Day in the Life: Summer Physical Therapy School

Wednesday in the life during PT summer school…

6:50 – Alarm goes off and today is 100% a snooze button day. 
7:00 – Alarm part two. Absolutely must get up to make it to my exam on time. Bathroom, etc.

7:15 – Dig into my overnight oats (in an almost empty pb jar #bless) while I pack up my things and apply moleskin to my blistered foot. It’s pretty much healed, but I just want a bit of insurance.

7:35 – Leave home to walk to campus. Pray on the way and admire the gorgeous morning.

8:20 – Arrive to class. I always need to get there early to pee and chug water and fill up my water bottle (chug water, pee, repeat is the alternative Daily Moves and Grooves motto).

8:30 – “Physical Therapy Process of Examination” (a mouthful of a class name that we just call PT515) starts. We have an exam today, so there’s a certain ~vibe~ in the classroom.

9:30 – Finish the exam and chat with some friends about it outside. Realize that I mixed up the definitions of compassion and empathy. Amazing.

10:00 – Walk to the gym with my friend Jenna.

10:15 – Warmup and foam roll for 10 minutes. Body is feeling kinda tired and hungry, legs are kinda sore, so I just do what feels good today.

3 sets each:

– 10 TRX atomic push-ups + 30 double unders

– 3 wall walks + 30 double understanding 

12 minute circuit (3 rounds, 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off):

– Burpee box jumps

– Spider-Man planks

– Modified v-ups

– Plank step kick throughs right

– Plank step kick throughs left

– Forearm plank


11:15 – Leave gym and head to the student union to eat lunch.

11:30 – Carrots and hummus in da belly first (while starting to type this post).

Then salad with quinoa, honey mustard chicken thighs, and roasted garlic green beans!!

12:15 – Study a bit with my friends Elayne and John. After two exams back to back this week though, motivation is at a minimum at this point.

1:00 – Nectarine break.

1:30 – PT515 lab. We learn all about cardiopulmonary tests and even do a little shivasana style relaxation at the end! 

4:00 – Finish lab and work on the next lab’s homework with a group of classmates.

5:15 – Mass at the Catholic Center!

5:35 – Hang out with friends after Mass and have a little pre-dinner snack of pb sandwich crackers from the CC snack stockpile.

6:00 – Study at the BU “beach” with my pal Nico.

7:05 – Walk over to Colby’s place for dinner! 

7:25 – Get to Colby’s. She invited me over for Thai takeout with her and a couple of her high school friends. 

I got the spicy basil pad Thai, which rocked (leftovers for today too woo!). I also had quite a bit of Colby’s rice soaked in curry sauce *drool*.

It was wonderful to kick back and chat with them. Yay for new friends!

9:05 – Hugs all around before leaving Colby’s place. Decide that it is essential to get yogurt and bananas from Trader Joe’s, so I walk 10 minutes downtown before it closes. Text a friend that if I’m not home by 11pm then I have died.

9:15 – Grab bananas and yogurt…and several other things. 

9:45 – Catch the bus to go home and type more of this post on my phone. Realize on the bus that I’m so tired that I feel a little nauseated, yikes.

10:10 – Arrive home, plop down on the floor for a hot second and lean my head on my bed. 

10:12 – Get myself together, put away groceries, clean tupperwares from the day, and pack tomorrow’s food.

10:30 – Shower, brush teeth, pray.

11:05 – HIT THE HAY. 

So tell me: 

How was your Wednesday?

What is your favorite part of your daily routine? I love my morning walk/prayer! 


13 thoughts on “Day in the Life: Summer Physical Therapy School

  1. Spending time in prayer while walking is one of my favorite things to do while walking or running! Also hmm… the favorite part of my day yesterday might have been the rainstorm or prayer meeting or just going to bed at night ready to rest and sleep!

    • I love reading your day in the life posts as well!! I made the honey mustard chicken with a mixture of olive oil, TJ’s whole grain dijon mustard (the BEST mustard!), honey, minced fresh garlic, salt, pepper, and a little bit of Stubb’s poultry rub (which has a little bit of honey mustard seasonings in it! but you could do without it too). Baked at 425 for about 25 min. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a fun yet exhausting day! What are the differences between the definitions of compassion and empathy? Just curious.

  3. Your schedule is full of precision, promptness, and joyful little things in between! I love your posts that take us into your day! The overnight oats and pad thai also look SO GOOD!

  4. Srsly, whoever invented overnight oats should win a trophy. They are lifesavers I swear.
    Small bladdered people unite! Though I don’t think Daily Water Chugs & Pee Breaks has the same ring to it as Moves & Grooves. 😉
    Oh gosh. The post-exam talk with classmates can be so stressful.
    Also, out of curiosity, for your day in the life posts, how do you remember what you do down to every detail? Do you write things down as your day goes by?

  5. I’m new to blogging and so happy I came across this!! I am about to start my first year of PT school at UW in Seattle but BU was my close runner up! Its so fun to still be able to see the life of BU PT student!

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