The Best Vacation Ever {Part 2}

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Wednesday, July 6th

Next port of call— St. Thomas!

Breakfast at Windjammer first, though.


On land, we took a van tour around the island, checking out a view of Magen’s Bay, as well as the biggest gift shop on St. Thomas (which is not saying a whole lot, but it is big!). The driving on the island is…uh…thrilling.

IMG_1917 IMG_1929

Some fresh coconut water/meat at the vantage point. It’s actually not as amazing as I thought it would be, but it was still as fresh as you can get. The guy who sold it to us climbs the coconut trees every morning himself!



The gift shop has these “world famous” banana daiquiris (I got a virgin one, which was tastier than the rum one IMO).


I actually tried this same banana daiquiri five years ago when my family went on a cruise after my brother’s high school graduation. #TBT, shall we?

banana daiquiri




Oh look, they changed the sign to make “world famous” bigger. And Ben feat. the sweaty sling showed up this time!

Iguanas roamed the island. Think they’re the same ones we saw five years ago? This one looks kinda like old.


Our driver took us downtown, where we ate some Caribbean food for lunch. Ben and I shared this fantastic curry chicken with plantains and steamed veggies on the side. The chicken was so tender!


Also, on land, we always found a place with wifi. You should have seen us— at the table, all looking down at our phones. It was pretty sad and embarrassing in retrospect, but we had the whole rest of the week to talk with one another, phone-free (excuses, excuses, I know).

Then we walked over two hot and sweaty miles back to the cruise ship.

We did some more activities and relaxing before another three five-course meal. But salad and surprise celebratory cake don’t really count as courses, right? I kid; it was immense.


The “kids”‘ favorite appetizer of the cruise: crab cakes! Christie: “I could just have ten of these for my meal.”


salad with pears, walnuts, and blue cheese


parsley-crusted cod with lobster sauce, veggie jasmine rice, and more veggies


My uncle and aunt surprised my parents with an anniversary cake, so we all had a slice (it was such good cake!!)


…and some of us had second dessert. This was a strawberry shortcake parfait of sorts.

No regrets, honestly.

If I’m not mistaken, we watched a sensational water acrobatics show called “OceanAria” that night. Crazy amazing diving, stunts, choreography, and concept.

(p.s. we also watched a marvelous ice skating show the previous night, but I forgot to include it in yesterday’s post!)

Afterwards, there was a big ol’ 70s party around the ship! Lots of hip thrusting by men dressed up as the Village People, singing, and of course, grooving 🙂 I had no 70s attire, but this denim jumpsuit was close enough.


You guys should have seen Pop dancing to those 70s tunes. #PopMovesAndGrooves ← this will become a thing.

Our wonderful stateroom attendant folded some towel animals that made my heart happy. This anteater-crane-fish was my favorite.


This is what I look like when I’m in my room by myself

Thursday, July 7th

St. Kitts! This was our favorite port of the three!

IMG_1972 IMG_1978

had to do crow somewhere

We took another scenic taxi tour across the island. At one stop, we got to hold a monkey in a freaking diaper next to a donkey dressed in dreads and sunglasses. Everyday things by everyday people.

IMG_1980 IMG_2019 IMG_2005 IMG_2003 IMG_1987

Perhaps he was pooping at this instant, but I’ll never know

It was $2 for each person to take a picture with the monkey, but I think it was 100% worth it. He (she?) had really soft paws.

Next stop was Cockleshell Beach! Ugh, what a gorgeous place. Beach surrounded by mountains = the dream.


God’s glory everywhere

If you check Instagram later, you can find some moves and grooves that Madre helped me film on the beach! (I didn’t actually do a full workout because people were staring AND I wanted to just chill.)


Lunch at Windjammer back on the boat.


I think a nap, rock climbing, and 16 minute workout eventually happened at the fitness center.

Dinner that night was excellent!


seafood ceviche


shared some of Ben’s spinach dip with chips and bread


ricotta and spinach shell pasta (I almost never order straight up pasta dishes, but I’m so glad I did this night!)


warm chocolate cake a la mode

GUYS. I’m not a huge fan of chocolate, but this warm chocolate cake was the most moist and heavenly chocolate cake of my life.

We watched the headliner show of the week, which was an incredibly talented a cappella group called VoicePlay (← check out their Youtube channel!). I loved them! I wanted to take a photo with them, because they’re superstars in their own right, AND they might be mega famous one of these days 😉

IMG_2062 IMG_2065

Dancing, game shows, walking around and/or karaoke spectating probably happened later on.

Last part coming tomorrow!

So tell me:

Have you ever held a monkey or other exotic animal before?

What is the best chocolate cake you’ve ever eaten? What is the best show you’ve seen in the past year?

What did you eat for lunch yesterday?


15 thoughts on “The Best Vacation Ever {Part 2}

  1. I love cruises! I went on a similar Royal Caribbean cruise a couple years ago and had a great time. This summer I’m actually going on another one but, this time it’s in Europe! We leave from Italy before sailing to different Grek isles. I cannot wait! Cruises are always a blast because they really do entertain you at night and for being all inclusive, the food is good! I’ve had some nightmare experiences at all inclusive resorts. When we went on our cruise we would order two appetizers and sometimes even two entrees lol. My grandmas mantra is, “If it’s free, it’s for me!”

  2. Such a cute demin jumpsuit!! Looks like a fun vacation.
    I’ve never held a monkey but i would love to!
    Best show i’ve seen recently was hamilton on broadway 🙂

  3. Ahhh the monkey is so cute! Way cuter than the baby alligator I held in New Orleans 😉 Best chocolate cake was a flourless one I got before prom my junior year. It was a huge slab of super-fudgy goodness topped with tangy blackberry sauce and it was so good!

  4. ill #popmovesandgrooves with you anyday! I love how cool those little towel animal is on your bed with the remote, I remember that being one of my favorite things from cruises. SO COOL, like how?!?! ALSO PEEP the carrot cake from yesterdays post<33 love reading these, you look and sound so happy. Can't wait for tomorrows.

  5. I’m jealous of all that amazing seafood–I looooooove crab cakes! 😀 I’ve never held a monkey before–and that one is too cute in its diaper!–but apparently I might have a chance to kayak with dolphins when I go to Hawaii next month?! I’m excited!

  6. Woah, you had the same daiquiri? That’s so cool! 🙂 And I guess you can’t get a coconut fresher than that. Did it taste a lot like coconut? Was it sweet? You have to pay for wifi on the cruise right? I guess that’s kind of a good social media detox, right? It sounds like you really saw all the sights, ate the freshest food, and ate the best dessert. I can’t imagine just how fun it would be to cook for a cruise ship. I bet you got some really good dance moves in on the floor. I really love dancing.

  7. Yes, and $2.00 to hold a monkey? That’s definitely worth it. I’ve never held an exotic animal, so I think I would definitely do $2.00. 🙂 The best chocolate cake I’ve ever eaten was one that we made about 4 or 5 years ago at a Valentine’s Day dinner. I didn’t make it, so maybe that’s why it was so good !

  8. Ooh, being a food critic on a cruise sounds fun! I’d even feel like one at a six-course meal! YUM! Anyhow, this trip looks so much fun! I like how you really captured the presence of each experience with your friends and each destination as well, from the food to the dancing to the monkeys!

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