Chronicles of Becoming a Grownup II

This is the most hippie thing I’ve ever posted.

I posted “Chronicles of Becoming a Grownup” a year ago (right about this time in the summer too!). And since they are chronicles, there must be subsequent posts!


I even posted a photo of this exact breakfast in that post. This was yesterday’s breakfast (oatmeal cookie dough cereal via Fitnessista)

This is a quote from my first chronicle post a year ago:

“And don’t get me started on the mental/emotional/spiritual changes and revelations that are occurring as I become a grownup. To be chronicled in the future…”

Lo and behold. ‘Tis the future, and I am going to tell you about some of those mental/emotional/spiritual changes and revelations riiiiiight now.

Alternative title for this post: “Oh, That’s Why That’s a Cliche!

1) Revelation #1: Long story short— my coworker and I were blamed by a patient for unfairly helping another patient at the first patient’s expense. I have learned that I literally cannot make everyone happy, even if my colleagues and I are trying our very best to do so.

2) Adding on to revelation #1: I have to remember not to take things too personally and not to ruminate on how bad I feel about disappointing someone. It reminds me to help people NOT because I gain validation and appreciation but because I truly do care for them. I have to be willing to help, even if I know someone does not like me or he/she might have a negative response.



3) Revelation #2: It’s easy to revert back to my former self when I’m back at home with my family. Sometimes I forget that I don’t “have to” be the baby of the family and I don’t have to bicker with family like I used to.



4) Revelation #3: I find little things a lot funnier than I did when I was a teenager (yes, I know I just became a non-teen 2 months ago). Older folks have so many funny antics and hilarious things to say! Sometimes they’re not the nicest, but that applies to human beings in general.



5) Revelation #4: I find it easier to understand why people act/react in inhospitable ways, especially as I work in a healthcare setting, and I thus feel a little less offended if someone is rude towards me. Not that rudeness is justified, but it can be more understandable.

6) Adding onto revelation #4: I’m (more often, but not always) slower to judge others by isolated character flaws.



6) Revelation #5: The more I learn about others’ hard realities and the stresses that everyone works through in order to “make it”, the easier it becomes to despair sometimes. But there is a difference between empathy and straight up despair. Despair doesn’t help anyone. I cannot justify my sulking just because everyone else is sulking. Get out of your hole (and it’s okay to ask for help!), and someone else might be inspired to pick up his/her head as well.



7) Adding onto revelation #5: Spread joy. ← I used to cringe at how cliche and grossly cheesy that phrase is, but the world can never, ever get enough of it. I don’t know about you, but a genuine smile or compliment can seriously make my day.



8) Revelation #6: You want to be loved. I want to be loved. The person next door wants to be loved. Everyone wants to be loved, so START LOVING. Don’t wait on others. How to love is a whole ‘nother post (or two).



9) Revelation #7: Cliches remain cliches until you realize why they’re cliches. Then they become ingrained life lessons. But of course, just because I learned these lessons a few times doesn’t mean that I don’t completely ignore them and allow my selfish/itch-bay side come out at times. #It’sAProcess

10) Revelation #8: GIFs are my favorite modern way of communicating the inner recesses of my brain.



Hope you have a marvelous Thursday! Just love (like Us the Duo says in this great song):

So tell me:

What are some revelations you’ve had as you became/are becoming a grownup? Can you relate to any of mine here?

What is one cliche that is particularly relevant in your life right now?

Something that has brought you joy this past week!


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12 thoughts on “Chronicles of Becoming a Grownup II

  1. I love your positivity.

    It really is the little things when you start working! I can break down laughing over the stupidest things some days with colleagues because you just need release! It’s good. I was a *very* serious teenager so, maybe we’re just ageing backwards!

    Cliche: all work and no play really does get you down!

  2. I’m definitely the same with my family. I go out and live my adult life, but when I’m back home I act like a moody teenager again, haha. I always feel so much younger when I’m home.

  3. To #1: PREACH! I work with so many other people and sometimes I feel like there is unnecessary drama for this exact reason. We will never be able to make everyone happy to so it’s best to just stop trying right now. What is important is that we are good and kind people who try our best to do what is right.

    Your number 2 is so right. I actually have a hard time being home because this is where I was in the depths of my eating disorder. I don’t like being here sometimes because it brings me back starkly to the dark past I no longer want.

    • I’m glad you can relate to these, Julia! Some little twinges of my eating disorder come back every now and then at home too, which can be painful. You’re not alone, but thank God that we’ve been equipped with good support and experience in our recovery to keep moving forward.

  4. I think a revelation I have had in the past few years is to learn to be happy in the present. Too many people say ‘I will be happy when…’ And it never comes. Just look at all those folk who seem to have it all – are they all happy? Now I find the good in every day, the big and small, and it has made me a happier person overall! 🙂

  5. ‘ Everyone wants to be loved, so START LOVING. Don’t wait on others. How to love is a whole ‘nother post (or two).’

    YES. I love all of this so much. Love. Joy. Why would I be walking around condemning others for not being joyful when I’m not joyful and loving others myself? That’s one of the most awesome, ‘ouch’ (in a good way) reminders.

  6. Easy! Revelation #1: you will have to rely on your own independence ALL THE TIME. So you better get your sh*t together and only execute what you know will benefit you in the long run!

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