I Need Bigger Lungs

Or more efficient oxygen delivery in my body because MAN, I get WINDED when I swim.

Moves. Swimming some laps + aqua jogging with Abby on Friday morning! I was sucking wind chlorinated water, people. My lungs were not cut out for the fish life; I’m used to breathing whenever I want when I work out. I rather enjoyed the challenge though, and I’m determined to build up my swimming stamina (by stamina I literally mean not having to take a break after each lap). I even went swimming yesterday morning again by myself!

Saturday’s workout was 20 min of boxing and 3 rounds of 10 pistol squats on my left leg only (see below for reason) + 3 wall walks.

Stress fracture. I finally got it officially diagnosed via X-ray, so ya girl is taking it easy and awaiting a friend to lend me his crutches. I can walk, but I just need to lay off a little to let it heal. Hence the swimming and one-sided pistols. But hey, at least I am motivated to try something new!

Fall frenzy. It seems that everyone I know did something #fall this weekend — went to Vermont to see the foliage, went to New Hampshire to see the foliage, went apple picking, went to a pumpkin patch, carved pumpkins… I LOVE IT. I, for one, went to an Oktoberfest party at church, and that was a blast. I even made beer cheese dip as a dunk for the soft pretzels. The only occasion I will consume Guinness is when it’s in a food.

The woman I am created to be. When I visited the Sisters of Life last year (read: I maybe wanted to become a nun), I remember how taken I was by their lives of order, discipline, holiness, and just beauty. I was drawn by all the simple yet profound ways that they led their lives, and I knew that they were living life as it ought to be. They loved God, neighbor, and self, in that order. I am not thinking of becoming a nun at this moment in time, but I have been praying a lot about revisiting those virtues and ways of living that I once adored so much and for which I strived. How can I live in an ordered and disciplined way for God here and now in this season and vocation of my life as a student, daughter, sister? How can I become the woman who I am created to be right now, today?

Busy week ahead! Here we gooooo, folks!

So tell me:

Do you like swimming? Are you good at it?

Have you ever had an injury that requires crutches?

Did you (in the northern hemisphere) do anything fall-related this weekend?

Any deep thoughts you wanna share?


Your comments are groovy!

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