From Kinda Busy to Very Busy Overnight

Moves. 20-ish minutes of plank and push-up variations on the esplanade! Ah, I love working out outdoors, and yesterday’s weather was just perfect. A decent chill but clear and gorgeous.

Busy to more busy. Just one extra responsibility in my schedule has snowballed into a more time-consuming task than I was expecting, which seems to have significantly filled my days to the brim this week, but we shall see it as an opportunity to really squeeze the life out of every day, utilizing every moment of it. (I write this post as I’m taking my morning poop LOL. TMI goodbye.)

Generosity. My friend Abby has lent me her train pass and my friend Justin is lugging a pair of crutches on his bike for me today, all in a concerted effort to help me stay off my stress-fractured femur. Their generosity really motivates me to stay adherent to the doc’s orders and also just warms my heart ♥︎

Prioritization. Due to the inflation of my schedule, I have to be aware of my priorities. My top three priorities right now on any given day are schoolwork, some sort of movement, and prayer/Mass. Without the latter two, the first one doesn’t work, even though it is often difficult to put down my work to do them. But all the more reason to strive for efficiency and organization.

Happy JP Tuesday (feast day of Pope St. John Paul II)!

So tell me:

Is your life busy right now?

What are your top three priorities in a given day?


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