A Grand Ol’ Weekend Recap

Instead of thinking of a title for this post, I’ll just l start typing as I belt out “No One” by Alicia Keys (← quality song).

There’s so much to share today, so let’s nix a proper intro and catch up!


On June 9th, 2015, I chopped my hair to shoulder length. On June 16th, 2016, I chopped my hair to chin length. Who knows what June 2017 will bring? #pixiecut?


even the same shirt color as the emoji

My hair was shoulder length all year, but it was starting to flip outwards like Betty Rubble from the Flintstone’s, which is not the look that I’m personally going for.



Just like last year, I’ve gotten mixed reactions to my new ‘do, but most people have been in support of the short locks (thanks, friends)! One of my friends from work said I look 10 years old though…




Ya know, I’d rather look like Dora than Betty Rubble, so I’d say it’s a step up.

After a long day of work, Pop and I came home to a KILLER dinner made my Madre. She made sushi hand rolls + delicious chicken drumsticks. *jaw drop*

DSC_2437 DSC_2438

leftover brown rice + roasted broccoli on the side (pro tip from Madre: cut the meat off the bone a little bit before cooking if you want the drumsticks to cook more quickly. it’ll still be juicy!)



Banana and mango overnight oats to start the day— my forever favorite ♥︎ (p.s. post about how to make oatmeal two ways coming soon!)


Dinner was simple and light because I was planning on working out soonish afterwards.


sunny egg on avocado toast with sriracha + salad with homemade honey mustard dressing

But then I rebelled against my dairy cutdown and also ate cheesy jalapeño Popcorners. And then Pop came home and I decided that I really wanted Greek yogurt with dried figs.

“Sureeee. Go wild. But you might pay for it later.” – Pop


I was totally fine later. Actually, my digestion this week might be the best it’s been in a while! Hmmm.

AFTER I ate dinner and dessert, I worked out at 10 pm in the basement. I needed 5 hours to decompress from work and nourish myself before working out, I guess.

A video posted by Alison (@alison_grooves) on Jun 17, 2016 at 7:52pm PDT



A weekend breakfast favorite:


Kylie’s simple paleo pancake + peach + peanut butter + glass o’ milk

I really wanted to put Greek yogurt on this, but I think having too much dairy still wouldn’t be great for me.

Madre and I went on a couple errands including grocery shopping and clothes shopping. Productivity, I say!


didn’t buy this, but LOL I am a mother from the 50s

Moves and grooves of the day: 20 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

After Mass, Madre wanted to take Pop out to pre-Fathers’ Day dinner, so we went to a place called The Iron Tomato. It’s a casual Italian marketplace, so we each ordered something at different stations and reconvened.


I got chicken meatloaf + artichokes, beets, and broccoli rabe to share with mom

We digested for a couple hours before I made a beloved classic for Pop and myself:


Peanut butter banana soft serve!!! For two people: 3-4 frozen overripe bananas blended with peanut butter in a food processor, topped with granola.

Sunday (Father’s Day!)

My dad just made a good point (as a good father does): I FaceTimed a lot of people from Europe yesterday.

  1. Rachel in Ireland.
  2. My brother in Spain.
  3. My uncle, who is a priest in Rome.

What a great day already!

I made breakfast for Pop (and myself) in the morn’.


made him a chorizo, onion, spinach egg white omelette + banana oatmeal


banana, mango, chia oatmeal for moi

He opened his gift while eating. Peep the Sephora-bag-turned-“man-bag”.

DSC_2455 DSC_2454 DSC_2456

He loves Under Armor shirts!

After some more FaceTiming and relaxing, we all got started on our late afternoon BBQ! Pop requested that he grill on his special day. Madre and I went shopping and marinaded/skewered everything, and he and Madre split the grilling job. Teamwork!


Madre’s incredible ribs, smothered in Stubb’s sticky sweet BBQ sauce (thanks so much to my pal for sending us this— you know who you are 🙂 )

To think that I used to not like ribs… So naive.

DSC_2461 DSC_2462 DSC_2464

our favorite Moroccan chicken!

DSC_2470 DSC_2465

We ate everything in lettuce wraps, Asian style — with Thai basil, cilantro, fresh backyard mint, cherry tomatoes, bean sprouts, and Madre’s fantastic peanut sauce. None of us could choose a favorite meat that we cooked (maybe the ribs though).


don’t ask me what I’m doing because I could not tell you

We cooked way too much food for three people, but hooray for leftovers for work lunches this week!

We ended “dinner” at 5 pm (talk to Europeans, eat like Europeans), after which we chilled out and digested. Pop and I went on a 2 mile walk around the ‘hood in the evening, and the weather was absolutely perfect. Cool and comfortable.

I got started on dessert when we got back home. We had weird peaches that were ripening but not softening. Like, we had them for a week, and they were starting to taste overripe (read: kinda alcoholic), but they were still hard. So I tried this recipe for individual peach crisps to put them to use.


Pop and I had one each, topped with Talenti pistachio gelato. I ate the peach first (it was still hard and weird even after baking) and then ate the gelato. And then went back for a little more gelato.

DSC_2471 DSC_2474

I just proceeded to do the 7 minute workout with Madre shortly after finishing dessert. Ice cream and squats is not an ideal combo, but I’ll survive.

I might do some late night stretching before turning in. My legs are super tight (I was a bad girl/PT student and didn’t stretch after working out on Saturday).

Happy Fathers’ Day to all fathers out there— of children or of souls! 🙂 You are so loved and appreciated.

Hope you all have one heck of a good Monday! Strike a silly pose when no one’s looking, but someone could be looking.

So tell me:

Did you do anything notable for Fathers’ Day/the weekend?

Do you like ribs?

What is the best thing you ate this weekend?

What is the worst hairstyle you’ve ever had? Honestly, my “bangs” in middle school were pretty painful.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 10.20.05 PM

seriously WTF is happening with that


20 thoughts on “A Grand Ol’ Weekend Recap

  1. It sounds like you had an awesome weekend!! I also ate ribs for Father’s Day…does it get any better?? My mom also made this great rhubarb torte for dessert…definitely something notable that I ate. Happy Monday, hope your week is off to a great start!

  2. Is it weird that I kinda feel like part of your family based on my Snapchat/blog observations? I FEEL LIKE I KNOW YOUR PARENTS. Hahaha

    Your new haircut is adorable. YOU are adorable. Best thing I ate this weekend? Oh where to start… french toast, a chewy fig-anise cookie, beef short rib POUTINE…

  3. I’ve come to the conclusion that the DMAG family love serving food in the most visually appealing and obscure serving dishes…oats in chalices, sushi in….pimped up shot glasses?

    Glad you guys had an amazing weekend, although I kinda wish you had a friend in Spain…You’d be eating dinner at like midnight lol! Your new ‘do’ looks epic. #bowlcutbuddiesforlife

  4. Your haircut is super cute–I love it! 🙂 My worst hairstyle was definitely when I was rocking the middle part and super frizzy hair in middle school… trying not to think about it…

    This weekend, my family and I biked to my dad’s favorite restaurant on Father’s Day for brunch, then biked around the lake by our house afterwards. Then we lay in the front yard and did nothing for a couple of hours–it was perfect!

  5. I love reading your weekend recaps!! Your new haircut is adorbssss. You are rockin’ it! Such an awesome gift you got your dad. After work, I’m always wiped too. I need some time to decompress. Glad you had a good weekend!

  6. I could say so much about this post… I’ll keep it shorter and sweet, but I love how you made that man bag for your daddy. I wasn’t quite that prepared this year, but I hope that I can show my dad how much I love him more and more this year. Also, maybe your stress is down, cause you haven’t had digestive problems? Praise God!!! That’s awesome news. And your bouncy haircut? I love it. It makes you just look beautiful, and you were beautiful before. That gelato from Talenti is some of the best too. You are such an amazing foodie Alison, and I can’t wait to read your oatmeal post. Girl, I love you. I’m going to go to bed and just pray for you tonight, because I’m thankful that I read this post and that God places us on each other’s hearts. ❤

  7. The hair is amazing. Love it.

    Re: Dairy, I think it sounds like may be taking it lighter is working but no need to cut it out completely at the moment? (Yogurt gives me major sinus issues but milk doesn’t…may be just a case of experimenting!) Glad to hear you’re feeling better though. 🙂

  8. Love your new hair! My hair is about the same length as yours is now. I cut it a while back (3 years ago maybe?). I swear once you go short it’s so hard to go back! My sister’s birthday fell on Father’s Day this years so we did a double celebration for dinner at our favorite ramen place–though I opted for fried rice and not the ramen. #noragrets
    Literally just made overnight oats for my breakfast tomorrow. Such a lifesaver for early work mornings!

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