The Great and Small Things I Learned This Semester {Junior II}

I needed to use both handrails to get up the stairs yesterday.

That squat-burpee ladder workout (originally from Peanut Butter Runner by the way!) I did on Monday? Annihilated my legs. I have not been this sore for as long as I can remember, but it has taken me 2.5x longer to get anywhere these past few days. I used to take pride in feeling so sore that I couldn’t walk, but it’s honestly the worst. It’s fine every once in a while, but waddling at turtle pace all day is not functional.

Besides the woe of my quadriceps, today I am sharing the SIXTH edition of…

the great and small

…second semester junior year! Time really does move more quickly every year. Studying abroad in Ireland for the first semester made junior year disappear especially quickly, but second semester was also gone like *snap* ← that.

The culmination of lessons up until now: Freshman I // Freshman II // Sophomore I // Sophomore II // Study Abroad

1) I love being able to cook for myself in an apartment (it literally feeds my overnight oat obsession).

2) I still don’t really know how to deal with cockroaches, but I do know that I can survive after living amongst those six-legged demons.

3) The origins, insertions, actions, nerve supplies, and blood supplies of nearly every muscle in the human body.


4) How to commit to things that I don’t feel 100% comfortable with (within reason). 


5) I can meet more native Irish friends my age in Boston that in Ireland itself.

6) Megan has taught me so much about humility, simplicity, and embracing the little things. She has been a wonderful travel buddy and roommate this past year.

7) The dynamic of friendships may change, but that doesn’t mean the friendships have weakened.

8) I can survive 40+ days without peanut butter (or any nut/seed butter).


9) I really like enchiladas.


10) It’s still difficult for me to prioritize sleep, but when I do, life is so much better.

11) I do like running, and I need to get over saying, “ehhh I don’t LOVE running.” I love it when it’s with good friends.


12) Buying regular carrots rather than baby carrots is not as convenient but it is a heck of a lot cheaper.


13) How to better pray with Scripture. God’s Word becomes meaningful and relevant to you only if you give Him permission to speak through it.

14) Avoid melancholy like the plague. Like when I used to listen to sad songs because feeling sad was better than feeling nothing at all? None of that anymore.

15) I still struggle with perfectionism, but God has really brought me down to earth this semester and taught me that I don’t need to have it all together before going to Him or others.

16) According to my friends, I’m really good at taking selfies.

 I’ll put it on my resume. Is this a transferable skill?

17) How to direct skits.

18) “We are most authentically human when we give ourselves in love.” – Fr. Mark Murphy


19) I’m happier without Instagram.

20) I should check cancellations online before walking (and royally wiping out) over treacherous ice to reach my destination.

21) Emotional persecution is real. I’m almost numb to it in some of my classes, but although it can be hurtful, it also forces me to become more understanding of why others are so ready to bash on certain beliefs rather than others.

22) Megan and I are solid bread chefs: scones, brown bread, focaccia, French toast. Let us know your carb needs; we’ve got the hookup.


23) I cry at least once a week for a positive or negative reason (or both).

24) I very much enjoy classic Disney movie soundtracks, Hannah Montana and High School Musical songs (listening to that right now, TBH).

25) It’s SO FUN when blogger friends visit you in college (@Colby)! 🙂


26) Apparently I look quite different now from when I was a wee little freshman lass.


my first photo with Lauren ever, I think


I mean, we ARE two years older. My hips don’t fit into those red jeans anymore, nayyyyy.

27) The sushi and bagels in Boston do not compare to those of New York.


28) I’m really bad at consistently stretching.

29) The best part of a Red Sox game is the singing and dancing. Sweeeeeeet Caroline {bop ba baaaa!}


30) The people are what make BU a great school. Walking around campus after most people have left feels sad and empty.

31) Writing when praying is incredibly helpful in regards to staying focused and remembering what happened during my conversation with God.

32) My blog still encompasses food and fitness, but it has naturally incorporated more faith and life subjects recently, and I’m okay with that.

33) God truly is present at all times in infinite ways.


Thank you to my parents, brother, family, professors, the Catholic Center, friends (including all of YOU reading this), and strangers who have somehow influenced my life for yet another wonderful and fruitful semester of college. ❤

So tell me: 

Three things you learned this semester/since the beginning of 2017! 


8 thoughts on “The Great and Small Things I Learned This Semester {Junior II}

  1. This makes me happy- you have grown in SO many ways. ❤ Some things I learned this semester… it's okay to only keep people in your life that make YOU happy, there's nothing wrong with saying no, and education is truly a privilege.

  2. Love love love number 7! So much truth. It’s interesting to see how my friendships have changed over college.
    Girl you are totally rocking those selfies. Did you even use a selfie stick?!! Teach me your ways. 🙌

    A few things I learned this semester:
    – To give myself the grace of time
    – On that note, it’s okay to change
    – People can only be there for you if you let them

  3. this is humbling. I love how you said that the dynamic of friendships changes, but that doesn’t change your love for the friend. That was a powerful reminder especially in the midst of some hard yet good changes God is taking our family and church through right now.

    And running with friends makes the miles FLY! I’ve realized that the miles don’t fly nearly as fast even if I’m listening to something; nothing compares to the times I’ve gotten to pray on the run or spend with others.

    Cockroaches are SCARY. We don’t have them in Colorado, but when I was in Uganda they were everywhere. And they scuttle around so fast; you’re amazing for dealing with them and surviving them.

    Amen to God showing HIs glory and presence in infinite ways; it’s so humbling to think that His presence is everywhere, and I’m humbled that He had mercy on us to send Jesus to reconcile us to Him so we could embrace and long for His presence more.

    I need to stretch more; I’ve been so stiff lately. I’ve always kind of stunk at stretching.

    What you said about really loving the feeling sore; that’s me too! Now I’m embracing the feeling of not being sore after a workout. I love it after some workouts but not every workout. My old body needs a break more often than it used to.

  4. I can most certainly relate to a lot of these small and significant pleasures! Having a kitchen to cook in college has been a LIFESAVER for enjoying my food all year long! Yay for oatmeal, sweet potatoes, roasted vegetables, and turmeric popcorn bowls! ❤ Hiking with friends is also so much fun, and it's such a crazy wonderful workout too! I'm also obsessed with Disney soundtracks, baby carrots, sleep, pastries, emotional persecution, perfectionism, nut/seed butter, and writing as well! 😀

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