Dealing With Irritating People

It took me a few minutes to think of the title for this post.

What I really want to title it is: “What I do to calm myself down when I perceive others to be irritating, but really, I’m just hungry and tired and every little tick makes me slightly rage-y,” but that’s too long.

But first, thank you all for your feedback on my fitness post! I’m glad that it was helpful and that many of you related to my outlook on working out.

Before we get to Five Minute Friday, here are some scenes from the week:

It has been hot but gorgeous (just like you 😉 ) this week, so I’ve taken advantage of the green space at work to picnic outside during my lunch hour.

IMG_2271 IMG_2273 IMG_2276

utilizing the Sriracha 2 Go keychain that Christina (@foodietunes) gifted me at Christmas ♥︎ 

This was nice until yesterday. I think I sat on an anthill or something, because ants were crawling all over me and almost into my pants.

Overnight breakfasts made my {sleepy} mornings a little more exciting.


Kylie’s banana pudding for breakfast


overnight oats in a Nuttzo jar

Madre has been killin’ it with meals this week. I love cooking, but it’s nice to have dinner cooked and ready for you when you get home from work 🙂 Thanks, Madre!


quinoa with mok fish (salmon and a little bit of egg binding steamed with lemongrass in a banana leaf) and roasted vegetables


Last night’s dinner was easy, simple, and so satisfying.


caprese + avocado toast

…followed by Greek yogurt + pb with dried figs.

p.s. my dinners look so puny here, but I promise I eat so many things before I get home for dinner…and then after dinner (I’m just trying to simulate those multiple-course cruise meals I guess).

And lastly, I just noticed that my leg looks painted with bruises. I was trying to “feel the steel” on my squat cleans yesterday, and I think I succeeded. Here was yesterday’s workout (after two lovely days of rest):

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 10.27.42 PM

This might mean absolutely nothing to you. Decoded version:

I actually did three squat cleans at 85#, because I was feelin’ good (I had a good amount of rest between sets while changing the weights). Not heavy by any means for avid weightlifters, but I just started squat cleans with an empty bar just 6 weeks ago, so I’m proud of myself! If I went to the actual gym more than once per week, I could speed up the progress, but…eh it’s guatever.

Now for the vlog!

link to video!

Hope you all have a fun weekend! Madre just poured a crap ton of kettle corn right in front of me so imma eat some.

So tell me:

How do you deal with irritating people/situations?

What was the best dinner you ate this week?

Have you eaten al fresco recently? 

Any accomplishments/progress (fitness or non-fitness-related) you’d like to share!


13 thoughts on “Dealing With Irritating People

  1. Usually when people irritate me I either plan their demise silently in my brain or make a passive aggressive comment. Not the greatest, but it helps keep my opinions to myself.
    The best thing I’ve eaten recently is a seitan, avocado and hummus sandwich, basically all my favorite things on bread.

  2. I love your technique! I think I might try using it myself. 🙂 When I get irritated with people, I try to just remove myself from the situation if I can. It isn’t always possible, and I don’t mean storming away from the person, but just trying to get out somewhere where I can calm myself down enough to think rationally before returning the situation.

    I have NOT been eating al fresco lately as the temperature’s been hovering around 100 and that is way too hot for me, haha!

  3. Hmmm… I usually pray when dealing with irritating people for lots of grace, because I just can’t do it myself.

    Also your overnight oats are making me want to eat overnight oats. I’ve just been too lazy lately to make them, but they are SO Good especially in the summer. And lately, I’ve really loved all the grilled meals we’ve been eating with fresh veggies. YUMMM!

  4. Love this Alison! Dealing with irritating people and situations is tough. I always tell myself to take a deep breath and react in a kind way, even though that is so hard at times. Accepting the situation and moving on from it really helps me too. That caprese and avocado toast is definitely the best meal evaaa. I need caprese asap!! I had a caprese sandwich Wednesday, but that meal has already got me craving some more 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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  6. Honestly I just don’t deal with them. I hate wasting negative energy as it is–I prefer to channel my negative energy into something positive such as walking, exercising, cooking, reading, blogging, writing or simply concentrating on something more important. If I’m confronted, I just try to keep my composure–unless if it’s really serious and/or I’m hangry, haha!

  7. I ate outside in this little gazebo at school last month and it was lovely….until the Texas summer made me melt. But there’s just something about soaking in the fresh air during lunch time. That mok fish dish looks good! Completely agree–coming home to a meal cooked by your mama after a long day at work is incomparable.

    OMG yes!! Sometimes I find I get irritated at every. little. thing. It helps for me to take a step back and remind myself that I need to just breathe before I say something I’d regret.

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