I’m a Slytherin!?



I was appalled when these Pottermore results showed up on my screen. I chose a snowy owl as my pet, guys. HOW.

I guess I should just own it, because apparently I’m in the “coolest and edgiest house” in Hogwarts. Slytherins are also “frequently misunderstood,” which might be fairly accurate for me.

The day after I took this quiz, I was telling my friends: “I can’t believe I’m a Slytherin.”

Friend: “How come you’re wearing black and green right now then?”

*Look down at my green Ireland t-shirt and black athletic pants*


If you couldn’t tell, I’m thoroughly obsessed with Harry Potter now. Megan and I finished the second book and movie last week, and now we’re well into number three. HELP (but don’t, because I’m having so much fun).

Besides becoming completely immersed in the wizarding world of HP, other good things have happened in the past week, like KaisaFit liking my Instagram video! She’s one of my favorite fitness influencers of all time, and I couldn’t help but smile when she liked one of my videos that I hashtagged #KaisaFitxAsics for one of her giveaways. No shame.


She also liked every other video with that hashtag, so I’m not special, but I won’t let that fact steal my excitement.

On Saturday, a few of us went on a Ring of Kerry bus tour! We started our day super early at 5am so that we could walk to the bus pickup in city centre. Thankfully, we had 2.5 hours to nap as we drove to Killarney.


It had snowed a few days before we visited, which is rare for Ireland. It made the mountains look even more beautiful!


The Toc Waterfall in Killarney National Park was my favorite stop of all. The moss-covered trees looked magical (HP on the mind, ya know), and the waterfall itself was bigger than I imagined!


water and green things— a Slytherin’s dream.


The tour was a lot of sitting on the bus with many photo stops that ranged from 10-45 minutes each. The scenery was gorgeous for sure, but I don’t think it was my favorite bus tour in Ireland. Connemara a couple weeks ago might have won it for me.


always climbing trees


Inch beach in Dingle




We had a long lunch break in Killarney, so Megan and I walked around the charming city (reminded us a lot of Galway!) and bought…



We both got this super sweet sticky toffee caramel apple muffin, which was delicious. I very much desired a glass of milk to go with it, but life wasn’t bad without it.

(p.s. we had already eaten real lunch on the bus at 10 am due to early morning wakeup.)

It was a long trip, mostly due to travel time between places, but I enjoyed it! I think that was my last trip within Ireland, and I’m glad I went.

The weather has been frigid these days. Usually I wouldn’t mind, but I’ve had to wear only my Toms outside because I’m pretty sure I have retrocalcaneal bursitis, which causes my heel to hurt when I wear any tight shoes, such as boots or sneakers. Toms give me just enough room for my inflamed bursa to breathe.


It’s nice to work in a physiotherapy clinic, where people can take care of me and educate me on the job 🙂 Google is also great.

Luckily, Megan offered me her bag of frozen vegetables to ice my heel like the good friend she is.

I have been advised to not do high impact exercise for a while, and to even take it easy on lower body weight bearing for a couple days. I’ve been mostly compliant. Sadly though, walking is becoming more and more painful, and I generally walk with a slight limp now.

It’s so hard to avoid walking though! How else am I supposed to go to Mass and Sunday brunch!? (The bus, yes…)


After Mass this past Sunday, Megan and I went to Whitefriar Grill for another Sunday brunch. This one was a WINNER. She got the classic eggs benedict, and I got the crab cake eggs benedict to compare with the one I got at San Lorenzo’s last weekend.


This was our favorite savory brunch so far. The crab cakes in my dish were a lot fresher at Whitefriar than at San Lorenzo’s IMO. And that hollandaise was phenomenal. Megan agrees!

We also got free watermelon bellinis because I “checked in” on Yelp.


“We don’t always drink, but when we do, it’s for free.” – Megan

We didn’t even finish them.

Later on Sunday night, Megan and I made some amazing focaccia bread, if I do say so myself. Megan comes up with the best ideas. Last weekend she suggested scones, which were a hit. This week, focaccia was another fabulous treat.


We made it using this recipe, plus rosemary, thyme, garlic, and caramelized onions. ‘Twas a pillow of olive-oily, aromatic goodness.


fresh out of the oven ♥︎ 

We’ll be in Boston opening up our scone and focaccia storefront soon.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!

So tell me:

Which1 Hogwarts house are you? 🙂 I want to retake mine, but the Sorting Hat has decided.

What is one delicious thing you made and/or ate this weekend?

Have you ever been to the Ring of Kerry? 


16 thoughts on “I’m a Slytherin!?

  1. The pictures are beautiful, as always! The mossy trees speak to my heart. They remind me of something out of Bridge to Terabithia. And that bread…I’m drooling.
    I hope your foot heals quickly 🙂

  2. Wow, your pictures of Ireland only enhance my desire to visit! And in answer to your questions, I am a proud Hufflepuff, I didn’t eat anything particularly remarkable this weekend (I should fix that), and no I have not yet been to the Ring of Kerry. Maybe someday… 🙂

  3. Kilarney really makes me think of the essential Ireland spot. :o) And I haven’t gotten into Harry Potter… so I wouldn’t be able to offer anything there.

    And wow, it’s hard to have foot injuries when you have to be so mobile, but I think sometimes those are the ways that the Lord has us slow down. ❤ However I am definitely praying for healing for you my active, sweet, bubbly joyful friend. I'm just so thankful for you Alison! Much love to you.

    That is SO SO cool that you got to see snow in Ireland.

  4. I’m not an HP fan (sorry), but if I was sorted, I’d be a Ravenclaw. I guess I just have the wrong kind of mind. I got bored. I only read the first book, and it felt like such a chore; I had to keep *forcing* myself to read it. And I was like… You know what? Done. Life’s too short. I also had trouble sympathizing/connecting with the characters…
    Also, I’m pretty sure the test got you wrong; first thing I thought was “No, Hufflepuff!” Idek… it just seemed like you for some reason lol.

  5. ah how fun 🙂 I hope your foot heals up too Alison! Best thing I ate this weekend? honey grain bagel with honey raisin cream cheese! After seeing that muffin tho I am craving a fresh bakery one! Have a good day love

  6. When I originally took the quiz when Pottermore first came out way back when, I got Hufflepuff, which I 100% agree with. Then I retook the quiz last month and got Gryffindor. 😭 😭 😭 I swear though, I’m a Hufflepuff at heart, through and through!

    Homemade foccacia AND scones?!!? Seriously some of my favorite baked goods. One thing I loved that I ate this week: went out for some Indian-fusion food with my mother the other day. Hit the spot for sure!

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