Nighttime Silence

Sunday, April 22nd


“Your dress makes you look like a spring flower and I love it.” – Rachel to me.

Indeed the spring weather has finally sprung, so I took the opportunity to wear a dress today! I love dresses.

Speaking of dresses, my friends and I have tossed the idea around to have some sort of party where we all dress up really nicely, and I want it to happen SO BADLY. Confession: I brought my prom dress to Boston last year because I really want to wear it again.

Monday, April 23rd


I was reading about nuns and how some/most/all (idk) convents have a time at night called the “Grand Silence,” after which no one talks to each other. That might sound miserable to some, but I’ve actually been trying to *sort of* adopt the idea by not listening to music after 10pm (I still talk to people though). I freaking love listening to music, but sometimes I feel like it’s a sub-diagnostic addiction for when I’m just bored/stressed and want to be emotionally moved by melodies and lyrics.

So at 10pm, a mental voice (not unlike the deep, rich voice of Dumbledore) goes off in my head saying, “GRAND SILEEEENCEEEEE,” and I turn off my music and focus on doing the rest of my nightly tasks/studying without music.



It helps me think about ending my day with God in mind and with a more reflective, grateful mindset.

Tuesday, April 24th


Today’s reasons to smile:

  • A third beautiful spring day in a row
  • Working out on the esplanade in between classes
  • My PT friends who make me double over in laughter even amidst the stress of exams
  • Praying for a while in the middle of a busy day
  • Hugging my friend Fiona, who I hadn’t seen in a while
  • A free confetti cake cookie (omg)
  • Also free pasta dinner and Kraft Parmesan cheese dusted dumped onto it
  • A funny and very smart priest who came to give a talk at the Catholic Center
  • We are one more day closer to the weekend, hallelujah
  • Dying on the inside

So tell me:

Do you have a designated quiet time in your day? (Does that sound like something for preschoolers??? Let me know.)


4 thoughts on “Nighttime Silence

  1. Yay for spring weather! I agree. That party sounds perfect. Sometimes you just wanna dress up but don’t necessarily have an occasion to do so.
    I don’t really have a specified time for quietness but I’ve been trying to go phone-less on my walks to class and take in my surroundings rather than be distracted by social media, emails, or even music.
    It’s hard not for free food to make me smile. 🙂

  2. I love quiet time especially in the morning and later in the evening; it’s such a blessing! ❤ I love your fun workouts outside Alison.

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