Five Minute Friday #16: Fitness is More Than Skills and Numbers

I just watched the US men’s gymnastics Olympic Trials, and I’m still speechless about it.



I’m convinced that they’re not humans.

I’m also really sore from Wednesday’s workout as I type this, so anything that looks remotely strenuous sends pain waves to my brain.

4 rounds:
  • 10 squat cleans (55-65#)
  • 15 box jumps
 3 rounds each:
  • 12 curtsy lunges each leg (55#) ← died.
  • 25 plank jacks
  • 10 deadlifts (135#) ← died again. I don’t think I had deadlifted 135 in my life.
  • 20 jump lunges
Finisher: 5 min AMRAP
  • 16 alternating single arm DB swings (20#)
  • 15 goblet squats (15#)
  • 30 mountain climbers

On the food front, I was obsessed with this lunch salad this week:


mixed greens, chopped Thai basil, mint, and cilantro, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, fish or chicken, peanut sauce

The fresh herbs are…



^^^This photo is very obnoxious if you don’t understand the reference, I’m sorry. Actually, it’s obnoxious regardless.

Today I have a Five Minute Friday vlog! It’s been a hot minute. This week I’m talking about three lessons I’ve learned at work so far, including the lesson that fitness is more than skills and numbers.

Sure, competitive athletes measure fitness/performance based on race times, weight lifted, and reps accomplished (and I am a proponent of the attitude that what you can do > how you look when it comes to fitness), but let’s take it one step deeper…

link to the video in case it doesn’t work here!

Yes, there are baseline levels of fitness that we measure and need for health, but those little steps to get there are indispensable and worth celebrating! 

Happy weekend, friends! I’m going to be hanging out with a couple friends in NYC tomorrow, and I’m STOKED.

So tell me:

What are your thoughts on the “fitness journey”? What does it mean to you?

What is the best thing you ate for lunch this week?

Have you ever had a secretarial job?

What are you doing this weekend?



8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday #16: Fitness is More Than Skills and Numbers

  1. I think the cool thing about a fitness journey is that you never backslide as long as you’re doing something. At one point you might be a runner, another point Zumba may be the movement of choice or functional workouts. As long as you’re moving, you’re improving.
    I would die with secretarial work. I hate sitting for so long and don’t like too much quiet. My sister works in a hospital and I don’t know how she does it!

  2. I feel you on taking things personally! In my internship this summer, I’m doing a lot of PR stuff for the organization I’m working for, and dealing with disgruntled members can be really hard sometimes. But, it’s also really good to get experience in dealing with irritated people because let’s face it, pretty much every job involves a little bit of that 😛

    This weekend I’m going on a camping trip with my dad! I’m pretty excited. 🙂

  3. I know exactly what you mean about getting legit excited about levels of fitness that we usually take for granted! Last year, my grandma had two strokes during heart surgery and her left side was basically completely immobile. Eight months later, she’s regaining some ability back (though she’s still mostly immobile on the left side), and it has been so exciting and encouraging even when she makes a baby step forward in her progress. All of her PTs, OTs and the assistants have all been wonderful…it’s kind of weird to think that I’ve been interacting with students in the very position you are in! Anyway, my grandma’s situation reminds me to be grateful for many things I do without thinking, like eating with two hands, walking, being able to do my own personal hygiene, etc. It certainly has helped improve my perspective and compassion.

  4. I don’t usually calculate anything when it comes to fitness, so I don’t really have a lot of expertise in that, but I do evaluate through my physiological reactions such as sweat, heart rate and muscle soreness, and it’s so frustrating when I don’t experience any of them! Sucky workouts are the WORST. 😦 But I try not to let them get to me too much because it’s a sign that my body needs to recover!

  5. Yes, just screenshotted that workout— can’t wait (or maybe I can… LOL) to do that this week. In terms of fitness, I agree with everything you’ve said. Honestly, I am STILL after like 5 years trying to find my “place” or maybe that is what I love about it— that it is constantly changing and growing along with me.


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