Last Undergraduate Days

Classes are OVER.

The title is correct— I’m done with undergraduate classes! But I’m not graduating yet. I’m in the 6-year physical therapy program, so now that we’re done with three years of our undergraduate classes, it’s time to move on to the graduate portion of the program for another three years (but we still walk with the Class of 2018).

Halfway done!!

Here are some scenes from my last undergraduate days, which look quite similar to some of my freshman days…

As I did freshman year, I am once again hoarding bananas from both the grocery store and the dining hall, so there are many frozen bananas and banana-pb breakfasts (surprise!). You’d think I lived through a banana famine in the past.


plain Greek yogurt mixed with apple sauce (I have a big jar that needs to be used, so it’s going into everything), cinnamon, nutmeg, chia seeds, strawberries, banana, granola, pb


strawberry banana overnight oats with granola and sunflower seed butter

This is me doing laundry when things are getting desperate (read: I have no more pants to wear and almost no underwear left). I don’t know if this is reminiscent of freshman year, but it seems like something a freshman would do. And apparently a junior.


This is me taking my vitamins (basically candy, which is the only way I will take vitamins daily), opening up my laptop to do work, and then taking a nap instead.


In this post from freshman year, I stated, “I still need naptime and snacktime, so I’m basically in preschool.” ← still true.

Snacktime in class, exhibit A:


I’ve had many dining hall meals to use up these past couple of weeks, so it’s been fun feeling like freshman/sophomore me, going to the ol’ d-hall every day.


The server gave me, like, three servings of barley on that plate, but I ate it all because I was so hungry. It was one of times when I could feeeeel the glucose nourishing my brain.


Zoe put her cookies in there on purpose


pepperjack mac and cheese!!!


look at all our salads + mac and cheeses


snickerdoodle cookie x2 because they were that good

I would say that the dining hall draws me to eat more desserts, but we all know that’s not true.


a cup of two different kinds of gelato that I bought on sale before Easter 🙂

It’s been nice not having to buy as many groceries as the semester closes out and I have dining hall meals to use, but that means that when I do eat at the apartment, it’s usually eggs or canned fish of some sort.


egg sandwich with sun-dried tomato butter

The weather has been very mild and quite nice recently. The trees are bloomin’ and beautiful!


But just like freshman year around finals week, my allergies are up the wazoo! I can’t stop sneezing and crying.

Some days I go to the gym or work out outdoors, and other days, I take it back to dorm workouts on the mat. Like this 30 minute yoga from Fightmaster Yoga!


Ya know how I don’t love running? Or at least how I always say I don’t love running? Well I’ve been running with my friends once or twice a week for these past few weeks, and I can dig it.

Convo with Sarah:

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 10.02.54 PM

Just like freshman year when I started running 4-5 miles for a few weeks randomly, even though I claimed to not like running. Well it had been over two years since I had run 5 miles, and I did just that with Sarah yesterday morning. ‘Twas glorious!


perfect running weather


I do like running. I do. I think I like it more now because I don’t pressure myself to hold a certain pace, I enjoy running with friends, and I play it by ear. If I wanna run, I will. If I don’t want to, I won’t. NOVEL CONCEPTS.


We also discovered that we got matching blisters after our run.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 10.02.06 PM



I thought it was necessary to show you all that we got a blister in the exact same spot on our feet (the spot is innervated by the medial plantar nerve in case you were wondering #GrossAnatomyStudyingALLTHETIME).

And now I should continue studying. Blogging was a great break as always. My friends Domenica and Nico did Uptown Funk Zumba with me for 5 minutes just now too. Keeping life zesty.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Good luck to my fellow college students who are facing finals. Forge on!

p.s. I think I lost my early bird streak the night after I posted my last blog post lol.

So tell me:

Have you been running outside recently?

College friends: What’s life looking like for ya?

What is the best thing you’ve eaten this week? That mac and cheese wins.


13 thoughts on “Last Undergraduate Days

  1. Firstly, those two oat-y breakfasts, as simple and unassuming as they are, look absolutely perfect and give me life! Also have always wanted to try Talenti gelato 🙂

    College life right now is giving me allll sorts of feels – writing a dissertation, cramming for my (last!!) exams and trying to make the most of my last month of college. EVER. So bittersweet!

    And best thing I’ve eaten this week…. Hmm probably a black bean + scrambled egg & avo deconstructed breakfast burrito bowl I made. And I guess one more because technically I didn’t eat this per se – a “free” luscious blended iced coffee I got (basically I “earned” it because I collected enough stamps by buying the world’s most incredible sandwiches!).

    • You should definitely try Talenti! Some flavors are better than others, but I highly recommend the Southern Butter Pecan! It kind of tastes like butter beer 🙂
      Best of luck on all your last assignments and exams, Tanvi! This is so exciting! But soak up every minute of your last undergrad experience 🙂

  2. Congrats on the milestone! I graduated college a semester early back in Decemeber and will be starting grad school (to get a Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction in July), so I can relate to making a big step forward!

  3. You know how to do that dessert game; I almost bought some Talenti gelato today. It’s SO SO Good. I might just have to go get some more if I remember. Also, I love how you were able to enjoy a few runs; some days my body loves running. Other days my body really hates it, and it just wants some weight lifting or rest …. I think my favorite part about running is either running with our huskies or going to run with a good friend.

  4. I just finished classes too. Finals week here we come! running outside is so much better than on a treadmill for sure. I have been going on jogs outside and love it! even tho i suck at running haha

  5. Congrats to you!!!! I too just finished up my undergrad years (in a 5 year program so just one more year for me!). It feels GREAT!
    Putting yogurt into leftover jars (e.g. applesauce, nut butter) is a must! Tastes delicious, super portable and decreases food waste. 😉 I also think I need that sun-dried tomato butter in my life.
    What have you got planned for the summer? 😊

  6. I have always liked the idea of reincarnation, though I don’t believe in it, so I like to think that if it was true, maybe you did live through a banana famine. Those would bedeck days if that ever happened. Congratulations on finishing out your year! Hard to believe we both walk next year, am I right? Where does time goooo.

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