, people are the worst. I want Jesus to be my only friend ever.

If my especially positive days occurred all the time, I’d probably end up losing friends because of my insanity.

In all seriousness though, more of the negative, mundane, or irking interactions with that I can have with some people (strangers or not) have lately been transformed into meaningful and fruitful interactions. For example, I can learn about virtue, reflect on my faith life, or be urged to evaluate my actions. In addition, regular interactions with friends have been deepened.

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What is the “secret” to this transforming and deepening? I think it’s something I learned yesterday: shared life. 

In other words: sharing your experiences with others and being genuinely interested and excited about others’ experiences, and then learning and growing with one another as a result!

Grab a meal with someone. Ask someone what his idea of a perfect day is. Ask your gal friend how her heart is doing (figuratively, not the actual organ…but you could ask that too). Tell him about your dream job. Describe to her what made you happy or sad this weekend.


Some people may not care about what you have to say, but that doesn’t mean you can’t care for another person. Humans are awesome, and sometimes they’re just waiting for someone to be interested in them (personally, not romantically…but that could be true too).

By no means is it easy for me to “share life” with others. I think I will always have those especially negative days/moments when I feel like I need to be in a bubble, please and thank you. Nevertheless, in general, by sharing more about myself and by being more interested in other people, I have learned a lot about myself and about other amazing human beings. It’s really cool.


my girl Fiona shared this with me last night

P.S. That’s what makes blogging really cool!!!

So tell me:

Did you dress up or do anything in particular for Halloween?

Did you eat any sweet treats this weekend?

What made you happy or sad or angry or anxious this weekend?

I Was a Twerking Grandma This Weekend

…and I was loving every minute of it.

I grew a booty bigger than Nicki Minaj’s overnight (right, Arman?) just so I could be a grandma for Halloween. It took a lot of squatting and cinnamon rolls.

As much as I like that explanation, you might be more inclined to believe that my roommate had a few of those packaging bubble/balloon things and came up with the idea that I should put them inside my shorts underneath my dress to make it look like the earth revolved around my derrière.



She’s brilliant! I was on a determined mission to find a costume that required minimal effort and $0, and I must say that I’m pretty proud of what we came up with. Perhaps this also means that I own a lot of grandma-oriented things.

But yes, that was my Halloween. I had a pretty awesome time bumping into people with my tush and attempting to twerk at the Catholic center party. I literally danced my booty off (I took out the bubble packaging halfway through the party), ate way too many pita chips (I don’t think I had a single piece of candy— just cookies), and got to spend time with some of my best pals. Then I slept for 9 hours, which made me young and fresh again.

On Saturday night, I played some indoor sports with friends. I showed off my talent of not being able to dribble a soccer ball effectively, but my friends were nice and still let me play. My accomplishment was making two shots into the basketball hoop using the soccer ball, which is lighter and easier to manage than a real basketball, but at least my hand-eye coordination is somewhat existent.

Then I went to my first Boston University hockey game ever (and probably my second hockey game in general)! I didn’t get to stay for the whole game, but we were not doing so hot against Providence when I left. 😦


quality Asian friend time

It was also superhero night at this particular hockey game, so my friend Liz dressed up as Catwoman. Killed it.

The rest of my weekend consisted of studying, Sunday Mass, resting, and witnessing Boston’s first snow of the season! It was super wet and huge snow, so none of it stuck to the ground, but it was still an exciting event for the population.

I had much more than my fair share of sugar this weekend, but like I said before, none of it was in the form of candy. I just chose to get my sugar high on things like cookies and anything fruit crisp-y…a la mode of course!


‘Twas a marvelous weekend indeed, and you should go over to Katie’s blog if you want to see what other people are finding marvelous this Monday!


I hope you all have a rockin’ day!

So tell me:

Did you dress up for Halloween? What did you dress up as?

What was your favorite sweet treat of the weekend?

Fascinating Friday Links #10 + Halloween Recap

How was everyone’s Halloween?! Mine was pretty relaxing. A little bit of baking, a little bit of candy-distributing (did anyone else feel like the turnout was low this year??), a little bit of napping, and a little bit of “partying” (read: going to a party and being a wallflower). That probably makes me sound like a loser, and maybe I am, but I seriously have more fun going to a diner with my friends or chilling out with my family at home. I’m like an old person and I’m totally okay with that. At the same time, I looked like a 5-year-old in my kangaroo costume, but it was warm and awesome, so it all worked out.




Despite the rather dull party (from my point of view), I still had a lovely evening. I baked a loaf of Jenn’s DELICIOUS “Fluffy Flax Veggie Bread.” Instead of zucchini though, I used some of the fresh pumpkin from the one we carved, and it worked out fabulously! I made this recipe a while back when I was trying to be all low-sugar-happy, so I cut the brown sugar and left out the banana, which left it bland and cardboard-y. MY ignorance. Not the recipe’s fault. This time around, I put in all the brown sugar and the banana, and it is so delightful. Some of my friends had slices and they enjoyed it too! I had mine with peanut butter, naturally.




Today is also supposed to be a semi-official senior skip day, but I’m not sure (as of Thursday night when I typed this) whether I’m going or not. Should I be that person and go? My parents definitely don’t condone the hooky life. Hmmmm.

Well enough about my awkward social life! It’s about time for Fascinating Friday Links–tenth edition to be exact. Woohoo! Happy Friday, everyone 🙂

fascinating friday

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Awesome Stuff

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So tell me: What did you last night for Halloween? Do you sometimes feel older (i.e. less enthused about certain age-associated activities) than you actually are? 

Halloween Happenings

Happy Halloween!

I’ve named this week’s Thursday Things “Halloween Happenings,” because it seemed appropriate for the occasion and I really like alliterations. Also, I’m still considering a more unique name for all my Thursday Things posts. A couple weeks ago, I thought about “Loggin’ the Noggin,” but I shut that down in consideration of what my future college self would think about that Dr. Seuss-ish title. It’ll come to me sooner or later. But anyway, here’s what’s happening this Halloween!

1. I’ve always loved Winnie the Pooh. I’m talking the classic cartoon that looks like a moving storybook, not those weird modern 3D-type shows. Just to be clear, I don’t actually still watch Winnie the Pooh, but I do have a special place in my heart for the characters. And today, my costume is an ode to Roo! (Shout out to my friend Ana for lending this to me!)


It looks huge, and it kind of is because Ana is much taller than me, but this costume wasn’t meant to flatter anyway. But it is SO comfy! I was tempted to sleep in this last night.

2. Ben and I carved our first pumpkin in a longgg time last night! The face was supposed to look slightly evil, but the eyebrows make it look like a cat… Whatever works.

photo 2

3. I also roasted pepitas using the seeds gutted from our carving pumpkin. It took a longer time washing and drying the seeds than it did sorting them from the pumpkin guts. Those little seeds are SO SLIPPERY! I boiled them first (I read from a recipe that this makes them crispier) roasted them with a little olive oil and maple syrup, and they sort of have a sweet flavor, but they definitely didn’t absorb as much flavor as nuts would. They’re nice and crispy though!

photo 1

4. I won’t be going trick-or-treating tonight for a few reasons. First of all, I’m going to help my mom give out candy to the trick-or-treaters. Secondly, it’s cold outside. Thirdly, I’m not a huge candy person anymore (I have all the Reese’s I need anyway ;)). Finally, I’m 17. I know a lot of my friends will still be going, but I was personally kinda over it three years ago.

5. I’m going to have to end the happenings here because I gotta head to school!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

So tell me: Are you dressing up as anything? Did you carve pumpkins this year?