Half a Week in the Life {Video!}

Who needs a mini movie to watch this weekend!?

Daily Moves and Grooves presents…

[Half] a week in the life, the movieeeee *crickets crowd goes wild*

This video is inspired by Kylie’s wonderful week in the life vlog that she posted a few weeks ago. I loved watching hers and thought it would be fun to make one myself; I hadn’t vlogged in quite a while (last time was beginning of January when I talked about taking a break from Instagram)!

Given that it’s FOUR days in the life, the video came out to 25 minutes, but I tried my best to cut out any rambling and fluff. With that, I’ll let the vlog take over now.

here’s the link in case you can’t view it on the blog

I’d love to hear your thoughts on vlogs like this and whether you enjoy them or not!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! As I said at some point in the video, I am indeed going to attempt the Spartan Race this Sunday. I’ve been walking 8+ miles on most days for over a week now, and my hip has been a-okay. Jogging did make it feel wonky, but if I need to walk the race, I’ll walk it. And I will be extra prudent with which obstacles I attempt. Safety first.

So tell me:

Have you started anything new recently?

Does your digestive system every get wonky when you’re stressed/not getting enough sleep (yes, we’re talking about this)?

Three things you did this week!


12 thoughts on “Half a Week in the Life {Video!}

  1. Ow. Your poor elbows. You got some really good shots. And my stomach is totally affected by stress too; it always wears off after a good night’s sleep. 90 degrees for a walk sounds CRAZY. Yikes. O_O I hope your race goes well; I’ll be praying for it! Those lettuce roll ups looked so good; and I haven’t had peanut butter PUffins in so long too. They’re delicious. I love the reminder of treasuring meals distraction free. Those are such blessings from God!

    And that BUS driver. Wow, that was quite the parking job.

  2. I loved watching this hehe. You are so cute! You’re one busy gal too- but you handle it all so well.
    My digestive system does get wonky when I don’t sleep enough. Good luck at the race sunday and have FUN! xoxo

  3. Day in the life vlogs and blogs are some of my favorites. Both of your jobs seem time intensive but rewarding. Also, seeing shots of Boston makes me super excited! I’ll be a freshman at Simmons College in the fall and coming from a tiny town in the middle of the cornfields of PA, the city looks new and intriguing. Oh gosh, I sound like a bumpkin. Anyway, thanks for sharing a little bit of what life looks like 🙂

  4. Long time reader, first time commenter here. On a whim, I watched your video, and can I say that it showed just how wonderful of a person you are. You’re hard working, patient, flexible, optimistic, well-adjusted, balanced, reflective, and self-aware. You seem like such a sweet person and it’s no wonder that you’ve surrounded yourself with good friends and meaningful experiences. As you go about your daily life, you probably don’t notice these things about yourself, but as a complete outsider I wanted to point them out and congratulate you. I hope this comment doesn’t seem weird or creepy to you (and you don’t have to publish it; I just wanted a way to send an anonymous but supportive note). Keep doing what you’re doing – you’re on the right track!

  5. Yay for doing life!! Sometimes I also just need a good stomach stretch when feeling overly full/bloated. Loved this vlog and seeing what your life is like in your neck of the woods (Al Roker voice!) Ohmygoodness, I’m not even there and the beeping is aggravating. How did you last that long?!!
    Three things I did this week (so far) = went to a water park, attended a book club meeting and worked on Thursday!

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