And Just Like That, I Got Busy

Leave it to me to make a 12-credit schedule feel like a 20-credit schedule.

I feel like the busyness dial went from 1 to 100 in the past week, but I cannot complain. I don’t have that much time to write this (sleep is calling), but I thought I’d share some of the things that are filling up my days this spring semester!

I bought a 5-class pass for a modern dance class in Cambridge, since the dance class I usually take on campus was under-enrolled this semester. I don’t care that I have to pay extra and walk 35 minutes to and from the dance class, because this girl wants to DANCE.


walking with this view ain’t bad

Last week, a couple of my dear friends were sick up the wazoo, so they needed a lot of TLC. My friend Sarah and I made Rachel loads of chicken noodle soup. And then poor Sarah needed some Gatorade and crackers a few days later… 😦


Megan is a fantastic roommate for many reasons. She cleans things when I’m not around, helps me study for gross anatomy, and teaches me how to properly use chopsticks, because I’m the worst Asian and have never actually used chopsticks correctly (I cross them when I use them).


this method never worked for me until last week when a Pennsylvania Irish girl taught this Chinese-Laotian banana how to do things right

She also shares her desserts with me.

brownie pudding in a crockpot, black raspberry ice cream, and a buttercream frosting sugar cookie from a box that her mom sent her ♥︎ 

And lastly, she doesn’t judge me when I eat banana something for the 3rd time in a single day.


banana bread mug cake via Running with Spoons

I went to the dining hall for the first time in eight months last week, and it was fun being in the world of endless buffet again.


I am working again, which involves cooking up a HURRICANE for my bosses. Last week I made them meatloaf, salmon, baked chicken parm, tuna salad, barley risotto, and roasted veggies. Yes, it did take forever. Yes, I did taste every single one of them.

I will be killing more trees this semester than I ever have in a single semester. Gross anatomy requires all the printing of notes and all the flashcards.


Megan and I had a Dublin reunion with our lovely friend Cristen this weekend! She goes to a different school, so we met up in Boston for an Italian lunch. (Megan and I miss Italy so much.)


Megan and I were pretty darn hungry, so we split a meatball panini + side salad…


…and ordered our own pasta dishes. I got the spaghetti all’amatriciana (tomato sauce with pork cheek, onions, and pecorino cheese HOLY MOLY). 


it was so good catching up with Cristen! 🙂

Other reasons why I fail as an Asian: I had no dim sum on Chinese New Year. Instead, I ate pasta, meatballs, and pizza. #identitycrisis?

National peanut butter day was last week, and I didn’t even know until Cristen texted me to remind me. Every day is national peanut butter day to me, so it all melds together.

I’ve gotten a couple great gym workouts in this past week + some much-needed yoga/walking days. Check out this intention wall in our gym!


And all the diversity of intentions…


“cry less” … “← same”

We had a SEEK reunion on Saturday night, and one of the activities was eating pizza with RULES. We were all numbered off 1, 2, or 3. Ones couldn’t feed themselves their own pizza, twos couldn’t touch their own beverages, and threes couldn’t touch their own napkins. Everyone had to help each other. I was a one, so Fiona and Rachel kindly fed me my pizza (which made me slow down significantly and appreciate each bite).


“pizza me”

There have been a lot of meetings with some great people and one okay dog.


our priest’s dog making himself very comfortable behind Rachel in the middle of our meeting

Apartment living has been a little more time-consuming than dorm life, but I’m loving it.


Although I have to remember that I’m not grocery shopping for a family of four anymore. I may have bought a huge box of salad greens that could feed 10 people. Hence the green in every food I make these days.

Lastly, I’ve tried to make time for reflection, prayer, and good conversation in all my days. I could take the extra hour (or two) to study, but I know that I will not be well overall if I continuously go without filling my soul.

Alright I really need to go to sleep. Hope you all have a great week!

So tell me:

What’s been going on in your life!? (I haven’t been great about responding recently, but I read all your comments and appreciate them so much!)

Did you celebrate Chinese New Year or national peanut butter day?

Do you ever wonder, “how the heck did my schedule get so full!?”


12 thoughts on “And Just Like That, I Got Busy

  1. I love the intentions wall, its such a great idea! I totally understand about being crazy busy this semster. I’m taking 18 credits plus work and man has it been hitting me hard. But in the end it means I’m one step closer to graduation!

  2. Apartment life is more time consuming but the cooking is so worth it. Cooking and cleaning makes me take a real break (and the food is better, in my not so humble opinion). And yes, so busy. I had to step back from yoga teaching to accommodate my schedule, but busy is good. Let’s see… I started (and quit) Whole30 and I’ve been slowly running more and more so I can run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February! It’s been a crazy month but a good one.
    So glad you’re settling back in well! And yay for all the greens + PB 😀

  3. It was amazing how busy I was during my last semester of college a few months ago. Even though I was only taking 12 units, the amount of time it took to apply to (11) grad schools, hang out with friends, work 2 part-time jobs and cook all my own food (I have celiac disease) definitely was shocking! Try to enjoy the busyness while you can – it seems like you’re on the right track!

  4. YES. Always celebrating national peanut butter day or national nut butter day. Wow, you are cooking up and down and up and down the wazoo. Everything looks like a gourmet creation. I would gladly taste test with you. And so thankful you’re making time to fill your soul right up; His mercy and grace does fill us right up through things like friendship, prayer, and good rest time. Also, that chicken soup is making me crave bow tie pasta. Bow tie pasta is seriously so good; it always kind of tastes different to me.

  5. Are you willing to share Megan with me? Even just for a bit, pleaseeeee!
    You’d be disappointed to hear that I did not celebrate national peanut butter day but I did, however, make up for your lack of Asian food by feasting on some Chinese food with my family!
    EEEEK that doggy is adorable.
    It’s weird because I’m not taking any classes right now (yay for interning full time!) so my weekends are light and homework-free! But they fill up so quickly 😳 So, basically, yup: how the heck did my non-schedule schedule get so full?!!

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