Boston-Bound + Fascinating Friday Links #41

I’ll try not to be dramatic… …But this is the last post I’m posting from my New York home before I go to Boston. From now until Thanksgiving, I’ll be posting from college— sometimes via ethernet cord, sometimes from a library, often when I’m procrastinating work. YAY! I’m moving in on Monday, but I actually don’t […]


Fascinating Friday Links #41 + Giveaway Winner

Hi there! I feel like I have so many things to tell you guys before I leave for Boston, but I just don’t know where to start. I rarely plan my posts, but that’s what I’ve done for the coming week. I might even throw in a couple more posts than usual, but I’ll do […]

Fascinating Friday Links #40 + Jumping for Joy

Hi! I went on a 4 mile walk/run at a shady trail yesterday, and there were some beautiful things I saw along the way that made me want to jump for sheer joy. I’m not kidding; I actually did this when no one was around: [source] I saw an elderly couple walking back and forth […]

Fascinating Friday Links #40 + Yesterday

Yello. You’ve answered the phone at least once in your life like that. How has it been a whole week since 4th of July?! When did it become double digits anyway? Oh, yesterday. Huh. Things I did yesterday: Watch my friend Sam market Cutco knives to my mother (mom bought some!), walked 4+ miles with […]

Fascinating Friday Links #39

Happy Fourth of July! [source] Eat your corn on the cob! I hope all my fellow Americans have a lovely, festive Independence Day today! My town had a less-than-ideal start to our festivities when our fireworks celebration got rained out big time. Instead of watching fireworks, I stayed under the awning of my house to […]