38 RANDOM facts about me.

Even those who know me really well probably don’t know a couple of these!

It’s a totally self-indulgent thing to make a video like this, because who cares about 38 facts about another person? But I personally love hearing quick, random tidbits about people’s lives because most of the time, we know a person on social media for who they are NOW, but what are some of the deeper, past and future things? #JUICY

This is the video that inspired this video. Ladies (and gents), I highly recommend Emily Wilson’s content.

*Note: The first fact is a lie though, because I remembered after I made the video that I also have Scrabble Go in addition to Words with Friends on my phone. But I lump them together as essentially the same thing.

Enjoy, if you so choose to watch! This is also an opportunity to see a little bit of Boston as I film many of these facts on my walk through BU’s campus 🙂

Here is the link in case the embedded video isn’t working.

So tell me:

What is 1 (or SEVERAL) random facts about yourself?!


7 thoughts on “38 RANDOM facts about me.

  1. I’ve been following your blog for a while and I FINALLY left a comment! Woohoo!! Totally random fact: My parents are the only Asians I know who actually use the dishwasher (i.e. not as a drying rack). I think it’s a combination of laziness as well as the fact that their three children are currently back from college. Come to think of it, it’s definitely the latter–we eat too much and too often for anyone to keep up haha!

  2. This was quite funny! I’ve always thought you were interesting, and this proves it! Random fact about me: I have had 0 cups of coffee in my life! OOH, other fact: I’ve never had a dental cavity, either! (And I’m WAY older!)

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