Virtual Breakfast Date

virtual breakfast date

…I would usually hug you before we sit down, but I’ve been sick these past few days, so we’ll nix that for now.

…I would be eating leftover green banana pancakes via The Healthy Maven that I made yesterday.


topped with plain Greek yogurt, “My Maine Squeeze” almond butter, and peanut butter + glass o’ almond milk on the side

…I would ask you if you’ve been watching the Olympics. It’s funny; I feel like I become more sedentary as I watch ALL the sports all the time on TV. I’ve been enjoying the gymnastics, tennis, beach volleyball, diving, and swimming the most so far!

…I would take a second to fan over Simone Biles and Oksana Chusovitina, that 41-year-old gymnast from Uzbekistan who is STILL KILLING IT at the Olympics. Literally almost three times older than some of the gymnasts competing.





I just want to finish everything I do in life with gymnastics arms from now on

…I would tell you that I leave for Ireland to study abroad in less than a month, and I have very few (if any) emotions about it. I tell people that I’m excited, which is half true, because I’m looking forward to the adventures and travel. But I’m also NOT excited, because I know how much I’m going to miss my family at home and friends back in Boston. I’m just gonna go and see what happens, honestly!



I just need to start thinking about what to pack…and stuff like that.

…I would recommend that you read Kylie’s post about why she hasn’t weighed herself in 2.5 years. Whether you have a history of an eating disorder or not, this is a great read for anyone with body image issues (which is most of us living in an affluent society). Kylie rocks.

…I would tell you that my new veggie obsession is Thai “pun” (wraps, not funny puns). Lettuce + some kind of protein + cucumber + cherry tomatoes + Thai basil + cilantro + mint + spicy peanut sauce. The fresh herbs are ESSENTIAL.

DSC_2582 DSC_2583

For this week’s version, Madre grilled up some lemongrass-scallion-black pepper pork patties. For her peanut sauce, she mixes her classic spring roll dipping sauce (similar to this recipe) with peanut butter to taste.

I’ve also had the combo on a big bed of salad greens.



…I would tell you that I think baking skills are a prerequisite for becoming a physical therapist. All the the treats that the PTs bring in to work are phenomenal. Like these cookies and cream cupcakes for someone’s birthday:


oreo on the bottom, chocolate cupcake, homemade cookies and cream frosting, mini oreo on top

Other treats this summer have included cake pops, homemade chocolate chip cookies, the moistest (sorry) banana bread ever, and pound cake. #help

…I would perpetuate Asian stereotypes for giggles.


Italian pasta originated from Asian noodles anyway

…I would tell you that I got to hang out with Daliza twice this weekend! She took me to the movie Cafe Society on Thursday night, which I really enjoyed (check it out in smaller, indie movie theaters!). It stars Steve Carrell, Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, and Blake Lively.


Then on Saturday I met up with her and our other high school friend Apaula to see our high school chorus teacher at one of his gigs. Fun to catch up with all of them!


…I would gush over the weather we had last week and hope that it continues into this week.


…I would tell you that eats at home recently have been on point. It’s been fun eating out these past few several weekends, but I loooooove eating home cooked meals.


classic overnight oats


Mom’s comforting meal on Friday night after a long, sick day at work: whole wheat spaghetti with tomato sauce, grilled spicy chicken, and fresh basil


banana nectarine hot oatmeal with “My Maine Squeeze” almond butter


classic avocado egg toast with sriracha


delicious panini a la Madre: whole wheat roll with turkey, swiss, greens, homemade carrot and radish pickles, spicy hummus, and sriracha *drool*


artichoke hummus that I finally popped open from Stowe, VT with baby carrots

…I would tell you that moves and grooves were low-key this weekend since I was sick. Thursday was yoga, Friday was rest, Saturday was Pilates + one day of the 100s challenge (sort of…I didn’t do all the sit-ups), and Sunday was some walking and random playtime on a playground.

…I would tell you that it’s already been a year since I went to the local Indian festival with Rachel! I went with Ben and Pop yesterday, where we shared some Indian grub and walked around the park.

IMG_2373 IMG_2378

 …I would ask you:

Which Olympics sports are you following?

If you studied abroad, how did you feel before going?

What is your favorite way to eat vegetables lately?

Have you seen any good movies recently?


18 thoughts on “Virtual Breakfast Date

  1. The gymnastics are my absolute favorite but I also love to watch the swimming, diving, and beach volleyball. I haven’t studied abroad I hope to one day! My sister studied abroad in Ireland in Galway and LOVED it! I very much enjoyed visiting her too. You will love it. My favorite way to eat vegetables lately is grilled! Grilled veggies are my obsession. And the latest movie I’ve watched it Mother’s Day which was good, not the greatest movie of all time but definitely enjoyable 🙂

  2. the gymnasts are SO amazing!! I can’t stop watching haha. Aly is my favorite, but man is Simone just so naturally gifted! Kylie’s post was just so great- such an amazing and inspiring read! your playground workout looked like so much fun- working out outdoors is 10x better!

  3. I studied a full year abroad (standard practice in the UK for linguists) split between France and Russia. France came first and I was nervous about not knowing anyone and the whole having to make friends etc. Russia I worried about because well, it’s Russia. (Plus my Russian was very rusty.) BUT. Russia changed my whole perspective on life and I came back a different person. France had its charms but I found it much harder to integrate there than Russia. Go figure.
    There’s no rhyme or reason to how you will find a country or city, just got to go with the flow.

    To be honest, I don’t think you can prepare for what’s coming. It’s such an unknown quantity moving to a different country. Just enjoy home for the next month. Oh and maybe stock up on some peanut butter because you won’t get the same selections this side of the Atlantic… 😉

    FYI. Culture shock is REAL. Google the ‘culture shock curve’. My friends and I laughed at it before we went out, but BOY did I get in France.

    • Wow, thank you so much for sharing your study abroad experience, Jessica. TWO countries! That’s so cool that the experience transformed you as a person. Go with the flow is my motto right now! Spoiler: my mom already bought me so much peanut butter because she knows me too well 😀

  4. The gymnasts are definitely insane! I basically watch and go, “How is that physically possible?” As for veggies, I’m all about them roasted veggies lately. YUM!

  5. “I just want to finish everything I do in life with gymnastics arms from now on”

    I’m actually choking right now. I am going to finish dinner and present. Going to take a shower then present. My life will be a series of completions and presents.

    1. LESS THAN A MONTH and 2. Where is zee sriracha drizzle, egg and magic tutorial?

  6. Hope you feel better ASAP girl! And yes, I’m all for Chusovitina. As a former gymnast myself, I cannot believe the dedication she has. 8 years was too much for me- she’s been at it for well over 30 years! What the heck?!?!

    Regarding your trip to Ireland- I felt the exact same way. It didn’t even hit me until a full day into the program where I was. Don’t worry about feeling indifferent, when it hits you, it HITS you. I’m so freaking excited for you. It’s unlike anything else you’ll ever experience.

  7. Those gymnasts just make my mouth drop at their amazing feats! 🙂 It is so cool to see how passionate and energetic they are. :o) Your eats home look delicious. i do love home cooked meals; it’s amazing how much simplicity and quiet meals are just so good for the body, mind, and soul. I’ve totally been on the overnight oats/smoothie train for breakfasts, and you just reminded me to get experimenting tonight.

    Going somewhere outside of the country is almost an unreal experience, but it’s always so growing. When I think back to when I was in Uganda for 3 months, it was the HARDEST and most WONDERFUL months of my life. I grew so much, and I know that by God’s grace, you will grow so much in Ireland. Enjoy the people! The people truly are so hospitable there, and they taught me a lot about being hospitable.

    I’m kind of going to follow running once it starts? I also really love watching swimmers and gymnastics. 🙂 I think you would be a pretty cool gymnast Alison.

  8. I just spent the whole summer studying abroad in Dublin!!! ☺️ I had a WONDERFUL experience and I absolutely ADORE Ireland. I would love to talk about it if you have any questions or want tips!!! 😊 Where will you be studying?

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