Current Simple Joys

Life is hectic and cluttered enough, so let’s keep things simple today.

current simple joys

Snow days.


{last Thursday}

Making waffles with my roommate on said snow day.


and glasses of milk in mason jars

Ecstatic Californian friends who have never experienced a snow day before (@Sarah).


crooked smiles because I’m pretty sure the left side of my face was frozen

Sipping hot cocoa and talking about the mystery of the universe with friends after coming inside from the frigid cold.


Situations/statements that make me or someone else laugh like an idiot.

When people do spot-on impressions of other people.

Workout dates with Christina.


Followed by lunch dates + good lighting for food photos.


@ Mei Mei’s Street Kitchen – we shared corn fritters…


…and I got a classic double awesome 


When my best friend gets me a piece of carrot cake with a glass o’ milk at the dining hall.


Waking up after less than 7 hours of sleep but still feeling alert.

Bending over to stretch and letting blood rush to my head after a long day.

Perfect avocados.


Which turn into perfect avocado egg toasts.


When hundreds of gross anatomy flashcards pay off.

Friends who are undyingly loving of one another.

Gelato on sale.


Painting my nails while studying.


Standing close to the stage for an acoustic concert with my best friend.


Hailey Knox opened – she is insanely talented!!!


just supporting my close pals


they are incredible ♥︎ 

Discovering a new song to play on repeat.

Breakfast that’s already made.


Having pockets of time to move and groove in some way every day.

Mountains of guacamole.


not a joy – stomach ache after eating this whole thing #whoops

FaceTiming with the family.

Having something to look forward to this weekend (retreat + long weekend + Rachel turning 21!).

So tell me:

Three current simple joys in your life!

What are you doing this weekend?


8 thoughts on “Current Simple Joys

  1. It’s crazy to think that it’s snowing on your side of the country while it’s supposed to hit 80 at some point in the next week here in Texas. That Mei Mei’s food looks heavenly. I’ve been on that avocado kick too and I’m actually eating one now. *insert avocado emoji I don’t have here*

    Spending the weekend with myself! Taking myself to pottery tonight then coffee tomorrow. Other than that, I’ve got errands and chores to do!

  2. I love mountains of guacamole; and could you send some snow this way? :o) However sunshine is AWESOME too. 🙂 And the pictures of you taking pictures of food are so classic; I love it. 🙂

    3 Simple Joys;
    God’s grace

  3. All of these made me smile 🙂 Wish I could join you and Christina on that fun foodie and exercise date! Perfect avos always make me smile too. Hope you are enjoying your retreat this weekend!

  4. Yes to all of the snow days! We’ve had so many recently up in NH! Also yes to perfect avocados haha – such a simple little joy. 3 joys: a good cup of coffee, sunshine, the sound of birds chirping

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