Veganism. Also, humility.

Veganism? Don’t get too excited now.

My friend Zoe told me that she watched the documentary called, “Game Changers,” which is about how a vegan diet has transformed athletes’ performance in a positive and tremendous way (in addition to lowering blood triglyceride and cholesterol levels). As a result, she and some of her friends are doing a 7-day vegan challenge.

This got me thinking… I’ve neither watched the documentary nor ever considered veganism for myself, but I have wondered whether I could sustain that kind of diet.

Resource-wise: 100% yes in a city like Boston or New York.

Enjoyment-wise: Sure. I really enjoy the taste of well-seasoned bean and tofu dishes. That being said, I would miss dairy and eggs a LOT. More than I would miss meat probably. Then again, restaurant food would never be the same, and I would really be bummed out if I couldn’t have salmon or eel sushi. Or like, 25 cent chicken wings.

Time-wise: Probably not too different from my meal prep currently.

Desire-wise: The kicker. I honestly need to educate myself more on the benefits of veganism and sustainability in general, because I think the main reason I would switch would be for sustainability reasons (from what I hear). But I would first want to find ways to practice more sustainability through a diet that still contains animal products, because other than the sustainability question, I have no qualms about including animal products in my diet; I rather enjoy it and find that it fuels me well for my fitness goals currently.

Humility. Two days ago I realized I did not fulfill my civic duty by sending in an application for an absentee ballot to NY for general elections, and I felt pretty bad about it. I need to educate myself more on my world and politics especially. It’s one of my least favorite things, but it’s extremely important.

Then I also fell down half a flight of stairs on my butt for no reason other than I slipped. A lot of people were present, and I was mortified BUT the femur is a-okay.

Life isn’t about counting our mistakes and accidents, but I hear two imaginary red buzzers going off for these two situations, like I’m being rejected America’s Got Talent.

Whisper Wednesdays. My dear friends Ben and Casey have been hosting something they call, “Whisper Wednesdays,” in which they invite friends to come sit in their living/dining room in front of their real, wood-burning fireplace (in a Boston apartment!) and do whatever work they need to do. Last night was my first time joining, and was lovely! I just wanna be like Ben and Casey when I grow up.


  • Tuesday: I was on the verge of going mad because I stayed still studying all day and I just needed to MOVE, so I did 5×10 step back “burpees” in the dark on the esplanade at like 5pm before my pediatrics lecture. And then I modified this HIIT yoga when I got home.
  • Wednesday: 45 min assault bike workout. A questionable decision regarding the femur, but I felt GREAT afterwards, and I’m fairly sure the doc said I could do bike and rowing workouts…

Happy Thursday!

So tell me:

Are you vegan? Why or why not?

What is a topic on which you feel you need to educate yourself more?

Any embarrassing moments recently? #solidarity


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