Oh, the Gift of Bipedal Walking

Moves. 30 minute yoga from Fightmaster Yoga on YouTube when I got home from class last night. I did the “30 minute HIIT yoga for core,” which just means fast-moving vinyasa intervals and more agonizing planks and chaturangas. I felt like a million bucks afterwards though.

The gift of walking. I received crutches yesterday from my friend Justin, so I started using them per doctor’s orders. Oh my GOODNESS, how often I take for granted the simple act of walking! With crutches, I am acutely aware of how quickly walking can get me places (taking public transit is the bane of my existence), as well as the weight of my backpack (my shoulders were working to support BW + 20ish lb. pack). I’m grateful to at least be on two feet still, but thank God today for your bipedal walking, friends. Your body is an efficient and marvelous machine.

Backpack contents. Speaking of heavy backpack, I should check what’s making it so heavy. I have a bunch of random crap in there – a jump rope, dry erase markers, a wallet filled mostly with receipts and cards I don’t use, like 10 folders.

Keep on keeping on. I was not a very happy camper yesterday with the crutch situation itself, but I also started to feel meh even more when I a) felt super bloated, b) could not work out all day when everyone else around me was working out, c) felt stressed with work. But I think the theme of this week needs to be, “keep on keeping on,” and, “do what you can.” Still pray, still, do the work, still do whatever movement you can, still smile and laugh.

Hope your Wednesday has been just dandy so far. I don’t know if I’m using dandy correctly – English majors???

So tell me:

Have you ever had to use crutches, wheelchair or be in a cast/brace before? For what reason?

Do you carry random crap in your backpack/purse/briefcase? Like what?

What do you think of when you start to feel poopy about yourself?


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