Day in the Life {Work Day}

Time for my/our favorite type of post!!

Here is what my last 24+ hours looked like:

6:40 AM – Alarm goes off. Feelin’ pretty alright with waking up right away (praaaaaise), but I slowly roll out of bed.

6:45 AM – Bathroom, brush teeth, put in contacts.

6:50 AM – Say a quick prayer and change into workout clothes.

7:00 AM – Grab my breakfast and lunch from the fridge. Make sure I packed everything for work.

7:07 AM – Out the door.

7:15 AM – Mass.

7:45 AM – Go back to my car to eat breakfast in the church parking lot. I ate a big hunk of banana bread baked oatmeal (that I baked on the weekend) with classic peanut butter on top. Listen to music and read blogs on my phone with the windows rolled down to enjoy the crisp morning air.


Plus a couple pieces of pork jerky since I was still hungry.


I love jerky, but it’s SO SALTY.

8:10 AM – Drive over to work.

8:30 AM – Arrive at work. Sit in the parking lot for a little bit to answer blog comments, check emails, and figure out what I want to do at the gym.

9:00 AM – Get to the employee gym, put up my hair, and start warming up.

9:10 AM – Move and groove! (Take my time in between sets. I just have fun playing with all the equipment when I’m down in the dungeon gym by myself.)

3 sets of each:

  • 10 squat cleans (55#)
  • 5 burpee box jumps
  • 15 front rack step ups (45#)
  • 20 med ball jump lunge slams
  • 10 deadlifts (115#)
  • 20 squat jumps
  • 20 hanging leg ab raises
  • 15 overhead tricep extensions (25-30#)

10:05 AM – Sweaty and wiped. Streeeetch.

10:20 AM – Wipe off the sweat from the face (and pits), comb the hair, put on makeup, and change into work clothes. Eat an oat and honey KIND bar in the meantime.

IMG_1530 IMG_1531 IMG_1512

10:40 AM – Walk over to work.

10:48 AM – Clock in and get the day started.



12:15 PM – Lunch break (I know, it’s like I just started working and now I’m off again)! Walk over to the cafeteria and eat outside.


half sandwich with avocado, smoked salmon, greens, and cracked black pepper


veggies with hummus




snap pea crisps

I was so hungry!

1:10 PM – Head over to work at pool therapy.

4:10 PM – Walk back over to the PT gym. Eat some mixed nuts.


6:40 PM – Finish work. Got to leave a little bit early tonight! (Good thing— I was exhausted.)

7:00 PM – Arrive back home. Raid the fridge for food. Eat some cold roasted broccoli and zucchini as I warm up dinner.


mom’s curry chicken (ugh, delicious) over greens

7:35 PM – Make some golden milk! I’ve been seeing this “fad” on the blog world recently, but I am so down for making this a “thing.”


7:45 PM – Make my lunch for the next day while my golden milk is cooling.


7:55 PM – Sip on my golden milk while checking Instagram.

8:05 PM – Warm up and eat a banana muffin + peanut butter.


8:20 PM – Say hi to Pop who just came home and chat with my him and Madre for a few minutes. Also eat a dried fig.


8:30 PM – FaceTime with my dear friend from college, Casey!

9:50 PM – Shower and get ready for bed (definitely get distracted in there somewhere).

11:00 PM – Remember that I have a hair cut today. Look up hair cuts on Pinterest.

11:30 PM – Pray.

11:40 PM – Hit the hay.

7:40 AM – Alarm goes off. Wake up, bathroom, all that.

7:55 AM – Head downstairs to make breakfast. Eat while reading my devotional.


oatmeal cookie dough cereal 

8:25 AM – Start typing this blog post. Planned on going to Mass at 9, but…

9:00 AM – Finish typing this blog post.

And then the story continues…

So tell me:

What did you eat for lunch yesterday?

Three things you did yesterday!

Have you ever tried golden milk? 


14 thoughts on “Day in the Life {Work Day}

  1. Love reading these kind of posts. You are a busy gal! Yesterday I had the day off from work so I drove up and visiting my roommate for next year. We spent the day by the beach! I have never tried golden milk! I keep seeing it pop up on blogs. I’ll have to give it a shot one day!

  2. You’re totally into weight lifting right now and are inspiring me! I can’t remember the last time I even did pushups… I might want to consider changing that. I keep seeing golden milk too, and while I’m intrigued by it… agh, I just don’t know. Maybe one day. I’ll take your word for it though!

    Lunch yesterday: I had a cheese pizza slice the size of my face!
    Three things I did yesterday: Watched a movie with my mom, finished a book, and ate corn on the cob, one of my favorite things in the world.

  3. Day in the life posts are CRAZY! I love you getting strong, because it refocuses me on getting STRONG not skinny all the time. I love weight lifting so much more than I used to, because I’m less focused on burning calories. And active days ALWAYS make for lots and lots of hunger. I need to try that golden milk! I wanted to try Amanda’s smoothie that she made with it.

  4. Hmmm, lunch was actually some homemade baingan bharta–eggplant mash with herbs and spices–and a side salad! But today was INDIAN FOOD, which was absolutely amazing! I indulged in this tofu pea curry and tons of broccoli, cauliflower and onions! Anyhow, I love this full day of eating! Might I ask what do you do for work?

  5. How do you fit of all of this into 24 hours?!! Since I started work last week, I’ve felt I haven’t been able to make time for anything. Oh, to be an adult…
    Things I accomplished yesterday: Made no-sew blankets at work to donate, met up with some friends for dinner and good conversation & watched Finding Dory (SO GOOD). Today’s lunch/brunch was a taco filled with eggs, spinach, goat cheese & this chile-honey bacon thing (SO GOOD x 2). I know you asked for yesterday’s but I just needed to share the amazingness that was this taco!

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