Habits and Obedience


Tuesday was leg day, starting to get some more movement back into the right leg!

  • Superset x3: 20 Bulgarian split squats right leg, 10 pistol squats left leg, 20 KB deadlifts
  • 2×20, 1×30 light leg press
  • 3x 1:30 kneel to alt step up (18” box) no weight

Yesterday was 36 minutes going fairly easy on the assault bike because my legs were sore (right more sore than left lol), followed by 8 minutes of core work.

Peanut butter. I had at least 5 tablespoons of peanut butter on Tuesday. That is 500+ calories from just PB, people (no regrets, baby). That being said, some of it was in my overnight oats, two were part of my lunch snack (a packet of nuts ‘n’ more), and two were eaten as late afternoon snack since I have a late class Tuesday nights from 5:30-7:15 and I was lacking other types of options because I did not prepare well. Maybe I was so hungry because I’m walking a lot more again. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I know a couple guys who carry around a jar of pb during the day and honestly I would not be a poor candidate for that lifestyle.

When I first met John he told me he would sometimes eat a whole jar in a day (when he was into a body building type of routine). That’s when I knew I liked him.


Habits. Forming (or renewing) good habits is something that I, along with most people, need to do constantly. I have been praying a lot about obedience to God in the little things, and I think that translates to the building of good habits in practice.

Several discussions and resources have popped in my life in this past week that have encouraged me to take action, and here are those nuggets of wisdom:

  • Spend most of your time in “important, non-urgent” tasks (vs. “important, urgent,” “non-important, urgent,” and “non-important, non-urgent” tasks). Plan ahead to make this possible.
  • Work for the purpose of finding quality rest time, don’t just rest to get back to work. And don’t work til you’re so burnt out that you can do nothing but collapse and have no energy for quality relationship building.
  • If you make promises to yourself, keep them, no matter how little they are. The small things that you do with relentless commitment and consistency matter!
  • Be persistent with all of the above but also understand your humanity and move past points of failure quickly. Assess, make changes, try again.

I feel like I’ve been talking about habits and self-improvement a lot these days, but I guess it’s the nature of my life stage right now magnifying the need for it. I’m about to leave school for the first time in my entire life, and although I know the general gist of adult responsibilities, I don’t know enough. Additionally, good habits of the body and mind relate to holy habits of the spirit, so it’s also something I want to work on for the sake of God.

Friendsgiving. Some friends and I had an epic pre-thanksgiving meal (what North Americans call, “Friendsgiving”). My heart and tummy were mighty full. I made corn bread with maple butter, and I don’t think I’ve danced so much after baking something as I did after baking that corn bread.

On disposable Domino’s plates like bosses.

Everything was so skillfully made and utterly delicious! I am spoiled by my friends.

Happy pre-Friday!

So tell me:

Are there any mantras or nuggets of wisdom that help you form and maintain good habits?

What are some habits you are working on?

Have you ever had a Friendsgiving dinner?

Have you ever eaten as much pb in a day as I have?