Summer Lovin’

I think every blogger has used this title at least once in their careers.

But that could be said for “Day in the Life,” “Recent Eats,” “Lately,” etc. etc. etc.

I’m calling this post “Summer Lovin'” because a) it’s summer; b) I went to my friends’ wedding this weekend!!


This was my first friend wedding. All other weddings I’ve attended up until this weekend had been for aunts and uncles who seemed to be at a life stage that was eons away from where I was. But here we are kicking off the start to what I’m sure will be many friend weddings in these next few years.

I’m not complaining, because I LOVE WEDDINGS.

On Saturday, my friends Sean and Alicia entered into the beautiful sacrament of Holy Matrimony. I met Sean through the Catholic Center when I was a freshman and he was a senior, and he became one of my “older brothers” during my first year at BU.


“Can I be obnoxious and ask for a selfie with you guys?”

Sean and Alicia are high school sweethearts (CUTE), and they continue to be a stunning couple. It was a privilege watching two holy people unify in love for the glory of God.


Their beach-themed wedding reception was also wonderful. It was a blast being there with some other folks who met Sean through the Catholic Center.


The speeches were short and sweet, the evening was gorgeous, the conversations were fun, the food was DELISH…


h’ors d’oeuvres and beer at cocktail hour + fab sun-dried tomato bread and butter + bomb salad + delicious chicken with rice and veggies + a slice of vanilla with raspberry mousse cake (ok, two slices)

…and the dancing scene was ON POINT. The bride, groom and respective parties made some solid song requests. Wedding dancing is one of my favorite things in the world, especially with the right people.


Congratulations again, Sean and Alicia! Thank you for allowing me to celebrate such a joyful occasion with you and your loved ones. I’m definitely in the top 10 people who were most excited about your wedding 😉


I LOVE YOU GUYS. May God bless both of you as you start this beautiful journey together.

I pray for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. I hope you are all safe and well.

So tell me:

Do you like weddings?

Do you remember your first friend wedding?

WAS IT WILD (like, “everyone’s getting old ahhh” WILD)? What did you do this weekend?



10 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’

  1. I actually have only been to one wedding! It was really fun, except there weren’t a lot of vegan options for me to eat 😦 but if there were more vegan options, I’d devour AWAY! Congratulations to Sean and Alicia! Also, you look absolutely gorgeous in the wedding photos, darling!

  2. I used to work for a catering company that was used for weddings AND I used to write for a wedding website. So, yes, I LOVE weddings! There’s just something magical about them. I went to my first friend wedding almost two years ago, and it was EPIC! Well, what I can remember was pretty good 😉 There was a LOT of free wine and the band was made up of our teachers from high school. So it was wild AND weird. As all heck. It was also like ‘what? How did we get this old?’ kind of wild, too. My weekend was spent by me lying in bed with a sick baby. Both of us are sick and only juuuuuust getting over it. *touch wood*

  3. Actually have only attended one wedding (my aunt’s and uncle’s) and I happened to be part of the wedding party as a flower girl. So thankfully have not been to a friend’s wedding yet. I say thankfully since when it does happen I know adulthood will be hitting me full force. Not ready for that yet.
    What a fun way to end the summer! Congrats to the newlyweds!

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