Day in the Life: Summer Physical Therapy School

Wednesday in the life during PT summer school…

6:50 – Alarm goes off and today is 100% a snooze button day. 
7:00 – Alarm part two. Absolutely must get up to make it to my exam on time. Bathroom, etc.

7:15 – Dig into my overnight oats (in an almost empty pb jar #bless) while I pack up my things and apply moleskin to my blistered foot. It’s pretty much healed, but I just want a bit of insurance.

7:35 – Leave home to walk to campus. Pray on the way and admire the gorgeous morning.

8:20 – Arrive to class. I always need to get there early to pee and chug water and fill up my water bottle (chug water, pee, repeat is the alternative Daily Moves and Grooves motto).

8:30 – “Physical Therapy Process of Examination” (a mouthful of a class name that we just call PT515) starts. We have an exam today, so there’s a certain ~vibe~ in the classroom.

9:30 – Finish the exam and chat with some friends about it outside. Realize that I mixed up the definitions of compassion and empathy. Amazing.

10:00 – Walk to the gym with my friend Jenna.

10:15 – Warmup and foam roll for 10 minutes. Body is feeling kinda tired and hungry, legs are kinda sore, so I just do what feels good today.

3 sets each:

– 10 TRX atomic push-ups + 30 double unders

– 3 wall walks + 30 double understanding 

12 minute circuit (3 rounds, 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off):

– Burpee box jumps

– Spider-Man planks

– Modified v-ups

– Plank step kick throughs right

– Plank step kick throughs left

– Forearm plank


11:15 – Leave gym and head to the student union to eat lunch.

11:30 – Carrots and hummus in da belly first (while starting to type this post).

Then salad with quinoa, honey mustard chicken thighs, and roasted garlic green beans!!

12:15 – Study a bit with my friends Elayne and John. After two exams back to back this week though, motivation is at a minimum at this point.

1:00 – Nectarine break.

1:30 – PT515 lab. We learn all about cardiopulmonary tests and even do a little shivasana style relaxation at the end! 

4:00 – Finish lab and work on the next lab’s homework with a group of classmates.

5:15 – Mass at the Catholic Center!

5:35 – Hang out with friends after Mass and have a little pre-dinner snack of pb sandwich crackers from the CC snack stockpile.

6:00 – Study at the BU “beach” with my pal Nico.

7:05 – Walk over to Colby’s place for dinner! 

7:25 – Get to Colby’s. She invited me over for Thai takeout with her and a couple of her high school friends. 

I got the spicy basil pad Thai, which rocked (leftovers for today too woo!). I also had quite a bit of Colby’s rice soaked in curry sauce *drool*.

It was wonderful to kick back and chat with them. Yay for new friends!

9:05 – Hugs all around before leaving Colby’s place. Decide that it is essential to get yogurt and bananas from Trader Joe’s, so I walk 10 minutes downtown before it closes. Text a friend that if I’m not home by 11pm then I have died.

9:15 – Grab bananas and yogurt…and several other things. 

9:45 – Catch the bus to go home and type more of this post on my phone. Realize on the bus that I’m so tired that I feel a little nauseated, yikes.

10:10 – Arrive home, plop down on the floor for a hot second and lean my head on my bed. 

10:12 – Get myself together, put away groceries, clean tupperwares from the day, and pack tomorrow’s food.

10:30 – Shower, brush teeth, pray.

11:05 – HIT THE HAY. 

So tell me: 

How was your Wednesday?

What is your favorite part of your daily routine? I love my morning walk/prayer!