He is risen! He is risen indeed!


Oh mannnnnn. Easter just gets better every year — more meaningful, more beautiful, more joyful — because “God is infinitely interesting,” as Fr. Barnes once said!

It’s been a wild ride this week, but I think what makes Holy Week leading up to Easter so special is that:

a) people are getting baptized, confirmed, received into the Church!

b) everyone is laser-focused not on themselves but on God Himself. Work, worries, fears, doubts… nothing seems to matter in the face of the reality that Christ gave Himself for us and rose from the dead as He promised. It’s something Christians/Catholics know, but it’s not always something we stop and truly, deeply think about. Holy Week is the time for it, and it is like nothing else in the world.

Festivities included the longest (but most beautiful) Mass ever on Saturday night, followed by a party to ring in Easter!


I made carrot cake for the occasion using Alton Brown’s recipe. ‘Twas a hit (only because I made sure to make some with AND without raisins and walnuts).


My body was ready for allllll the food after [just a little bit of] fasting.


like these mini chicken and waffle bites that Veronica made!!

I got to reunite with peanut butter after giving it up for Lent, and it was quite an event. I literally packed half a pb&j sandwich to bring to the party because I’m ridiculous.

My face can be described as “blissful baby chipmunk” whenever I eat things I enjoy.


left: last year at a relay race where we had to eat bananas // right: breaking the peanut butter fast this year

Eating, drinking, and being merry 🙂


On Sunday, I helped prepare brunch for the masses of people after the Easter Mass.  First, I ate my first peanut buttery overnight oats in 40+ days for breakfast.


I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My friend Louis headed a bunch of people in flapjack flipping, ham carving, table setting, and dessert plating.


Then we feasted!


It was a hot and gorgeous day for Easter yesterday too!


Louis the brunch MVP


junior ladiez


Special shoutout to Fiona who rucked (sped-walked with 35-lb. of army gear on her back) 26.2 miles for the Tough Ruck Marathon on Saturday!!! You’re my hero.



Lauren is my dance partner of choice for life

I also FaceTimed my family + worked out by the river yesterday since it was so nice out!


At the end of all the celebration madness, when everyone is gone and moving on with their lives, we remember again the One who this is all about. To the quietest, most precious Source of Life — all glory and honor to Thee.


Hope you all have a wonderful Monday! We have the day off because it’s Marathon Monday/Patriot’s Day 😀

So tell me:

The best thing about your weekend!

If you celebrate, what did you do for Easter or Passover?

One beautiful thing in your life.



6 thoughts on “Alleluia!

  1. you look so genuinely happy in these pics girl- makes ME so happy! so glad you got to reunite with peanut butter hehe. That first bite must have been amazinggg. Best thing about my weekend? Spending time with my parents and brother! And the 80 degree weather!

  2. AAAAH!! I’ll take that carrot cake with raisins AND walnuts please 🙋
    That white dress looks awesome on you, by the way. But what really makes that outfit is that constant smile on your face!
    I think we’ve gotta make it PB&A for Alison. 😉
    One beautiful thing in my life right now (and basically all the time) is my family who puts up with me and loves me though even when I treat them horribly.

  3. YOU ARE THE Cutest. I LOVE your baby chipmunk face when eating anything you really enjoy. 🙂 And you were such a trooper to give up peanut butter; I have to remind myself that Jesus is so much more worth it than anything including pb, but PB is definitely a blessing from the Lord too!

    One beautiful thing: JESUS is risen and every time I’ve been tempted to get weary or discouraged these past couple weeks, the victory Jesus has keeps coming back to me over and over.

    FIONA sped walked the Boston Marathon? Walking is so much harder for me (over a long distance) than running. I’m officially really amazed!

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