Five Minute Friday: Why I’m Taking a Break From Instagram

I am in yet another state right now!

Greeting from San Antonio, TX! As I mentioned earlier this week, I’m currently at a Catholic students’ conference called SEEK. I’m drafting this post on Monday before I leave though, so I may or may not be having a good time. Hopefully the former!

I posted on Instagram last week that I’m taking a break from the beloved social media platform for a while. In all honesty, it was a long time coming. I love Instagram, but that’s exactly why I needed to let it go for a bit. I’ve talked about my woes with social media on here before, so why didn’t I just quit it finally!? 2016 was the year (yes, 2016— this was not a “resolution”)!

This very choppy vlog explains more (p.s. I recorded this while still in FL…sorry for all this time warp confusion):

if only my hair was still super short…with this pink t-shirt, I would have completed the Dora the Explorer look!

If you want to watch the Simon Sinek (not Simon Sinews like I said in the video haha) talk, click here!

Although I’m staying away from Instagram primarily right now, I also deleted the Facebook icon from my phone as well. Another goal of mine is to detach myself from my phone, so all social media is outta there.

I hope your first week of 2017 kicked butt! Have a great weekend, and I’ll talk to you when I get back to New York!

Wait first, can we look at this omelette I made earlier this week?


Wait for it.


CHEEEEEEESE. I made this baby with two eggs, one egg white, a splash of milk, salt and pepper + spinach, onion, parsley, Canadian bacon, cheddar cheese AND gouda cheese. Avocado toast on the side 🙂

So tell me: 

Do you ever get so sick of social media or having your phone on you all the time?


8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Why I’m Taking a Break From Instagram

  1. I deactivated my Twitter account last year and have no regrets! Sadly though, my Instagram and Facebook habits have worsened. I don’t know if I’m ready to take those next steps and remove them from my phone but it’s definitely something I want to be more mindful of in the upcoming year. For me, I think I just need something to do with my hands or keep my mind preoccupied. But if I don’t have my phone in my room, then it rarely crosses my mind. I find this whole thing hard to combat too when everyone else around me is addicted to theirs.
    This is awesome, Alison!!! So proud of you 💜

    • I agree that I have a general habit of always just needing to be doing something. My mind always needs to be distracted, but that’s not a great habit, so I’m trying to combat that. It’s great that you are becoming more mindful of your social media/phone use this year!

  2. I definitely do get sick of social media from time to time! I’ve thought about deleting my Facebook or Insta before but have found both helpful for the blog so I’ve kept them. Unplugging every so often is definitely so good for me, though!

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