The Giving vs. Receiving End

Moves. An upper body workout!

  • 3×10 modified pull-ups // 3×10 hanging scapula circles // 3×10 push press
  • 3×12 weighted squat jump to squat hold // 3×10 weighted pushups
  • 3×10 TRX bicep curls // 3x max # dips
  • 3×12 DB bent over rows // 3×6 lateral bear crawls to kick through

For the modified pull-ups, I did them at the squat rack like this, and I think this helps a lot with my wide grip form. Also, my forearms got toasty with the first set of exercises!

Ended with 1000m row, which was not as far as I thought it would be but I was ready to be done.

The end is near. PT school (classes, at least) is coming to a close in less than a week. I have an assignment, a huge presentation, and one final left, and I am just bewildered. I’m amped yet in disbelief that we are almost done, but no matter what, I will miss these precious days with my PT family.

I’m not even hugging anyone

Giving vs. receiving. I think it is good to gently remind myself that a human will constantly fluctuate between doing both of these things. There are times when I am able to give advice, be physically present to support my loved ones, give energy and time, be thoughtful and proactive. And there are equally as many times when I need others to remind me of my responsibilities, to give me advice, to tell me everything is going to be okay. I think it is easy to be proud in the former state and to be ashamed in the latter state. Neither pride nor shame is good. Rather, humility in both states is key, and it is something that I seek to grow in as I toggle from the giving and the receiving end on a week-to-week, day-to-day, hour-to-hour basis.

Follow up on podcasts. Thank you to those who gave me podcast suggestions several weeks ago on Instagram! I’ve listened mostly to The Daily (quite biased but I like how easy it is to understand) and Global News Podcast, because my main concern is just keeping up with current events. Sometimes TED daily talks are fun too!

Secret Santa vs. White Elephant vs. Yankee Swap. I think white elephant and yankee swap are the same, involving buying small gifts that do not have a predestined recipient, whereas secret Santa involves giving a gift to someone specifically. Which do you like better? I’m doing both this year with different groups of people. I guess it depends on the group, but I like secret Santa by nature, because that means it’s with a tight knit group of people who know each other well enough so that you would be able to get anyone in the group a gift.

So tell me:

Secret Santa or White Elephant? Do you call it a White Elephant exchange or a Yankee Swap?

Do you feel like you’re in a giving or receiving phase right now?


Your comments are groovy!

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