Summer’s Coming

It’s been forever and a half since I thought out loud with the lovely Amanda!


what’s thinking out loud?

1) I am never not surprised that it’s almost May. What the heck!?

2) Last week was the “Easter Octave”, which means that the Church celebrated Easter for eight days straight, since the joy of the Resurrection cannot be contained within one single day. Let me tell you, I celebrated. With lots of alleluias and just as many desserts (I definitely had two desserts on several days).


thanks for the cute cookie, Megan!


Sometimes I went for a slightly more nutritious dessert, but nevertheless, I let loose with my sweet tooth.


Amanda’s banana bread mug cake — one of my favorite things ever

3) The day after the Boston Marathon, I went on a beautiful run with my two beautiful friends, Kelsey and Sarah. You all know I’m not a huge fan of running, but my body didn’t want to do any sort of strength/HIIT or even yoga, so I asked Kels and Sarah if I could run with them after Mass on Tuesday evening.


I would say that I was inspired by the Boston Marathon, but…

Kels: “Do you wanna run a half marathon with us?”

Me: “…ehhhhhhhhhhhh.”

For now, I’ll stick to spontaneous runs when I feel like it 🙂


3) I didn’t sign up for a half marathon, but my friend Ben and I did sign up for a Spartan Sprint Race!!! We talked about it on Marathon Monday and decided it would be a fun thing to do this summer. I’ve always wanted to do an obstacle course race for fun, so the time has come!

Our training regimen is really coming together:

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 10.20.35 PM

Finbar is our priest’s dog

The Spartan Sprint Race is a 3-5 mile course with 20+ obstacles. Although I want to be relatively in shape for the race, I’m not really changing anything about how I work out right now. My mind and body are happy with my 4-ish workouts per week, varying based on how I feel that day.

But I’m SO EXCITED FOR THIS RACE! There’s also beer at the end I think, and I’ll be 21 by then 🙂

4) It’s strawberry season/the grocery store has strawberries on sale!


5) Last weekend was filled with so much a cappella, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. My talented friends Adrienne and Connor each had their last a cappella concerts of their college careers, and they were both phenomenal.


Our whole Catholic Center fam came out to support like proud (and very loud) relatives. Adrienne and Connor, you guys are amazing!

6) I am officially in finals mode now (even though classes end next Wednesday). I am finished with regular exams and now just have one research paper for religion & medicine, a final for health policy, and a final for gross anatomy. Nighttime study sessions are all the rage these days.


7) Should it be warmer than 60*F at this point in the spring? Boston will have one day per week when the temperature exceeds 70, but the rest of the days are still pretty chilly. I don’t even know what normal temperatures are anymore (going from Ireland ➔ Florida ➔ NY ➔ Boston in less than two months).


There have been some gorgeous days, though, as you can see. I do like the mild weather too, so I guess I shouldn’t complain before the heat hits.

8) I feel like I haven’t been cooking as much in the apartment recently, but when I do, it always feels like I’m trying to use up as many leftovers/things in the pantry as possible. It’s never too shabby though!


omelette with spinach, onions, lots of cheese, and ketchup


salad with sundried tomatoes, artichokes, feta, and grilled chicken

9) Campus dining has had some pretty good hits too.


Thai chicken salad + sandwich (roast beef, gouda, veggies, artichoke herb spread [omg so good!] on whole grain ciabatta) + apple


breakfast-for-dinner at the dining hall: actually, this vegan breakfast burrito was just okay (breakfast burritos definitely need real eggs and bacon)


Sarah got this delicious-looking Monte Cristo at breakfast-for-dinner night


fantastic maple banana bread pudding a la mode (Easter Octave is over, but when do I ever not have dessert?)

10) This week was filled with a lot of goodness, but I also had rough patches. I realized that I always try to emerge from trials a little more perfect than before (which isn’t bad in and of itself — God calls us to be perfected in Him), but I end up discouraged and even surprised when I find myself in the same weak and confused state that [I thought] I had overcome before.

I needed to re-learn that, even when I feel confused, weak, or like a failure: a) it’s okay to feel that way, because I am a weak human being; b) I don’t have to try to fix myself before asking others/God for help to be better. I can’t fix myself once and for all. That would be trying to dodge this thing called life.



Hope you all have a great Thursday!

So tell me:

Have you ever done an obstacle course race?

How’s the weather where you are? Rain all week for us :/

Which in-season produce are you excited for?

Two fun things you did this past week!


15 thoughts on “Summer’s Coming

  1. I don’t think we’ve even cracked 70 yet, although next Wednesday it’s supposed to be 69. We’ve had almost solid rain or clouds, so much that I’ve forgotten what sun on my skin felt like. So when the sun came out the other day, I was holding my arm out, and staring at it smiling bc I was so happy lol. Today we had both sun and hail, and now it’s back to sun so I don’t know what to think! 😆

  2. I have done a Tough Mudder once before, and with all the strength and agility you do, I think you’ll be so well prepared. I love your text conversation with your friend. I had to laugh about practicing ‘parkour.’ THe weather here is actually rainy which is kind of odd for Colorado, and then we’re supposed to have a snowstorm on Saturday. I’m so thankful that the Lord sends moisture in His mercy, because we really need moisture here in Colorado. We had kind of a dry spring, and now it’s getting to be a wetter summer (not quite summer yet). How many friends have you made in school? I love seeing how you’re surrounded with friends there.

  3. We’ve been having the worst spring here – we’re at least a month behind. The tree buds haven’t even opened yet and it’s still snowing! UGH

    I’m really looking forward to peaches, raspberries and blueberries! MMM!!! Peach cobbler + ice cream is my fav summer dessert.

  4. I’ve always wanted to do a fun run or Spartan race or mud run but haven’t yet! One day! I’ll look forward to reading about yours 🙂 And I agree, May always sneaks up on me, too. The spring/summer months seem to FLY by every year!

  5. Awww, that poor little bird (???) cookie! A ca awesome! (Please get the reference!)
    It was forecasted to POUR all day yesterday but it looked like the storm missed us. Looks like it’s back to 80 degree sunshine for the remainder of the week.
    When I can get a package for <$2, I'm def all aboard the strawberry train too! Looking forward to fresh figs though. They seem to be only in season for a sliver of time so super excited to grab those when I can! Only your pictures can make me miss dining hall food 😝
    Your feelings are valid. And yes it is okay to acknowledge feeling weak but easier said than done. Good luck on your finals!!!

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