I’m Lazy With Minor Tasks

The good thing about Skype interviews is that you don’t have to wear real pants.



just don’t accidentally stand up during the interview if you choose to be pants-less

The bad thing about Skype interviews is that it involves technology, and technology fails sometimes. I had a planned Skype interview with my study abroad internship yesterday morning, but I was told that Skype wasn’t working on their end after 40 minutes of waiting, so I will instead be having a face-to-face interview with them when I get to Ireland.

Darn. I even cooked stovetop oats for fuel, got my war paint makeup on and everything!


blueberry banana egg white chia oatmeal with peanut butter

I’m not really upset though. I’m looking forward to the in-person interview!

I also woke up stressing over the submission of my criminal background check for study abroad, which I had ordered and received in April. For whatever reason though, I never opened the envelope until two days ago? Thus, I never sent it in, which thankfully wasn’t a problem(I just scanned and sent it yesterday, no big deal), but it reminded me of how I almost didn’t get to start my job this summer…because of a criminal background check form that I didn’t send.

I consider myself a pretty diligent person with most things I do. Schoolwork, blogging, relationships, etc. However, I notice that I can be flat out LAZY with minor details.

It’s usually something that will take a grand total of 10 seconds to check/complete and that will benefit me, not at the present moment, but definitely at a later time.

Like opening up the damn envelope, scanning the forms, and sending an email. Five minutes tops. But for whatever reason, at the time, I feel like, “I don’t need to,” or, “It will take too long.”

Alison, you spend 20 minutes scrolling social media, STOP IT.



I have to remember that the minor, menial tasks are what accumulate to achieve the end goal. I’ve definitely learned the importance of this lesson during my job this summer.

In other news, this salad I ate for lunch yesterday was the most delicious piece of earth I’ve eaten in a long time (weird statement).


spinach, beets, roasted broccoli, grilled garden eggplant (salt, pepper, EVOO, made by Madre— fantastic), garden tomatoes, and leftover pork chop

The garden eggplant and tomato were from a patient at work! So sweet of them.

Lastly, I saw a shooting star last night on an evening walk while FaceTiming my friend! What a blessed way to end the day.

It’s already pre-Friday, let’s partayyyy!

So tell me:

Do you find yourself losing diligence with menial tasks (that actually matter) too?

Have you ever had a business video call? Did you wear real pants?

What is the best salad you’ve eaten recently? 


12 thoughts on “I’m Lazy With Minor Tasks

  1. Loving the idea of more frequent, short posts! I love your posts 🙂 I get sooo nervous for skype interviews, I don’t know why! I like it much more in person haha.

  2. I totally know what you need about minor tasks! They pile up quickly and I feel like my to-do list is always cluttered with random small things I need to do. I’m trying to do better about doing them right away, too.

    YES I’ve had a couple of skype interviews and when I’ve done them in my dorm room, I’ve worn PJ shorts and a blazer, ha!

  3. Oh man I am so with you on the minor tasks. Big things I get done, even the medium ones like the housework etc. But those small ones… Nope! I even have a letter on my desk that I need to send. It’s a free post, all I need to do is address an envelope and post. Been there for weeks – d’oh! This weekend though… 😉

  4. Sometimes I REALLY don’t want to do the minor tasks, but the more I don’t the more I realize that they add up to all the big tasks. My mom is really good at details; I think she’s increased an appreciation in me and a thankfulness for just how important it is to be conscientious about the little details. I tend to be way too focused on ‘big things’, and I kind of mow over details to get to them. I think you are really diligent Alison; you love cultivating friendships, you make delicious meals, you get after those workouts with zest and excitement, and you put a lot of humor and life into each blog post. ❤

  5. I am SO lazy when it comes to minor tasks (like replying to blog posts or doing the laundry or running an errand)! Once I start doing the task, it isn’t all that bad, really. I just have to muster up the strength to begin them. Nguhh..

    Never had a video interview but have had ones over the phone–don’t even have to dress up the top half 😏😏😏

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