Day in the Life: Study Abroad

You knew this post had to come sooner or later.

Here’s a day in the life of a student (me) studying abroad in Ireland.

7:50 AM — Wake up, mostly because I need to pee. Roll out of bed and stumble down the long hallway to go to the bathroom. Come back to the room to brush teeth and change.

8:20 AM — Pray.

8:30 AM — 8 minute abs.



8:38 AM — Change into longer pants, put on makeup, and gather my stuff to go.

8:55 AM — Breakfast! I finished up my tub of Greek yogurt with some cinnamon, nutmeg, and golden syrup (doesn’t taste like anything special), and I ate a sweet potato breakfast bowl that I prepared the night before, following Jen’s recipe. It was a nice change from oatmeal!

img_4268 img_4269

baked microwaved sweet potato (mashed) + mashed banana + cinnamon + nutmeg + almond milk + peanut butter

9:15 AM — Head off on a long walk to the National Museum of Decorative Arts & History at Collins Barracks for our sociology field trip! ‘Twas a gorgeous day to walk.


10:15 AM — Arrive at the museum. We are assigned a worksheet to fill out as we go through the museum.


11:30 AM — Finish the worksheet and feel like I didn’t really learn that much, since we were all kinda rushing to finish and head back for lunch. #badstudents. It was fun though!

11:45 AM — Walk back to the dorms with Megan. Snack on an orange as we’re walking.


in case you forgot what an orange looked like

12:35 PM — Stop by the grocery store for some essentials.


12:55 PM — Make it back to the dorms on the verge of ravenous. We had already walked 6 miles by lunch! Prepare a quick and easy lunch.


two slices of buttered soda bread + two eggs + so many carrots with hummus

1:30 PM — Hang out in the kitchen and talk with people while washing dishes. Listen to a friend practice her ethics presentation.

1:45 PM — Walk to class.

2:00 PM — Sit back and relax as I listen to all my peers’ ethics presentations for 2.5 hours. (I got mine over with last week 😀 )

4:30 PM — Class is over. Walk back to the dorms and spend some time catching up on emails, but mostly wasting time on social media.

5:00 PM — Snack on salad that my friend gave me since she doesn’t like arugula. With the last of my carrots, as if I hadn’t eaten enough beta carotene in the day. I ate the equivalent of three small, whole carrots that day.


5:15 PM — Work on my sociology essay.

5:50 PM — Walk over to the chapel on the campus across the street for the first student Mass of the semester! I meet Megan there.

6:10 PM — Mass (with people under the age of 25, hallelujah).

7:00 PM — Pizza and socializing (after many minutes of awkwardly waiting to see if any Irish students would approach us. We learned that Irish people are not super confrontational and are “afraid of American confidence,” as our sociology professor explained to us).

img_4281 img_4282

plus one more slice (“they’re tiny slices!”) + a piece of intensely sweet chocolate orange creme candy

7:50 PM — Head over to the library to finish my essay.

8:15 PM — Finish essay, type up the references (DEATH), read, edit.


9:40 PM— PRINT IT.


9:45 PM — Walk back to my dorm.

10:00 PM — Chat with some friends on Facebook, answer emails, do some other random things that are obviously not important enough for me to remember.


decided to check the health app since I knew I walked a lot that day— wooohoo!

11:30 PM — Practice handstands and realize that my head position needs to be tucked a little more to help my body stay stacked (gotta love late night revelations).

11:45 PM — Get ready for bed and pray.

12:00 AM — Try to read an article for ethics class but cannot for the life of me process any of it. So I go have a snack instead.


12:30 AM— Brush teeth again and go to sleep.

I need to be better about having more order to my nights.

So tell me:

What did you eat for breakfast yesterday?

Two things you do in your “day in the life”! 

What is your nighttime routine? 


19 thoughts on “Day in the Life: Study Abroad

  1. what a jam packed day! Sounds like the trip is going well though. 🙂 Two things I do in my day in a life are pray and drink coffee! Hope you have a great weekend love!

  2. I’ve been reading your blog for ages but never commented so thought I’d comment and say hi. 🙂

    I think your blog is great and all of your studying abroad posts are really interesting!

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  4. Hey Girl!
    I really enjoyed this post. Looks like a full day, but I like how you make time for exercise and make healthy nutritious choices. You’re really inspiring 🙂
    This morning I made a yogurt parfait with blueberries, raspberries, and grape nuts. Oh and green tea on the side.

    Happy Studying!
    Alana xoxoxo

  5. That day sounds crazy and wonderful! 9.7 miles of walking remind me why I love Europe; I loved that exercise was walking; it never was a ‘have to’ but a ‘get to’ walk and explore so many different places.

    I didn’t realize that American students would be more up front, but I guess that makes sense?

  6. Sounds like a packed day, but a lovely one. Your whole experience sounds amazing!
    I can relate to eating all the carrots (with guac or creamy nut butter right now). Between my carrot and sweet potato consumption, I should be orange. 🙂
    My “every day” things include to-do lists and tea!

  7. Haha I so identify with that part about mass with people under the age of 25! I love going to mass when I’m at school because of the contemporary music and seeing people my age participate! When I’m at home, it’s much more families and retired people which is fine, but I definitely feel most engaged when I feel involved in the church community! What an awesome day in Ireland. I love when people do these types of posts!

  8. YAY I think it works!!!!!

    I’m loving your day in the life posts, especially Study Abroad style! I was speaking with my friend in Germany and she’s keen to travel there! I remember Alpro and I’m curious if that yogurt is like Australian ‘Greek’ yogurt aka watery versions of Fage BUT tasty. But no thickness.

  9. Afraid of American confidence? Lol! Yeah I could totally see that being a thing. But it sounds like it’s been a pretty amazing trip so far, and it makes me miss all the walking that seemed so effortless in Europe.

    Breakfast yesterday was banana oats with nut butter, but I’m curious about this sweet potato bowl. And my two things are: drink my favourite tea first thing in the morning, and read right before I go to sleep.

  10. Sweet potatoes with almond butter, Cascadian Organic Graham Crunch cereal, chocolate protein powder and a peanut butter CLIF bar! I mean, you can’t be surprised with that XD anyways, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the breakfast sweet potato bowl idea! And before I was vegan, I also ate out of Greek yogurt tubs all the time as if it were an ice cream pint! Good for you for also getting in TONS of steps!

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