I Am the Real Dairy Queen

I still haven’t tried a DQ Blizzard yet, but I am not hesitating to say that I am the real Dairy Queen. I’ve talked about dairy before on the blog, but I have re-noticed how much I love the liquid gold that is cow’s milk.



My mom tells me stories about how I had no problem drinking milk when I was a baby, so I like to think I was royally born the Dairy Queen.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.06.10 PM

OMG THIS WAS TAKEN EXACTLY 19 YEARS AGO. Not intentional, but that’s cool.

These cheeks were brought to you by milk. Sticking my tongue out was my way of communicating this: “Two options, mama. Milk now or blood-curdling baby cries commence.”

Well friends, my lactose love continues to this day, as evidenced by the amount of dairy I consumed yesterday…and every day…but especially yesterday!

Milk in an oatmeal cookie dough smoothieGreek yogurt for dipping (this much + more).


The last of our garlic herb cheddar cheese on toast.


Mozzarella cheese for caprese. This was my dinner appetizer, and you know what? I like having appetizers for dinner at home! Seems fancy 🙂


Milk to wash down my peanut butter-topped pumpkin muffin.


I’m not a Virgo, by the way. No one in my family is, for that matter…Why do we have that mug?

I was thinking about not having the milk because I wasn’t sure if I should cram so much more calcium into my body within a 14-hour period (seriously had nothing to do with calories), but as soon as I took a bite of that gooey, peanut buttery muffin, I thought to myself: Screw it. I need milk.

And then I scraped the last bit of Greek yogurt out of the container that my dad had just finished. He left a whole spoonful’s worth of yogurt in there! I will never understand why people don’t scrape their yogurt/peanut butter containers clean.


My friend PJ has seen me scrape several PB jars clean in the dining hall. Not a pretty sight for you, but a pretty darn wonderful experience for me.

I’ve tried searching possible dangers of consuming too much calcium, but so far I’ve only seen that it can be dangerous when you take too much calcium in the form of supplements when you’re older. I’m sure some RDs out there know some precautions of eating too much dairy, but for now, ignorance is bliss.

So tell me:

Do you love dairy? I am sincerely sorry if you cannot have dairy 😦

What is your favorite form of dairy? I honestly can’t choose one. The DQ loves all her dairy subjects equally.

Is there anything I should know about high dairy consumption?